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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Three Interesting Things to Share!

For a while I was out of line thanks to hackers destroying our work and stealing information from us. All of us are going through many pains these days, but we can not stop doing what is being asked from us.
We have become a society that year after year is trying to spread the good news around the world and is trying to stay united in a loving warm way to start a change in our lives.
Nothing can stop this wonderful world that is unfolding in front of us, and humanity is aware of this, that is why we will continue to bring interesting things to share and present links of interest to all of you.
The world wants to know the truth of what is going on in the present, so stay tune wherever you go, and with every site of interest you visit. Internet is the best tool for learning; we must use it wisely and take advantage of this wonderful tool of teaching.

Thank you for you support and visits to Mi Pueblo, especially to Mexico, United States, Puerto Rico, Spain, Chile, Colombia, Argentina and many, many more who continually visits our site.

And to give proof of how wonderful our search in the internet world is, here are a couple of things that are going around the world for your amazement.

About this video
Some say that this same technology used here could be the same as the one on Project Bluebeam? And that it would be reasonable that this technology at the same time could be use to fool the world by displaying et’s spaceships in the sky, to make the world believe, that an invasion from off worlds is occurring and a false flag event of an imminent invasion from bad et’s will take over our world?
This is a strong comment by those who refer to this as a possibility, but we can not deny that many strange things are happening these days. Just keep your eyes open and never fear of what you see or hear.

And ...

this photograph is running around the world. No wonder why, as you can see; that at the time of baptism while pouring the holy water, it transformed into a rosary and a cross. I don’t think this photograph could be a false one.
But there is also something which got my attention here.
The baby’s head is elongated. This does not means that he is abnormal, but the fact is that for some reason I have seen this type of head in many new born children. But why is this happening?
A few weeks back if presence two boys which they were twin, and had the same shape head as this beautiful baby. Are they a new generation of more evolved children for the new world? Will they be more intelligent that the average children? God bless this beautiful child!


Take a look at this wonderful clouds?
For me this is an intelligent “etheric being” which in physics is; a medium formerly believed to fill the atmosphere and outer space and to carry electromagnetic waves.
The first photograph presents itself as to having wings or sort of, and a crown on the top. The second photograph, shows a close up of the center where you can even see like a dome shape face? Don’t laugh at this, just look closely. This is not a regular cloud in the sky. Lots of the same clouds were covering the sky on the 23 of October 2010. But what is going on with the old sky we knew?
I always say that we have a different sky in front of us, but ok, I must admit that when I say this; I am signaled as crazy and out of my mind. Well maybe ;)
Well crazy or not, we should share these things, maybe we are not that crazy enough and probably this will help in bring the truth into our world and the relation we have with creation. We can not deny that things are changing and we are now learning more that 20 years ago. No wonder why! What about Disclosure?

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