Nubes o Naves

Thursday, July 28, 2011


And here I go again:

Many Atlantis stories tell us that in those days’ humans acquire so much knowledge, that they were capable to create technologies to assist them in many ways making life a wondrous marvel. As their technological world expanded, they forgot the most important aspects of the human soul, which was the connection to the Divine Creator of all life that is and will be.
Chaos and destruction occurred in those times, and the end of that civilization was inevitable, bringing the whole continent into the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, in the blink of time. Probably it wasn’t in an instant as they say, but gradually giving them time to think about the errors they were committing, which would bring destruction to their civilization. Apparently they dismissed the results of their actions, and to the bottom of the ocean they went.

Myths and stories have been told, and Atlantis is still rising in our consciences. The connection with Atlantis has never ended, as we have it embedded in our memory. We remember past lives without recognizing this truth, and probably eventually that past will be reveal to ourselves in the silence of our souls, for us to raise Atlantis again.

I believe that when (we) humans together understand that self ego destructive forces go against creation, this will have an impact in our decisions if we want to continue the same modalities or if we should change them to avoid the same mistakes that took this wonderful civilization to its demise.

Apparently we have continued the dismantling of our civilization “Atlantis” through our unconscious minds, not giving a thought that time and space runs in the same direction; giving us a view to the past, present and future, for us to be able to amend those mistakes and bring that which could be useful to avoid those same mistakes again.

If we take a look at our past and understand our present, definitely we can have a better understanding of a great future that can be created by us without the need of doing the same mistakes all over again.
The gods from the old, assisted humanity in those days, and as they did, when Atlantis disappeared; they erased those memories for us to start from “scratch” all over again. They knew we had the capacity and the intelligence to do it better next time, that is why we are still here, trying all over again to see how we do it this time.

Governments of old still govern this world. Governments of old still fight for what is truth or false. Today governments still know where these great cities are found. Markings were left behind to not to forget their true past and for hopes of rebuilding new cities in new land.

These cities are the ones we have now, with the same technological advances and ones that we still can not have. Everything is being taking care of to avoid another calamity, but until then; we must decide to change or succumb into depths of the ocean again. It is not a thread but yes it is an advice, to look into the past for us to change. Destruction must not come again if we awaken our true past to heal and this time “to do it right”.

Two great civilizations have passed and been destroyed and still can be found under our new cities of renown. They have not been destroyed by evil or demons. Not destroyed by greed or corruption, but by ignorance of their egos and detachment from our Source.

As we enter our next stage in our evolution Atlantis is rising from the depths of the ocean to be touched by the light of the Sun when it raises from the East through Saint Michael’s Sword.
Humanity does not have to destroy itself by following the same old walked steps. New paths, new walks will come again and a new world will come to be.


I’ll embark in an ark; I will fly through the sky
Without wings, without gas;
And no parachute to land

Clouds call me out loud “come! And fly…”
Clouds call me with their loud clouds sounds.
Sounds form the clouds; I see sun dogs all around.

Etheric words, electro messages on my way
No see, no feel, no hear those words
Numb I fly; I’m force to fall;

I gain control

I know where I want to go…
Electro messages pushing me through the sky

In its waves I float, I see myself
Flying above the clouds
I gain control;

I’ve become conscience and alert

I land without parachute; and no wings on my back
To the Golden Land I once embarked
In the Golden Land I will reside.

In the Golden Land I will laugh
In the Golden Land I will Love
In the Golden Land there will be no more wars.

Clouds-Arks-Vessels all are the same. Clouds carry an electromagnetic force (sound). C-(loud)=high=sound= These resemble to the Ark of the Covenant (ancient technology left to be used now). Two angels do the work, but in reality these angels are magnetic poles. We can not see these angels, but we can feel their force. We can feel what they are doing. We know how they are changing the Earth’s Face. They are transforming and clearing all the excess of radiation, cleaning pollution, and preserving the fauna and flora. They are protecting the earth by balancing the electromagnetic forces, to diminish the movement of the earths crust, and volcanoes force, leading to less stress to the core.

At the same time, these electromagnetic waves can knock our conscience (like a short circuit nocks the electricity); at intervals. These sounds can hardly be perceived by our ears, and it can produce irritability, changing a person’s behavior to an unfavorable one.

Solutions to avoid this irritability and to avoid conflicts with love ones and friends; has been introduced by our (light workers) around the world. Light workers (those who put their efforts in balancing these electromagnetic waves by raising our energy levels. Love, Joy, Creativity, Sharing, Friendship, Honesty, Music, Arts, everything that will keep us in harmony will also keep us in balance; and will maintain us in a level in which no “short circuit” will occur. No more unbalance humans on Earth. No more wars or conflicts.

This can be done, even thou these electromagnetic forces are interacting right now with the Earth. This is all part of the natural changes in the Universe; and changes that we also have to face here on Earth. But; the good part of this is, that everything will be renew and that we will have the satisfaction that we gave our best to help and assist our Mother Earth by balancing our own energies.

Our consciences will not be nock out and finally we will know which one was our mission here on Earth.

Good Luck everyone! Creativity and Balance the words for today.

Love Love Love to all.