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Saturday, March 11, 2017

The truth will set you free... song

This song is  new to me but when I heard the words in it I was comfortable with it. Now  one question for you. Who in the world have not felt or think that what we all want is to know the truth of who we are and who is who in the world, and why do we walk like puppets without understanding why or the meaning for this life? 
Lately things are really shaky for all of us in the world and many are afraid of an uncertain future. Being afraid won't help us think. We have learned this, but the majority can not walk away from those confusing news that sometimes are more noise than real news. 

What would change in me if I learn that the Earth is "Flat"?

Very interesting video that brings us into another perspective in relation to our lives and those who move the strings.

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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

HAARP Pooned Humanity - We Are Being Exterminated - Scripted Doom

Michio Kaku on weather control.

It is always good to go back in time and listen again to these old news... :)
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Alfred Labremont Webre in another great interview

I want to share this link so you have the opportunity to listen to this wonderful conversation with Alfred Lambremont Webre. Four brave women sharing their experiences and targeted for making disclosure about "Et's and Multidimensional Earth". Visit link please and share with friends.
or visit his YouTube page for video.