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Tuesday, December 28, 2010


We sometimes wonder how our relation to everything around us is. We are learning that we are part of the "All that exists" and that we have been created by a mysterious entity that we can not comprehend or find with a reasonable explanation.
Mysteriously I may say, that we know this deep inside of us; but we can not see how the relation occurs. We can not know and maybe will never know how everything began, but I understand that that mysterious reality is latent, very close to us and very clear for us to see and admire.
But we have become come blinded to see that reality even though I have to accept that not all of us are or have. Our ancient people knew this relation very well, but we on the other hand through our recently (a few hundred years ago) constructed materialistic reality, forgot to relate ourselves with nature.
I believe the relation is presented right there specifically in nature itself. Have you often look at a drop of water and wonder how and where it came from? I bet some of you do. But did you ever look very profoundly to the sky and notice or felt that these clouds up there are really live entities; just like we are live entities right here on the earths ground; or as we say on earth? Have you ever wonder if we are all connected and how this connection is made?
Through years or maybe may I say, most of my life I have been so fascinated with nature, that now I have realized how blinded we have become. It seems that the only important things in the world are those things that we can only touch, but when we look deeper; there are many things that are most important to us but we don’t realize that we don’t have to touch them to know and feel that they are indeed very important for our lives also.
When we see and touch someone, we feel that this person really exists and it is very alive. We know this because we are looking at this person, and also it is corroborated by the touch of our hands. But when we look at a cloud, we know they are there but we can not tell or feel if it is a live entity, because our hands can not touch the cloud. We see them and accept that they are there, but that it’s all. We can not relate to them as I said before.
Through years of admiring nature and the sky, I have found how everything relates. Well at least this is what I feel and can perceive as my truth. It is said that “we only see that which we really want to see”; but when you find such similar characteristics in various objects, then you have to deduce that all of them come or are related to each other.

In this case I will refer to the clouds. The clouds are live entities and they reproduce the same way everything else reproduces. All of them are related, in the same way we are related. Clouds have come from the same energy that we have been created; the only thing is that we have a different vessels. We are different creatures or entities sharing what we call a universe. Now we know more, but still we keep ourselves blind.
By admiring nature I have seen how everything comes to life. Very simple: a seed comes from a seed? Which came first the egg or the bird? Does energy comes first? What is God? Where is God? Is what we call God is the seed? God is the main seed, it is not?. We are the other seeds that came from the main seed and we create other seeds as well. We are in a constant seeding movement. We keep seeding our universe and we don’t realize this.

We are like Matryoshka Dolls; or nesting dolls; where one comes from the other one or the primary
one (source). We are created the same way the nesting dolls are created. They are constructed from one block of wood, which is essential to their manufacture. This again is the same way we are created, from one source; the main source (God being the “wood block” for our construction). That is why it is said that we are all one and that we are all related and keep connected to the prime source, eternally.

This is a truth that can not be denied, but we persist in believing that we are separated beings on this earth and that nothing out there in the universe has a relation to us. We still don’t catch the relation between a seed and a flower, or an egg from a bird. We still can not relate the heat energy to form a cloud. Worst of all, we can not see that that energy is responsible for all of this.

Vortexes or worm holes (wombs) which are filled with energy are precisely what transports a being that is in the process of being created. Once on the other side, it becomes an entity or a creature (meaning human here) into a certain place or level where it will carry an specific (let me say) job, to contribute in balancing what we call nature or if you will that part of this universe that we call our Earth.

We are many here! Different species in the same sphere; related from the ground up and from up in the sky to the ground. We come from the Void, all the way to the Earth and stay connected all the way back to the Void eternally. We are in different levels but all related. We are different types of seeds, but all created the same.
I wish I could say more here, and show you proof of my truth, but that will be reveal to you once you start reaching others and keep close to nature. Nature her-self will show you who you are, and once you do, you will know where you came from.

Innocence of Humantiy Manipulated

To take away the straw from the eye sometimes can be hurting and difficult to get rid off. To understand our way in this life it is often more difficult as we try harder and harder to know ourselves and those around us. Agendas are many, but how can we identified which ones are of deep concern to us in these days; governments, the economy, religions or extraterrestrial presense?

In early centuries, humanity was already being manipulated and deviated from knowledge. Their innocence was abuse by those who seek power over them. They, being the majority did not understood the vicious tricks perpetrated on them, accepting them as truths in their lives. This was the beginning of a false reality that continues its way until our existing days.

But who were those who manipulated then, the innocence of humanity at the beginning? Were they called gods, kings or fallen angels?

Today we as humanity are still being manipulated in different ways and in a very subtle way. We have been made believe that we really need a superior entity to fix our problems and to provide us with all of our needs. This has turn to be the way we humans live our lives and accept them that way, leaving away the thought that we are capable of creating our own reality and produce our own necessities. We have been separated by different beliefs, something that has cause a tremendous change in what our true reality and purpose must be.

All of this has cause separation and misunderstandings between all of us and wars have been fought since the first moment one tries to speak for what its right or for what our rights were and are in this world as human beings.

Apparently extremely forces with their unique agenda have subjugated humanity without being aware of this for centuries. And the sad thing of all this it looks like we are still not being aware of this. Well in reality it is not our fault as the truth from us and where we come from has been destroyed or kept hidden from us to keep us in captivity for millennia.

It is time for us to be released and learn the truth of who we are; and If we want to change our world, and bring peace into our lives; and also protect our earth and stop her destruction then we must definitely need to learn, search and research, and put things in a positive perspective when we look at ourselves. Who we are and what has been our purpose for this existence is the first one we have to look for. We are not here just because. We are here for the same reasons others in this universe have for their existence. Those who don’t conform with the simplicity and at the same time the extraordinary complexity of nature and our universe; in one way or another will find himself in different scenarios of truths and believes.

When we find out that we have been lied to, we burst in confusion trying to understand why lies have to be thrown at us, and what purpose was hidden in those lies. We feel weak to confront those lies and fear grows in our hearts by the obscurity that we face.

It is not a dream or a fantasy that we have to “”awake”” and take away the straw from our eye to see our true reality. To unmask and expose the liar it will only take one thing; to open our minds and wake up to face the truth that we have been going in the wrong direction following false prophets and ghosts of weak and lower intentions, and that we have the maturity of the soul already to bring them to their knees and surrender.

We have been made responsible and the ones doing the wrong thing in this world, but I disagree on this. Our innocence and lack of knowledge has been the culprit for the weight on our shoulders. We have to take it off. We have to wake up, but never loose that innocence which is base in love, kindness, honesty, decency and many other meanings for a rightful life.

We have to wake up from a centuries dream, and know that what was then can not be now. We pass the kindergarden test already and it has taken thousands of years for our graduation. Now it the time for our diploma and exercise our knowledge, but we must also recognize that love can not be separated from that knowledge. Both go together, or other wise conflicts will still happen in our lives and nothing will be of value if we continue in the unconscious land.

Stay alert. Learn and do not sleep your life away. There is much to learn and accept as the real truth in our lives. Don’t stay in a plastic world that feels and looks as the real one. Look for the one generated by love and only love. The difference has no end.

Why was I inspire in writing this which it is incomplete, and don’t bring notes or proof? It is because much information is given for us to discern what the truth is or not. It is because our hearts have a desire for that truth and stones get in our way for us to react on a deep level. We feel deep in our hearts what man has suffered for thousands of years and we try to know and learn why. Then this things come in bits and pieces to put together all those feelings that you and me have kept in our hearts

for so long with uncertainty if they are the truth or not and to make us aware that our reality has been manipulated or it just been that way because it was.

Here is a link that which is an old post, but I found it and thought it would be interesting in doing more research about who the Archons were or are. Maybe I will do it but not on an intensive search. For me what it matters much right now is how we face ourselves and respond to our hearts to change our lives and bring peace into our world and also to free our souls from those lower vibrations that keep us blind.

I don’t know if what is written here is the truth, but I do agree on this everlasting manipulation of our reality.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sheldan Nidle Update Dic 21

Selamat Balik! We return to continue our discussion with you as the world you live in completes another of its Gregorian-calendar years. We come at this time with much news and to proclaim the manifestation of a new reality! The old ways that have controlled your world for the past eight millennia have run their course; the trite reiterations of your authority figures fail to convince; and the economic, governmental, and social underpinnings of your reality are falling apart. The depth and extent of this systems failure is global in scope, and it is apparent that widespread panic is indeed setting in, spreading from one continent to another. Presently, a fake digital bastion disguises the breakdown that lies behind it, but this deception cannot last much longer. What is being perpetrated is a series of monumental misrepresentations which are shortly to collapse in on themselves. Everywhere the need for change grows with each passing day. Our Earth allies have begun to listen intently to what we have to say on these matters, and we are encouraging them to act and to act now!
The banking sham and the huge debt that is engulfing the system portend the start of a global collapse the likes of which your world has never seen. Similarly, governments, especially in the Americas and many nation-states in Europe, are reaching the end of their rope. Civil unrest and other forms of national disobedience are beginning to crop up in many parts of your world, and the more totalitarian regimes are apprehensive about a degree of civil disorder not seen since the days when the communist regimes of Eastern Europe collectively fell. These conditions do not go unnoticed by the dark cabalists, and their henchmen are now flying around the world to assure many regimes of their support and their ability to keep the lid on the growing public rebellion. Their assertions are hollow and are made to maintain some semblance of control and stability, which is being increasingly undermined, by the concerted actions of our Earth allies. Developments are coming to a head, and the time is fast approaching for us to actively insert ourselves into your affairs to turn the tide swiftly in our Earth allies' favor.
Our diplomats and liaison teams are monitoring the global situation carefully and at the proper moment we need to intervene on a massive scale. This intervention will be swift and enable deliveries to be made quickly and easily. The dark cabal is watching the approach of this 'first domino' closely. Despite their best efforts, our Earth allies are unable to push it through on their own, so we have decided to do it in our own way. At the right moment, this special intervention will happen. It will signal the start of a chain of events that is to change governments and usher in a new global, hard monetary structure. We have been over the procedures for these changes many times with our Earth allies and our Agarthan cousins. These events herald the end of your non-disclosure policies, and once we are formally announced, we intend to begin an education program that will make first contact much easier to carry out. Right now, many of you are in a quandary over whether we are benevolent or even truly real! Our broadcasts and ship tours will put these questions formally to rest.
Another aspect of these educational broadcasts is our massive technology bequest to you. Our technologies are to supplement the presently sequestered technologies that the new regimes are to release into the public arena. You are to vault ahead technologically by several decades to make up for the past century during which these discoveries were made and then kept from you. A much-needed new scientific paradigm will be born, preparing you for what is to come. We intend to assist your sciences to coalesce a new paradigm. We discovered long ago that once truth begins to come on line in any given situation, it gets harder and harder for the governments to stem the surge toward full disclosure. We look forward immensely to this technology transfer and all that will follow it, as the situation on your world requires urgent, massive upgrading. Our personnel are ready to go and carry out their assigned responsibilities at a moment's notice.
Now let us look at the sequencing of events as set up by our Earth allies. We have basically taken over responsibility to see that the flood of global deliveries is carried out at the appropriate moment. Further, we have used our good offices to ensure that the new governments are in power by the time this first task is completed. The new governments, especially the American one, have the job of broadcasting the dramatic, initial series of announcements which will lay the groundwork for all we have been talking about in this message. They have a range of immense responsibilities to carry out. In the case of the new American regime, there is the grand task of reestablishing the US Constitution as a true working document, and the first broadcast will address how this is to be done. The next series of edicts will establish guidelines for debt forgiveness and new monetary and international policies.
These proclamations will establish a new reality for America. In this new atmosphere, a number of new governments in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Americas, and Oceania will have the opportunity to contribute additional global guidelines. These are to be the basis for an unprecedented level of global cooperation and will be enhanced by our good offices and by our own educational broadcasts. You are then to enter a new era in which you, as a people, can reach out and rediscover the true nature of Gaia and reunite with your Inner Earth cousins, the Agarthans, who have waited for nearly thirteen millennia to interact with you without outside interference. Then comes a short interim period prior to your return to full consciousness; a time for celebrating your reunion with and getting to know your Inner Earth family.
We see this coming time as a period when Heaven allows us to be the element 'that makes a difference.' We possess the means to turn our Earth allies into a force to be reckoned with! We have been in orbit around your world for nearly two decades, and this is an unprecedented situation for any Science and Exploration (S&E) fleet. During this time we have been asked to intervene increasingly deeply, all in accordance with Heaven's dictates. Another interesting facet of this mission is the high turnover of motherships joining and leaving the fleet. A further unique aspect is the high exchange rate of motherships between star-nation fleets, giving us a composite made up of members of almost every S&E fleet in the Federation. Normally, the Main Federation Council would not allow such an extensive migration of Motherships!
What lies just ahead of you is Heaven's grand thrust to institute a new fully conscious reality for you. Our part in these proceedings is to make it happen! We take this role very seriously as we comprehend fully what Heaven intends for you. The suffering you have had to endure is now to end. You are ready now to embrace a wealth of facts and astonishing truths that will run counter to what you have long been given to believe. The cabal has fought tooth and nail to maintain those lies that keep them in power, but that option is no longer available. The time has come for you to learn that you are not alone, and for you to graduate to your incredible future as fully conscious Beings of Light. Celebrate, now, the emerging events that are bringing you this imminent and wondrous destiny!
Today, we reviewed what awaits you and ask that you prepare for what is now to happen. Be ready to help your fellows and to inform your community about what is happening in their world. We are to stage a mass landing, and then lead you in grace and joy to your new fully conscious world! Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Chaos and Dualism ( Featureing Bil Hicks ) - Raising Eden Part 13

Good to Know

Take a look at this video. Puerto Rico also has young good souls who wish good for the world.

Update by Sheldan Nidle Dic. 7

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
11 Cib, 14 Yaxk'in, 7 Ik

Selamat Jarin! We return to tell you about some interesting developments! At present, we are working with our Earth allies to secure the formal release of the deliveries. We have also set up the final procedures for the switch from the present corporate de facto US regime to the new caretaker one. This particular scenario has been revised to accommodate many among the Earth allies who feel that a slightly different type of government change is essential, as a result of a series of final discussions with the dark cabal. We are considering these developments within the context of our preparations for our first global announcements, as these last-minute changes may be much more lengthy than expected. The purpose of these final diplomatic exchanges is to toughen up the accords to ensure that the government changeover goes smoothly and without major hitches. These agreements include several separate financial packages that are also receiving some final adjustments. An initial four-month segment is being added to the banking accords that lead to the break-up of the world's largest banking institutions.
These additions in no way alter what is to happen. What they represent is the need for this financial package to be a true indicator of the Earth allies' determination to establish a universally prosperous, hard currency financial system. The precise logistics of this are something that the new President and his new cabinet are to discuss at length with the American people and the peoples of your world. It is to be a decentralized, regional system and will be partially reliant on the spread of the abundance funds that are to be issued on the same day as the temporary regime takes over the reins of power. The exigencies of this timing make it essential that we do what is necessary to ensure that the deliveries go off as planned, and so we have initiated a series of actions using our technology and the expertise of our technical personnel. Hence, these critical disbursements, when finally okayed by our Earth allies, will be done swiftly and easily by our designated personnel. This task is receiving its final prerequisites even as we speak. The drive behind all this is to complete these pivotal tasks as quickly as possible.
This first-contact mission has become fully tasked with setting up global governments that are qualified to receive our contact, although we have already had much interaction with several major and minor governments throughout your world. These diplomatic pursuits have given us a comprehensive understanding of how your global power structure operates. This construct has spawned regimes that are deeply entwined in the wealth creation process of this global structure, and the only solution to our dilemma is to procure basic changes to the very foundation of this power construct. To this end we have recruited powerful groups and individuals seriously committed to an entirely new way of putting wealth and power together. Our growing mutual friendships with these people have resulted in what is about to happen, rendering the dark cabal and its dogged obstinacy expendable. This first-contact mission is about returning you to full consciousness, not assuaging a pampered and hubristic few! This objective was made more difficult by the appearance here of members of the Anchara Alliance.
Members of the Orion Alliance were able to obtain a series of formal working relationships with a number of your major governments. These led to technology exchanges as well as the means to retrieve numerous craft, together with their personnel, which crashed on your world. These accords also included training programs in which members of your military traveled to other worlds to discover how time travel and teleportation operate. Consequently, several missions by your secret military were undertaken to alter your history vis-à-vis Atlantis. These missions ultimately failed. The timeline that you are on has been altered by Heaven and the divine plan, and will shortly deliver you to the great changes we have long been telling you about. The inability of the dark cabal to change this new Heaven-bound timeline is what set off their initial panic. At this point, the cabal is fully cognizant of the fact that a positive first contact by the Galactic Federation is inevitable and underway!
As we have stated, these are the last few moments of this present reality. It is being divinely transformed, along with your planet, your solar system, and you. Many aspects of this reality can be seen to be changing. Signs of this include the rather 'odd' placement of the moon in the night sky and the strange perturbations of many stars and nearby worlds. These are portents of the immense changes that every part of your reality is now going through, and our role is to be a catalyst for these changes. The former Anchara Alliance members who were once in relationship with the dark cabal are assisting us in the preparations for carrying out a successful first contact with you. Know that this is the time when all of this is slated to manifest. A series of astonishing events is unfolding before you!
These events set the stage for what we intend to accomplish next. Your present societies are obligated to mere de facto regimes, orchestrated by the whims of the dark elites who wish to control you as before. These intentions run counter to the decrees of the Light! Therefore has the Light sent us to reorder your world and move you into full consciousness, and we can report that the first part of this remit is being carried out. The governmental and economic structures set up by the dark at the end of the Roman Empire have come to the end of their usefulness as tools for expressing its power. The dark knows this and is trying in vain to create suitable replacements. These machinations lie behind all that has happened from the beginning of this century onwards, and as anyone can see, these attempts have all met with failure!
The cabal's trials and tribulations will not cease until it relinquishes the power now so manifestly lost to them. We have worked diligently with our Earth allies to ensure that this transition continues to manifest as Heaven so decrees. Lord Surea has pronounced that these transformations are to happen now! We, in turn, have stepped up our unswerving determination to justly resolve the whole issue of the dark and their minions. A great deal of subtle change is underway, provoking much upheaval and trepidation in the ranks of the cabal. You need to have the deliveries and a true change in governance. This is happening on many levels, and the final, most dramatic part of this transformation is ready to pop! Our diplomatic and liaison corps is succeeding in preparing the way for this to happen. Their actions are making possible a first series of truly wonderful announcements.
With this done, we can formally end the UFO cover-up and begin to announce our presence to all of you. This starts the rush to first contact. Your world urgently needs these changes, as Gaia can no longer hold your present reality together. Her only recourse is a series of stepped-up natural catastrophes that can only imperil your existence as primary residents of the surface realm. Moreover, the very diversity that enables life on your surface world to exist is on the verge of extinction. In previous eras, Gaia used surface 'remodeling', like the one you face, to reset the life clock and reestablish the essential diversity. You are critical to what she envisions. This growing dilemma needs a divine intervention, and we are it! We come to reset your consciousness clock and prepare you for your much-needed, new responsibilities.
Today, we brought you up-to-date with some important points regarding first contact. The much-needed events we discussed are underway and we await their imminent conclusion together with the opportunity to roll out your prosperity deliveries and regimes changes.
Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)



"NESARA is an acronym for the proposed National Economic Security and Reformation Act, a set of economic reforms suggested during the 1990s by Dr. Harvey Barnard. Barnard claimed that the proposals, which included replacing the income tax with a national sales tax (see also FairTax), abolishing compound interest on secured loans, and returning to a bimetallic currency, would result in 0% inflation and a more stable economy."


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