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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Graham Hancock Says "Mayan Calendar Provides Us With Ancient Warning"

In a previous post the Mayan Prophecies and 2012 subject is one of the themes of importance discussed by Alfred Webre, in an interview to Drunvalo Melchizedek.
As we come closer to that famous date of Dec. 21, 2012; much information is coming to light as new discoveries are being made. Supposedly Mayan codices that were found will be revealed to us in the near future, as revealed by Druvalo. This of course is a mystery surprise to all of us, as these codices are still being translated, but all I hope is for positive revelations that will bring humanity its long waited freedom from the darkness, and new ways to understand better what life or our existence is all about.
Probably cataclysmic events are part of these revelations, but I feel everything has a time of tranquility and probably we are going to that moment in time in which everything will be tranquil and the Earth takes a break in the shaking or maybe by us reaching the 5 dimension level, that will keep us safe from such events. Everything is possible, but we will have to wait to see what our future will bring.
On the other hand there is another wonderful video in which an interview is made to Graham Hancock and he states that the Mayan calendar provides us of an ancient warning of yet another cataclysmic event, (this one to occur in a 40 year window) surrounding December 21, 2012. - Graham Hancock: Lost Civilizations & Consciousnes Video

Now if we add one plus one, we will definitely find that these end prophecies and the date of December 21, 2012 have great and not so great surprises to us, but teachings to survive the consequences of what ever is in the box for us, are being made by great teachers of wisdom who care for the well being of humanity an its soul survival.

Drunvalo Melchizedek - Mayan End Time prophecies: 2007 - Jan. 1, 2016

Drunvalo Melchizedek: Mayan End Time prophecies of Earth changes, consciousness transformation and the divine feminine, 2007 -- Jan. 1, 2016

Please I invite you to listen to this wonderful video made to Druvalo Melchizedek. Important information here! Don’t miss it.

To my understanding this interview made by Alfred Webre and presented in Exopolitics.Tv, is one of the most important videos ever made to let us know more about these future events that certainly will change our consciousness and let us know that Love is that force that will nurture our lives and hearts; uniting all souls as one; then a new Earth will born. No more room for feeling of darkness as we move into a new Earth.

Visit Link to Alfred Webre Exopolitics Tv:

Some links to know more about Druvalo Melchizedek for those who still don’t know who he is.

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· 1 The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life Volumes 1 and 2
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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Thank You Note to All Visitors of The World and More...

First, thank you for visiting Mi Pueblo and sharing with me your thoughts. It has been a different experience for me when interacting with people who care, and have different opinions which are also valid as their truth. For me all opinions are valid when we are searching for the truth and understanding of things. I know these ones don’t carry means to offend no one, for these opinions come from an intelligent humanity, working for the good of all.
Understanding and communication is a way to find the right answers and actions to change things. All that is needed is the will to do things in a peaceful way.

And now I would like to share this video which was uploaded by liloumace on Jun 29, 2011.
This is an interview made by Juicy Living Tour to Alfred Webre which I have found to be very revealing in terms of life out from our Earth’s borders.
He also talks about Time Travel, Life on Mars, Parallel realities, the pyramids and the relation of these ones to the ones on Mars, and explains how we are in different dimensions, … and many other things like human aliens living on earth and in Mars.
He has been criticized and ridicule, but I feel that all the information that comes to us, has to be listen to, and put in a safe place for later discussion with friends and understand better who we are. We really don’t know who is right or wrong when dealing with extra-information from the stars or our family from beyond.
We all know that life exists in the Universe and that we are not alone, even thou until now we have not seen the completion of a puzzle related to aliens or other inhabited worlds; for us to be confident of our origins, and again “even thou” we are of many different races having a human experience here on Earth. And why is this so? Think of that one!...

Sunday, December 4, 2011


Disfruta de la belleza de nuestros campos y la alegría de la música puertorriqueña interpretada por Lucesita.

Fotos de Morovis con Música de Lucesita Benitez#links

Thursday, July 28, 2011


And here I go again:

Many Atlantis stories tell us that in those days’ humans acquire so much knowledge, that they were capable to create technologies to assist them in many ways making life a wondrous marvel. As their technological world expanded, they forgot the most important aspects of the human soul, which was the connection to the Divine Creator of all life that is and will be.
Chaos and destruction occurred in those times, and the end of that civilization was inevitable, bringing the whole continent into the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, in the blink of time. Probably it wasn’t in an instant as they say, but gradually giving them time to think about the errors they were committing, which would bring destruction to their civilization. Apparently they dismissed the results of their actions, and to the bottom of the ocean they went.

Myths and stories have been told, and Atlantis is still rising in our consciences. The connection with Atlantis has never ended, as we have it embedded in our memory. We remember past lives without recognizing this truth, and probably eventually that past will be reveal to ourselves in the silence of our souls, for us to raise Atlantis again.

I believe that when (we) humans together understand that self ego destructive forces go against creation, this will have an impact in our decisions if we want to continue the same modalities or if we should change them to avoid the same mistakes that took this wonderful civilization to its demise.

Apparently we have continued the dismantling of our civilization “Atlantis” through our unconscious minds, not giving a thought that time and space runs in the same direction; giving us a view to the past, present and future, for us to be able to amend those mistakes and bring that which could be useful to avoid those same mistakes again.

If we take a look at our past and understand our present, definitely we can have a better understanding of a great future that can be created by us without the need of doing the same mistakes all over again.
The gods from the old, assisted humanity in those days, and as they did, when Atlantis disappeared; they erased those memories for us to start from “scratch” all over again. They knew we had the capacity and the intelligence to do it better next time, that is why we are still here, trying all over again to see how we do it this time.

Governments of old still govern this world. Governments of old still fight for what is truth or false. Today governments still know where these great cities are found. Markings were left behind to not to forget their true past and for hopes of rebuilding new cities in new land.

These cities are the ones we have now, with the same technological advances and ones that we still can not have. Everything is being taking care of to avoid another calamity, but until then; we must decide to change or succumb into depths of the ocean again. It is not a thread but yes it is an advice, to look into the past for us to change. Destruction must not come again if we awaken our true past to heal and this time “to do it right”.

Two great civilizations have passed and been destroyed and still can be found under our new cities of renown. They have not been destroyed by evil or demons. Not destroyed by greed or corruption, but by ignorance of their egos and detachment from our Source.

As we enter our next stage in our evolution Atlantis is rising from the depths of the ocean to be touched by the light of the Sun when it raises from the East through Saint Michael’s Sword.
Humanity does not have to destroy itself by following the same old walked steps. New paths, new walks will come again and a new world will come to be.


I’ll embark in an ark; I will fly through the sky
Without wings, without gas;
And no parachute to land

Clouds call me out loud “come! And fly…”
Clouds call me with their loud clouds sounds.
Sounds form the clouds; I see sun dogs all around.

Etheric words, electro messages on my way
No see, no feel, no hear those words
Numb I fly; I’m force to fall;

I gain control

I know where I want to go…
Electro messages pushing me through the sky

In its waves I float, I see myself
Flying above the clouds
I gain control;

I’ve become conscience and alert

I land without parachute; and no wings on my back
To the Golden Land I once embarked
In the Golden Land I will reside.

In the Golden Land I will laugh
In the Golden Land I will Love
In the Golden Land there will be no more wars.

Clouds-Arks-Vessels all are the same. Clouds carry an electromagnetic force (sound). C-(loud)=high=sound= These resemble to the Ark of the Covenant (ancient technology left to be used now). Two angels do the work, but in reality these angels are magnetic poles. We can not see these angels, but we can feel their force. We can feel what they are doing. We know how they are changing the Earth’s Face. They are transforming and clearing all the excess of radiation, cleaning pollution, and preserving the fauna and flora. They are protecting the earth by balancing the electromagnetic forces, to diminish the movement of the earths crust, and volcanoes force, leading to less stress to the core.

At the same time, these electromagnetic waves can knock our conscience (like a short circuit nocks the electricity); at intervals. These sounds can hardly be perceived by our ears, and it can produce irritability, changing a person’s behavior to an unfavorable one.

Solutions to avoid this irritability and to avoid conflicts with love ones and friends; has been introduced by our (light workers) around the world. Light workers (those who put their efforts in balancing these electromagnetic waves by raising our energy levels. Love, Joy, Creativity, Sharing, Friendship, Honesty, Music, Arts, everything that will keep us in harmony will also keep us in balance; and will maintain us in a level in which no “short circuit” will occur. No more unbalance humans on Earth. No more wars or conflicts.

This can be done, even thou these electromagnetic forces are interacting right now with the Earth. This is all part of the natural changes in the Universe; and changes that we also have to face here on Earth. But; the good part of this is, that everything will be renew and that we will have the satisfaction that we gave our best to help and assist our Mother Earth by balancing our own energies.

Our consciences will not be nock out and finally we will know which one was our mission here on Earth.

Good Luck everyone! Creativity and Balance the words for today.

Love Love Love to all.

Saturday, June 4, 2011



I hope you understand this as automatic writing sometimes happens when we think about our history and those stories of old when we try to know who we are.

Apocalypse means; Revelation (as in the Bible), total destruction or devastation of something, or an instance of this, or revelation made concerning the future.
Now Revelation one of the Bibles books tells us about the end of the world, but also it is information that will be disclosed, surprising and of much value. These are the meanings of Revelation.
Disclosure is the other word that describes the word Revelation. Here we have a meaning that something that was previously hidden will be revealed or disclosed. And in Christianity demonstration of divine will which means a showing or revealing of what is believed to be divine will or truth.

Disclosure about ET’s or extraterrestrial has been awaited by almost the entire population of this world and in a sense this indeed it is being revealed everyday of our lives.
First leaks about extraterrestrial presence started around the 20’s or 30’s just to say a date, and of course this has been ridiculed and consider as false messages.
Then as a way to introduce this extraterrestrial presence amongst, different methods have been created. The movie industry started to create different et’s characters like monsters and disgusting beings with horns and big teeth with a green substance coming from their mouths.
Others were robots who will kill everything that opposes their presence, and huge spacecrafts hovering over our cities, destroying everything on their path.
Well, this of course is a way for us to fear the future. Such scenario of course is to laugh about. The more fear is introduce into your minds; the better will be in the future, when the time really comes for disclosure.
Instead of being afraid of such creatures, you will accept them more calmly and their appearance will be nothing compare as to the Sci-fi movies.

In reality the motives for these strange stories of extraterrestrials with big teeth and strong powers, destructive behavior; you will find beings which even thou they look different to us, they are doing exactly the same things as we are doing in this Universe.
They are evolving and going through the same experiences as us, even thou some already has passed the mark of the scale into more evolve beings. But of course there still are those who are on the path of evolution.
To say that we are of negative or positive attitude, is to say where we are in the scales of our evolution. Time is needed for things to come to a perfect state in this eternal universe.
Now, is the time for us to advance into the future, and understand how our universe works and never believe; that robots or green or gray aliens will attack our world and control it to enslave us as it has been said lately.

We have not been slaved by extraterrestrials, because all of us are here for a purpose and to co-create this universal world. Each one of us, just as those et’s out there or those interacting with us, have the same responsibilities to protect, clean, and restore our vessel earth, just as they protect, clean and restore theirs.

A good point is, to think about the disruption made to their homes, y our ignorance into believe that we are the only ones here and that everything that is out there is just a beautiful picture with starts in the night; no, it is not. Every time we destroy part of our Earth, we are destroying part of their world too.
If extraterrestrials are here you most likely believe that they will destroy us; but what if instead of that, the purpose for them to be right now close to us would be to help and assist our Earth in her recovery? Of course you would not believe that either.
Let us take a guess here. Have you seen all these bad weather lately with tornadoes, hurricanes, volcanoes, floods etc etc?

Would you think that all of this is cause by Haarp or acts of terrorism? I don’t think so. Take a good look at what surrounds you, and you will see that we are not alone.
If tomorrow they show you et’s then you will laugh, because they have been here all the time.
Yes they are extraterrestrials. And yes, some have come from outer space; do you remember NASA videos? Well that is if you have taken a few minutes to watch You-tube.

Apocalypse is now and it means; something that was previously hidden will be revealed or disclosed. The four horsemen of the apocalypse have been riding with us for a long time, but we have not been able to see who or what they are. Think of that one.


Disclosure About ET Presence is being discuss everywhere, and how it all will happen, but here is my sense of how it is happening.

Of course disclosure is close. And again I will ask; … who is disclosing the truth about extraterrestrial life? Think for a moment of those who are doing this. It is not NASA, the government, the media, the church or Holly-wood.

Yes of course, all of them have this information. But, probably not all of them have the whole truth written in paper or have seen one of these unknown beings. Probably close encounter with them has never been understood either and probably; some of them will never have this truth of their presence in this life time.

Those who believe in life beyond our atmosphere, have a great sense of their reality, and what our Universe is. Scientists in one hand have been intrigue by this possibility, but a division has always existed between those who have no faith in the power of a creator god, and the existence or creation of more life beyond imagination. On the other hand those who have had the inclination to study science with the intention of discovering what this universe is and what it’s conformed for and its purpose; has never render in the belief that life does not exists anywhere out there.

Maybe two or three presidents in the United States had the intention of letting the people know about this truth, but they were silenced or were advised to not bring this truth to the people for the consequences it might bring; and as the result of this, programs of security started to be implemented with the purpose of monitoring our space to prevent an “alien thread?”
At the moment of this revelation, this system to secure our space; … humanity started to pay more attention to what our government had to say about this new reality.

All along through history the notion of this truth was kept in private (for who know what reason, or maybe because this was supposed to be understood by us in an individual way. I am not sure which of this one is the truth, but they knew that with time or,… at the precise moment this truth was going to be revealed by itself and at the proper time, which it is and probably has always been at the end of a century.

Don’t get me wrong here, but every time a century comes to an end, strange and strong energies start to work, bringing confusion, wars, famine, illnesses and total chaos, which nobody understands why. Many perish during this process, but those who survive the catastrophe, always keep records for those who will come next.
It is said that all experiences are for our spiritual growth, and to evolve into something better and bring perfection to our souls and lives. Well this must be true, but at the same time it is hard to accept by those who have no conscience of a different reality. No one wants to suffer or die in a catastrophe; except those who don’t care for their own lives. This is very complex but now, we are having a sense and a better understanding of what (extraterrestrial presence is or means); and many are instinctively knowing who is out there.

Don’t ever believe that our governments don’t want us to know the truth. This is not their intention, and proof of this is all over. I believe that their intention is, to let us know and find by ourselves in the right moment and at the right time; and when this happens all of us will have a congratulation from heaven, for us having awakened and acknowledged the presence of life beyond ours.

This extraterrestrial presence has always been here. It has come and gone at freewill, guided by our creator’s law. Humans who knew described them to us the best way for us to accept them as part of our creation. They became part of our religions myths and sculptured in stones and walls. Art has been the medium for this truth, but we have accepted this, as just “something natural” and only a way of expression from different artists.

Now, we have a different media or methods for us to recognized and have a look at these ancient figures in a different way. Computers and cameras is what are helping to disclose the hidden truths from those from heaven to us. We have to say that these are of no value or sense, if we don’t wake up. Waking up sometimes is not even noticed or acknowledged by the same person who brings part of this truth to us. Even thou they understand how strange their finding is, they don’t associate their finding to an extraterrestrial presence or they go through it without noticing that they have been in contact or have captured the presence of an extraterrestrial being through the eye of a camera.

I have always wondered why NASA had to go out there and take a photo of our dear blue planet; and search in space other spaces or planets; but to find what thing? I don’t think or can accept that they don’t know. I don’t think they are short sighted nor have no knowledge of what they are doing or looking for. I think they really know their mission and their purpose; but again I must say that silence has been kept for the right moment or revelation time.

They are letting some of this valuable information and even photographs taken in outer space to be view by us. Maybe they thought this would help in a way for us to understand and have knowledge of this presence. Probably at the beginning no one had the slightest idea of what they were seeing, but now it is not. Now this future generation has come to disclose the extraterrestrial presence, in favor of humanity and not to cause panic or fear.

Extraterrestrials are part of us. They are or have been created from the same fabric as ours. We just have one difference; we don’t look alike or behave the same way, but do similar things. And yes there are those of higher ranks (as we say) in the same manner as here on Earth; and also those who are in the middle (what we call middle class); and the other ones who are on the lowest rank of all (the slaves). But of course, those who are considered “as the slaves” are the ones who do the dirty job or the cleaning the house job. Those are at the lower rank of all. Even thou this is like that, they have a very important mission to accomplish for the whole universe.

In reality, it is as these words say: “As above, so below”. Down here is a reflection of the same things that happen “up there”; that is, if you have the notion that when it thunders, the Virgin Mary is cleaning the house and moving furniture to clean underneath them. This cleaning is happening simultaneously because it is a natural cycle lived at the very end of an age, to transform and bring the new one.

Apparently, humanity has been awakening at great speed in these last few years, and the effect of this is causing a peaceful revolution and evolution of love. Peace! peace!, peace!, cry the populace! And with much reason; “awakening of their consciences and souls; the opening of their third eyes and senses of their reality and the hope for a new future and a better one; … who would think that such a thing would happen right now when our world looks so chaotic?

Well that is how disclosure is happening. Experiencing pain to kick you up from the chair and look up to the sky and ask God for assistance. Assistance is here and has always been here; but our connection to the upstairs floor was nock out by our ignorance. Now we are out of it. Now we feel and see. Now we want a better world and future. Now we are conquering space and the reunion with our naturals is set to be released for all to know. It is happening for many out there, but also there are many still waiting for this connection.

Please, never be afraid of what you will encounter. Don’t pay attention to monster stories, even thou what you may experience may look to you as something alike. We have been and still are being prepared for this encounter, and we know that peace will be with us at the moment of contact. To understand our universe, is to understand ourselves.

Cosechando lo que no se puede sembrar (la siembra de Don Luis Soto)

El agricultor orgánico Don Luis Soto nos muestra su hermoso huerto y las siembras que habitualmente dicen que son difíciles en Puerto Rico. Grabado en Camuy, Puerto Rico el 16 de mayo de 2011.

Dirigido, producido, fotografiado y editado por JuanMa Pagán Teitelbaum
Colaboración de Producciones Sin Permiso

Producciones Neojíbaro 2011©


The selections presented here are from the 78-minute DVD "Symbols of an Alien Sky,"
An unsolved mystery: Why did archaic astronomical traditions always identify their most powerful gods as planets? And why did they insist that "Doomsday" occurred when these gods went to war?

Reviews from principals of the Thunderbolts Project:

Independent reviews:

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Nibiru...? - The Movie - Planet X Revealed


I made a question about chemtrails and nibiru to the search engine and I found this interesting video. I was wondering if quemtrails have something to do with protecting our Earth from some type of energy or a planet’s pull and that is the reason why this was being done".

I also thought about the possibility that that is why so many countries are bankrupt. Maybe they are investing lots of money in securing the Earth, and maybe those who will remain in the Earth after what ever happens in 2012. Who knows!

The Earth is pretty dry now in some parts, and falling leaves in spring time is something never seen by me. Crops are failing but people don’t pay attention to this either. Cold weather has extended almost to springtime. Without a doubt something is wrong. This is something to think about.
I am glad that humanity is awakening to the potential that we can have all together.
Thank you for this very interesting video.

Monday, April 11, 2011

4/10/2011 -- Patrioticspace, MsElectroMagnetic, and Dutchsinse - Discuss Puerto Rico earthquakes

Watch this discussion about the present situation with earthquakes in the Puerto Rico area. Dutchsinse says on his personal count; that about 300 earthquakes have taken place on this area over the last 7 days.They recommend to everyone to be aware and prepare for any event that might take place very soon in this area. What they discus here if such event happens, would likely have a great impact on the Florida peninsula, all the way through the east part of the U.S. On my part I say; never panic and stay alert in calmness. We have had a Tsunami exercise in Puerto Rico and apparently with little success in the way people handled the situation. This is not a game, and it is very important to pay attention. We can not depend only in our government to assist others and ourselves if such scenario occurs.

Inner Earth Ringing Tibetan Monks in Spirit Cave Hear New Sounds

Wow! You have to listen to the sounds the Earth is making.
Russian scientists were able to record these sounds which are compared to those sounds made by the Tibetan Monks.
Apparently the earth is shaking like a bell and this is why these noises are being produced.
Some say this is something very unusual to hear, and very scary in a way.
Maybe the Earth is having some kind of convulsions as she moves through a strong magnetic field in space. Who knows!

This is like music for meditation. I guess I can be use for that. What better, if this music comes from Mother Earth?

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Hi everyone! I have to first say my point of view even thou this could be extended by others with more experience and knowledge on this subject. But anyway here I go in a short expression of my feelings on this. The Ufo and Alien mysteries is the talk to many of us for years now. We have followed this subject carefully knowing that much truth is out there and even close to us, as many of us have had some type of contact, visitations, or far visual experiences of these unknown crafts in the sky. The lens of our cameras have capture extraordinary shapes of strange crafts and anomalies in the skies, but to believe in this is to be insane in a world that constantly refuse that visitations to our planet have or are occurring as we sleep at night or go for a walk to the park. So far the amount of proof in existence has caught the attention of thousands of investigators who by their own will are working and studying this to get answers and solve this mystery. This has brought some new realities to our lives. Probably more than half of the worlds population is without no doubt conscience, that life abounds in the universe; but proof of this has been too scarce to give us the go ahead to,...“believe in life beyond the stars is real.” Michio Kaku talks to us in a “ok, there is a probability that life in other planets in our galaxy is real and has been making contact with us for millennia”. As a physicist he has a loud void to introduce us to this very positive reality, also as Steven Hawkins has done, but in their words the possibility for these “extra-ets” to be benevolent is cover with tremendous affirmation that “maybe some of them could be of a negative side.” sTo say that the universe is populated only by benevolent species, is to denied the existence of "Balance", or of what the energy really is. Positive and Negative. We know that these two forces of energies are a common force to create a stronger energy for more creation; and with no doubt with an infinite rout with an end. Expansion of the Universe has been understood by scientists which means exactly that; “with no end.” As our scientists and physicists give us clues about life beyond our planet, they also are making us aware that we should take these issues and this contact scenario with “pliers” to not fall into errors maybe as we did in the past. If I am wrong here, then probably what this video is showing us here is that our enthusiasm for contact with our neighbors from the stars, may well be accompanied with a new order of control and more negativity than positivity. But, another probability could be, and this one is another one to consider,… that maybe “us-humans” by being of a great negativity (which so far we know as having wars eternally; personally and collectively), maybe encounter soon by other races of a powerful positive energy which then will join with ours to finally engage in a new creation which will trigger more manifestations at a grandeur level in this Universe and in the concience level. Probably more understanding of what the Universe is, and what our consciences means and what our duties and responsibilities with the rest of the space neighbors will take a turn for lasting peace for all at last. It is curious to see how the energy crisis is taking a turn to bring none hazardous energy to our planet. It is curious to know how many are opposing to this and the rest is voting for the implementation of “Free benevolent energy”. We can be comparing to this encounter or issue with negative and positive beings in this universe. At last in an effort to bring total freedom of expression to positive benevolent energy for all. Maybe encountering other beings will be not as fearful as it has been said, but we can also believe that we have to understand all the possibilities of a hostile fabric of energy that abounds in our Universe. My personal understanding of my reality leads me to understand many things in a different ways; but by not being a scientist or a physicist; my understanding has no meaning in the minds of others; but an incredible picture of possibilities opens in my mind, as I journey into the space of possibilities, collecting here and there that... “what if” and “who we are; and the most enigmatic one; “where we come from.”

Monday, April 4, 2011

UFO Secret - Alien Contacts

For thousands of years an Alien presence here on Earth has made itself known through miraculous signs and wonders. Alien visitors and their spacecraft have been depicted in stone age cave paintings and recorded in the sacred writings of virtually every ancient culture in human history. This amazing feature length program presents the evidence of alien visitations that shaped the ancient world and still continue to effect our lives today. Includes the true story of world famous UFO Contactee and author George Adamski and many others who made UFO history in the 1950s and 60s as the first people to speak in public and show physical proof of their experiences with UFOs and aliens from another world. Includes 40 original film clips of alien UFO spacecraft in flight and an unprecedented collection of interviews with researchers, eyewitnesses and experiencers. UFO SECRET - ALIEN CONTACTS now on DVD - Cat#U441, 120 mins. Go to

Monday, March 28, 2011

If You Watch This Video You Will Know Who You Are

If you watch this video, you will know how you have felt many, many times in you life. You will listen to these words and will know that those same words have been said by you; or they have come to your minds and hearts many times as well. Quietly you have had a silent war against corruption of the human soul. You have prayed to God for it to stop. Quietly you have opposed to injustices, wars, earth abuse and miss creation of things. Only a few have gotten to the front lines to speak and have asked for solutions and for world peace. The rest have stayed in a cave without seeing the light. As I remember; since the late 60’s and 70’s, this revolution started to emerge and now it has taken the greatest step to open humanity’s eyes and awaken to the truth of our false reality. Many have spoken and left recordings of voices asking humanity to open their eyes. It has taken so long; … but now we can see these results, even thou many are still depth. And so,… we believe our youth is lost completely by their inconceivable acts but; is this correct? Who is responsible? Think of that one! … What would you do if you look at your world and see that what you have always wanted is peace and love and you can not find it around you? The result? You rebel. You go into confusion, desperation, and an urge to fly away from a constructed hell that does not look as the real reality with no sense at all. That of course will make you look like insensible to pain and humanities sorrow, but deep inside that is not the reality of that insensible being. Humans are not what some have let them to believe they are. Watch for this! Wake up! These groups of young people are the future of our earth. Those who are signaled as confused, indolent and insensible, are the most sensible right now in the world. They want the world to heal. They want this earth to be restored. They want the abuse to stop and enjoy freedom of expression with love in front of this false stage. These who get involve in bringing conscience to the world, are the way-seers of our era. The ones we’ve been waiting for. Now, as you and me witness this wonderful change, and know that you have also been a silent contributor for these changes deep in you heart and soul; you are beginning to recognize that you are also a “WAYSEER.” As you share this video, that will put you in the front lines leading the way for those in the caves. LET IT BE. BE A WAYSEER. BRING PEACE TO THIS WORLD. LET US MAKE A BETTER WORLD FOR YOU AND ME. Remember Michael?

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mary’s message to the World by Annie Kirkwood

Who is Annie Kirkwood

Some few years ago, this book fell in my hands and as a true believer of Virgin Mary since childhood, a sense that I must read this message struck my mind. As I read the message I was fascinated by these predictions, since similar things were already known by people who heard them from other sources and also in the Apocalypses and Revelation.
One interesting thing about me reading this book was that after I finish reading the book I did not paid to much attention to the dates written in the book even thou my reading of the book was past 2002. I can't recall the exact year I read it.
Any way, at the same time my readings continued, my heart was telling me that we were experiencing those predicted messages channeled through Annie Kirkwood from Virgin Mary. I also had a sense that these messages were already happening as my eyes and senses brought to me a panoramic picture of the horrendous worlds destruction by mans hands. This picture was like a collage of happenings all together in one slide going through my mind in seconds, repeating itself while my reading continued.
Years went by and two days ago the book was right there in front of me. As I look at all the books on the shelves at my right side, I had the urge to go and grab specifically that one. I could not understand why I did this, but when I opened it I did not started at the front page. I opened the book in page #33, and all of a sudden memories of what is now happening left me with more interest in reading this book again.
I am a slow reader. Maybe a couple of pages a day or so. We have to distribute our work and hobbies everyday because time is apparently getting to short to do everything we want.
Well, and going back to the message; when I got to page #37, this got my attention and it was supposed to happen during 1993? Today is March 26 2011? Probably you are wondering why I wrote these dates with a question mark. Well if you go and read from these pages on, you will notice how the name of “Japan” is mentioned, but before that it says:
”This will be the year for all commercial areas of the world to be destroyed by earth itself. Japan will continue feeling how the earth trembles and moves. The power center of Japan will shake and they will be so occupied with their own problems that they will not be able to take advantage of the world situation with views to obtain benefits.”
Forgive me if the translation is not well done but I have a Spanish version of the book.
As I mention before today is March 26 and we are still experiencing earthquakes all over the earth and Japan is still shaking after that tremendous earthquake that hit that area back in March, Friday 11 2011. Already 15 days have past since that horrendous experience by the Japanese people.

Now on page # 42, Virgin Mary states very clearly that her predictions are being fulfill and that the earthquake that hit India(1988) was only the commence of earthquakes that will happen in 1990; but that this is simply a warning before those that will shake the earth by the end of this cycle. It also states, that Japan will fall underwater and that part of the world will transform into a frozen plateau.
Well as I move to page 44, I stopped there. I sensed that there is more to this book than just telling humanity that in order for us to believe in God we must listen to the earth’s fury. Well this is something that we all know and we also know that we have done pretty wrong things to this earth. Time to change that. That is my belief. Also it is time for us to know more than before about ourselves and how we do and create our lives.
Because we have not paid attention to where we are, we ignore who is giving us a place to live and breathe and evolve. That is the earth by Gods will.
Now, in page # 44, also it is mention about the OVNI activity, and the “over natural events” that will bring the attention to humanity of their plea (I supposed from our brothers from space) to awaken and see what is happening on earth. Virgin Mary says that the world is changing and that there is nothing that can be done to stop these changes. “Man can not control the weather patterns and can not control the dimensions, not the frequencies of the storms that will come from the oceans.”

Well, here she talks about every single thing that is happening right now, even a pole shift; but why it did this not happen during the predicted years? Many questions can be made and many answers can be done, but my first one is; who is Annie Kirkwood who apparently she can also see faces in the sky?
This one face I photographed once. this article is in spanish but you will be able to see this face in the clouds.

Link to page:

Second question could be; is this all an elaborate future by man to force changes into this world; or is it really from our divine spirits or (space brothers) to bring humanity into senses and know that we have to change for good?
But my third question is; why do we still fight wars and also look for our truth by looking at the past in history books? It is said and many know this; “that our truth is inside of our hearts.” We know but we don’t pay attention to it. We degrade ourselves of who we are by simply following changes made in the past which we have accepted as our truth but which was only another constructed reality for us.
Who is right here and who is wrong should be my last question for now, but I believe that humanity will not perish and will keep evolving as it usually has done. Not matter how many stay here on earth; … humanity will continue. This is not my prediction but only my feelings. Only one thing will be left for us, and that has to be; … correction of that which did not work well for a world community. A rainbow has colors, and all of them touch one another. Think of that one.

By coincidence I open my email and I received this update video from:

Thursday, March 24, 2011

APersonal Tale, 2012 and HAARP

In my opinion, you should watch these aodscarecrow videos. Simple and much truth in them.

Ufos, Aliens, and The Question of Contact

What can I say about these videos? Much information about ufo’s and abductions exist and studies of all these unsolved mysteries have been the interest of many to find answers to bring them to us in a different perspective.
I wont tell you to believe everything you hear or read, but it is good to always know what others have to say about those mysteries that have touch their lives, and also since humanity learned that we are not alone in the Universe.
Please watch all 8 videos, but never come to conclusions accepting or rejecting what is said here. A good perspective is always needed.

Roger Degler

Check out these beautiful photographs by Roger Degler. He is one of my favorite photo artist.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Expert: Chemtrails are Global Covert Operation for Total Control, Detecting UFOs

Please don’t get into conclusions reading this article. It is of importance that we must learn about all the parts being play in our present because not necessarily humanity is being wiped out of the earth for the benefit of some. There's got to be powerful reasons for all of this happening.
I do agree with Steve Beckow about the galactics doing their work to soften the effects from those chemicals. Remember that our atmosphere has change; and also our planet is going through changes and there is not anyone on this earth that has not noticed these changes. Everyone is aware of them.
Good luck reading and never be afraid of something you can not understand and why it is happening. Always things happen for a reason. Let us bring the positive side on all of this; we can not have an idea of how our positivity can contribute to ease damages to us and our earth.


Expert: Chemtrails are Global Covert Operation for Total Control, Detecting UFOs

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Quick Review of an Intelligent Cloud

By the end of 2010 mysterious and strange clouds were covering the sky. This was something no one could miss for its rare behavior and the way it was station in the same spot for a long period of time. I can not say how much time, but I was able to take a video clip for almost 9 minutes until the camera was off from storage space.
Today I made some studies of this strange cloud, and it looks like different types of smaller clouds are separating from the main one. These smaller clouds have apparently a ufo shape in almost all of them, plus other effects like an opening where a huge bright light seem to come from out of it.
It is amazing to watch this cloud, as it produces many movements not conceivable by human mind, believing that clouds are only water vapor roaming in the skies. This is absolutely a proof of; “that nature is incredible, or that we are being visited by strange visitors from other worlds. This of course is something really hard to accept, but as more strange things happen around the world with ufo sittings and strange clouds, no one can say that this is not an out of world contact or just a mere coincidence in weather patterns.
We all know that weather can be manipulated, and that extreme technology exists today with unknown capabilities for us, but again the truth is that we are by now experiencing a tremendous change in our world which is causing many to listen and be aware of this extreme and strange phenomena occurring around us.

First Video Link:
Eastern Island Heads:

Monday, February 28, 2011

Nasa film large solar flare

How Solar Activity Is Influencing Human Consciousness

Recently we are experiencing an intensive amount of solar activity on the Sun which is affecting both the Earth and Humans. Solar flares can affect the Central Nervous System, all brain activity, along with human behaviour and all psycho-physiological (mental-emotional-physical) response.
A solar flare is a magnetic storm on the Sun which appears to be a very bright spot and a gaseous surface eruption such as in the above photograph. Solar flares release huge amounts of high-energy particles and gases that are tremendously hot. They are ejected thousands of miles from the surface of the Sun.

How Solar Activity Is Influencing Human Consciousness