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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Klaus Dona : The Hidden History of the Human Race (March 2010)

Project Camelot published this remarkable video which consists of 45 minutes of revelations through a slideshow with commentaries made by Klaus Dona; and Austrian artifacts researcher.
This video contains startling information about the history of the human race, Atlantis, the reptilian humanoids, the Anunnaki, ancient symbolism material and more.
For sure it will make you aware that many truths about our ancient history had been hidden from us, even thou a group of people have dedicated their lives in to bring this information to us at the present because I believe it is time to know who we are and where we come from.
We can not denied that our past is rich with many civilizations having left massive proof of our beginnings and heritage from the stars.

For more please visit link:

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Three Interesting Things to Share!

For a while I was out of line thanks to hackers destroying our work and stealing information from us. All of us are going through many pains these days, but we can not stop doing what is being asked from us.
We have become a society that year after year is trying to spread the good news around the world and is trying to stay united in a loving warm way to start a change in our lives.
Nothing can stop this wonderful world that is unfolding in front of us, and humanity is aware of this, that is why we will continue to bring interesting things to share and present links of interest to all of you.
The world wants to know the truth of what is going on in the present, so stay tune wherever you go, and with every site of interest you visit. Internet is the best tool for learning; we must use it wisely and take advantage of this wonderful tool of teaching.

Thank you for you support and visits to Mi Pueblo, especially to Mexico, United States, Puerto Rico, Spain, Chile, Colombia, Argentina and many, many more who continually visits our site.

And to give proof of how wonderful our search in the internet world is, here are a couple of things that are going around the world for your amazement.

About this video
Some say that this same technology used here could be the same as the one on Project Bluebeam? And that it would be reasonable that this technology at the same time could be use to fool the world by displaying et’s spaceships in the sky, to make the world believe, that an invasion from off worlds is occurring and a false flag event of an imminent invasion from bad et’s will take over our world?
This is a strong comment by those who refer to this as a possibility, but we can not deny that many strange things are happening these days. Just keep your eyes open and never fear of what you see or hear.

And ...

this photograph is running around the world. No wonder why, as you can see; that at the time of baptism while pouring the holy water, it transformed into a rosary and a cross. I don’t think this photograph could be a false one.
But there is also something which got my attention here.
The baby’s head is elongated. This does not means that he is abnormal, but the fact is that for some reason I have seen this type of head in many new born children. But why is this happening?
A few weeks back if presence two boys which they were twin, and had the same shape head as this beautiful baby. Are they a new generation of more evolved children for the new world? Will they be more intelligent that the average children? God bless this beautiful child!


Take a look at this wonderful clouds?
For me this is an intelligent “etheric being” which in physics is; a medium formerly believed to fill the atmosphere and outer space and to carry electromagnetic waves.
The first photograph presents itself as to having wings or sort of, and a crown on the top. The second photograph, shows a close up of the center where you can even see like a dome shape face? Don’t laugh at this, just look closely. This is not a regular cloud in the sky. Lots of the same clouds were covering the sky on the 23 of October 2010. But what is going on with the old sky we knew?
I always say that we have a different sky in front of us, but ok, I must admit that when I say this; I am signaled as crazy and out of my mind. Well maybe ;)
Well crazy or not, we should share these things, maybe we are not that crazy enough and probably this will help in bring the truth into our world and the relation we have with creation. We can not deny that things are changing and we are now learning more that 20 years ago. No wonder why! What about Disclosure?

My conversation with Angel Glorian and Salusa's Message

Yesterday while having a conversation with Angel Glorian a friend of mine, I pointed to her that our young people (our young generation) are the ones breaking the truth to all of those who are still living a fantasy dream. Even thou it seems that they themselves live a fantasy; this is not like that at all. But funny it seems that when we look back and understand that thanks to those that are still asleep, it is why that now, “the young people”; have in front of them a new reality that was being created by the sleep ones themselves, even thou they did not realized this at that moment. They were building the way for the new generation of spirits that would bring consciousness to the world in this present time.

The old crowd, once at their time knew a different reality and that was plenty for them to go by its way and accept it; not knowing that they were immersed in a false reality when they met this reality at the moment when they open their eyes in this world and started a wrong understanding of it. It is like if in that time we born blind and continue to be blind all the way until now. But things are changing thanks to our new group of young souls who have come to earth knowing a different reality which has all the steps to jump into the future and to bring out the truth that was supposed to be known by us in the past.

We have evolved in many ways and unconsciously “we” were getting things prepared for the present time, in which our lives are going to change dramatically thanks to the unconscious souls and the conscious ones walking the earth.

The beginning is always hard because not even a seed can grow and sprout without having a good soil to give its fruits.

So reading Salusa’s 25 October message, this gave me confident in my feelings about a truth that we all know. The way is being cleared by these young souls who are opposing the negativity rampant (dark intent of those in control) in our world these days. For them is insane how this world is being treated and especially how wars are a big mistake to supposedly bring peace. Maybe there are also some not so good seeds, but with care from us and attention to their needs, they will also some day will join to fully complete the percentage needed for us ascend to a marvelous new era.

It is said that we already have jump from a 250 % in 2005 of awakened souls, to 600% in the present. At this moment more a more out there know that there is a new reality unfolding and many want to join in a love chain around the world to bring us nearer to the promised time of ascension. Many can not deny this is happening for joy is being felt all over we get our attention to. Even disclosure of the presence from other worlds, is now accepted by many. No wonder why we have always believed in beings from the sky; especially that God watches us from above, and it is not that he lives on the second floor. He lives within us, on the top of our most wonderful aspect of our souls, where the connection is made.

So this connection I believe is part of that disclosure for humanity. Not only to know how we are all connected but also that many, many souls out there in invisible places for us, soon will let themselves known to all of us. Creation has no beginning and no end. Where is it that our souls go when we depart from earth?
Here is

Salusa Oct 25 Message update

More and more of you are becoming aware of how fast time is passing by. That is a sure sign of how much quicker it is going, and also the degree to which your levels of consciousness are growing. It also opens your minds to an understanding of what is happening around you, and there is no doubt that so many more of you sense the need for the changes taking place. Instead of gloom and doom it is seen that things must change for the better, and that there can be no return to the ways of those who would impose their negative values upon you. With the onset of the end of duality, it is obvious that it will be replaced by conditions more aligned to the new Man emerging from the Dark Ages. With the help of the Star Children who have wisdom and knowledge beyond their earthly age, there will be no lack of loving advice and direction. It is a matter of when it is right for them to come to the forefront, as if it is too early they are likely to be ignored. However, their presence does lead to displays of their ability, to apply their understanding in many different beneficial ways. They are members of the Lightshowers who open people's minds to their potential. It can cover healing to spiritual work that will assist others as they follow their path to Ascension.

We for our part are using our spacecraft to carry out displays that are sufficiently near to you to be identified as from off Earth. It is not as if we need to prove our existence but we must enable people to break out of the cover up, that has been supported by those who deny our presence for their own benefit. It will very soon reach a point when disclosure can no longer be prevented, and its announcement will be the start of many changes. These will lead to our open arrival on Earth by agreement with the new Government, that will eagerly await our presence. We can then get on with the business of organizing the many projects that will result in the cleansing of your planet. We desire to be well into them by the end of next year. However, as we often point out, the time aspect is of no great consequence with the technologies that we will use. We have unlimited resources and so many craft that can be applied to the tasks ahead. Indeed in some instances we do not even need to be on Earth, and can operate quite successfully from your own atmosphere. The fact is Dear Ones, that we have already done so much cleansing of your atmosphere, namely to clear the fallout from nuclear testing.

Those who do not feel ready to join us will be allowed their freewill choice, and leave the Earth for the continuation of their experiences elsewhere. Joining your Space Family is a natural step in your evolution, and in time it will come to every soul. We have been part of a patient and quiet introduction to our presence for hundred of years, and it has succeeded in planting such seeds of knowledge in your minds. You have carried it with you in successive incarnations, albeit in your subconsciousness. However, once brought to the surface it has helped you to accept us without bringing about a fearful reaction. It is the dark forces that have tried to instill continual fear into you, and they know that when the truth comes out they will be seen for what they really are. It is they who fear our coming, as we will present the truth in such a way that it cannot be refuted. Bear in mind that every thought and action exists forever, and can be recalled to substantiate the truth of any challenge against our claims.

It is you the people who will benefit most from learning the truth of your past, and the way in which you have been deliberately mislead. It started millennia of time ago when power was seized by those with an agenda for self-aggrandizement, but the last century and particularly the years since the millennium have been the pinnacle of their success. However it was never going to be allowed to lead to total success, because the end times had already been decreed by God to lead to mass Ascension. What you are seeing now with the demise of the Illuminati is proof of the outworking of it. Yes, they are still around and cause problems, but their ability has been seriously affected by their loss of power. They will still try to induce fear, and prolong the global wars that feed their ego and their purses. Be assured peace is on the way, and the weapons of war will be silenced if they are not withdrawn when ordered to do so. Enough blood has already been spilt and negative energies have built up within the earth, and these are now being cleansed away. Few have realized that such energies create an imbalance on and within the Earth, and then they wonder why Mother Earth reacts to them by convulsions. Be prepared to experience some degree of disruption as a result and without going overboard, allow for shortages of food in areas that are normally affected by earthquake activity. This is in no way meant to bring about panic, but become aware of your likely needs in such a situation.

We of the Galactic Federation will still be working hard behind the scenes to limit any damage to you and your dwellings. For the time being stay where you feel it is right to be, and if you are in an area of activity know that you were subconsciously aware and accepting of your experience, before you came into incarnation. Remember wherever you are, there is a reason for you being there even if it seems an unlikely choice. Sometimes your presence is for the benefit of others, because you have something to offer that they do not have. There is a coming together of souls who recognize the Oneness of all life. Such souls are so important, to show others how the Light can awaken them to their potential. At heart all of you can express your love in such a way, and that will be a step nearer to finding the Christ Self within. It is the ultimate identification with your true Self, and the finding of Unconditional Love.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and it is quite clear that many of you have already been inspired to offer your help to us. Rest assured we welcome your various abilities, and will tell you that it is exactly why you have incarnated for this immediate period. It will be a case of all hands on deck, and some of you will come on board our craft for briefing. It is for the moment all serious stuff as the build up of pressure upon Mother Earth is to really get started, as her program of cleansing is becoming urgent. Have no fear, as we are constantly monitoring all that happens and you are not about to witness mass chaos or great catastrophes. We operate with loving regard for all of you, at all times.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Misteriosa Cara Entre las Nubes

En Noviembre 21 del 2008 escribí un artículo comparando a La Dama de Elche con una cara que fotografié en el 2007. El video original que hice para entonces, lo perdí y ahora he vuelto a traerlo para que puedan ver la foto original y donde en las nubes está ubicada esta cara, más unos detalles de luz.

Link a mensaje anterior:

Si alguién desea una copia de esta foto para analizarla, estoy más que complacida de que sea así. No soy experta, pero sé que hay muchas personas que se dedican a estudiar estas anomalías en las fotografías y tal vez yo pueda tener una mejor respuesta a esta aparición de esta cara entre las nubes.

Por cierto, no es la única cara que he fotografiado y tampoco la única figura detectada entre las nubes.
Otra cara más entre las nubes.
Foto original donde se encuentra la cara. En esta forma no es fácila de detectar pero está ahí hacia la parte del centro arriba. Pueden hacer sus estudios de esta foto.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Galactic Times: Morphogenetic Resonance: from causal to conscious creation

Lauren C. Gorgo Update
Please read at:

Galactic Times: Morphogenetic Resonance: from causal to conscious creation

Salusa Update Oct. 6 - If your faith holds strong you will know that there is nothing to fear, as the Light is your power and protection

The healing of our Earth has been decreed by Heaven. Inevitably she will rise up to her destined position, taking with her, all those souls with equal intentions of love in their hearts who wish for a better future and eternal peace.

Salusa message:

Your increasing expectancy of major changes to get under way is bringing them nearer to manifesting. Those who for whatever reason opposes them are also more active trying to prevent such progress. It is up to you Dear Ones to ignore such sources, and in no way give your energy to them through fear. If your faith holds strong you will know that there is nothing to fear, as the Light is your power and protection. The truth will speak for itself and hold firm when all else falls away. As the vibrations continue to rise up, so the truth shall stand out for all to understand. The time for deceit and lies is ending and the Light shall rule supreme.

Bear in mind that some of the big events may be preceded by more chaos and turmoil. There is much of the old that clings on and must be removed. It is not always possible to do so without considerable inconvenience to you. However, all such occurrences shall be short lived because of our participation. You might reflect upon the fact that as a result, physical changes to the Earth have not been anywhere near as apocalyptic as some have predicted. Our abilities are such that we have already prevented you from destroying the Earth, and lessened the overall volcanic activity. Furthermore, we have kept it stable and in balance, as at times its wobble has become too extreme. Our brief has been one of ensuring that the cycle ends as decreed. Ascension is far too important to be aborted by a group of negative Beings, bent on achieving world control for their own power.

So we of the Galactic Federation are ready to as you term it, to go public and have agreed a plan that makes everyone satisfied. All along we have taken a careful approach, as it has been essential that we be viewed for what we stand for. We are clear that our intervention will be one of co-operation, and we shall observe your protocol. We shall lead because the operations that are concerning Earth, shall require advanced understanding and knowledge that is presently beyond you. However, we will share such information and invite some of you to take an active part in the proceedings. We want you to quickly lift up to our levels of knowledge, as you do have a mind that is capable of comprehending advanced technology. To some extent contact in the with the Greys in the U.S. has paved the way for this time, as you have already been given a head start over some countries. Our knowledge will however be given freely without strings attached, as what we have to share is for the benefit of everyone.

Great times are approaching and as you near the end of this year, you have every right to at last expect some action. All of the time our allies have been setting the scene for the awaited announcement, and it appears to be almost ready to go ahead. We are as excited and relieved as you are about the immediate period of time. It has been a long time coming, and we go back thousands of years monitoring your evolution and caring for Mother Earth. It has been a labor of our love for mankind, and a service in the name of the Creator. For obvious reasons you are at present the focus of our attention, but we are on call to any civilization throughout the Universe. Our lives are extremely interesting and rewarding, and we have experienced so many surprises as we explore the far away areas of Space.

The future is so bright for you, and what a contrast it will be to what you have been used to. It is somewhat like the higher astral dimensions of Earth, and freedom from all of the bothersome drudgery of being a human in the 3rd dimension. You have not really experienced such a level of freedom, happiness and joy except for brief moments in your life. Can you imagine the relief of removing your worries of how to survive, provide your sustenance and shelter? What it would be like to be totally healthy and without any form of disability, well Dear Ones that is just part of what you have to look forward to in the higher dimensions. No worrying problems about money, as it is unnecessary when all of your needs are freely provided for. We cannot do justice with words to what you are about to experience, but the word paradise comes to mind. Remember these things if the going gets tough, as it will all prove worthwhile in the end.
You have so much to look forward to so do not waste your energy on the mundane matters of daily life. Know that the dark Ones will have their last fling in desperation, but let it go over your head. The truth will safely come through and deception will be seen for what it is, as you are of an enhanced level of consciousness and are more alert to such attempts to fool you. The good, bad and the ugly are all in the same pot for now, but shortly there will begin a great clearing out of anything that cannot stand in the Light. The vibrations are speeding up, and can only carry with them souls who are of a like vibration. If you know or consider your self to be of the Light, you really should not be concerned about anything of the lower vibrations. It will in time transmute or disintegrate, as a point will be reached when it cannot remain any longer.

We are aware that claims and counterclaims are flying around about us, and all we will ask of you is to be guided by your intuition. Not even our opinion or anyone else's for that matter is as important as what you are given by your Higher Self. Each of you has specific needs, and rarely are two of you exactly at the same point of understanding. However, please accept our messages regarding Ascension, as it is a Universal event that is definite and irreversible, and will take place. The many paths that lead to it will make no difference; all will reach the same point of ascension together.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and have complete faith in you to take the right action as you engage the changes. Be kind and considerate if you meet opposition on your path, as some souls cannot grasp what is occurring. That is quite different to those who have already made their choice to stay in the lower vibrations. They will tend to ignore what is happening around them, and should be allowed to determine their own future. All of you regardless of your intent are greatly loved by us as we see you Inner Light of God.

Thank you SaLuSa.Mike Quinsey.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Love Is Patience Too!

Love is patience and has no end. Love is always waiting for the right moment to shine in people’s hearts. This is the time! Time is up! For emptiness to know; who is there. Hearts are being filled with truths that
had been hidden for so long.
God has never abandoned his children, and never discouraged even one of them. They themselves discouraged themselves, believing in created fantasies of dark’s control. Now all around the world you can see how many feel liberated by the knowing that love is the winning call.
Today my email has been full. No time to read all; “lamentably”, for much great information is being given to us to know what we need to learn and do for a better future and awakening of humanities hearts; but as I read all the messages titles and news headlines, one got my attention:
The MOST important article you will read today! Obama Tell His Jewish Slave Masters to F-Off!! - Is he a Reverse Trojan?
I stopped there and needed to know what was all about this head line. The words in the head line; was shocking to me, and who would not be when we know that these are changing times. So I clicked and went on to that site:

I won’t tell you what I read, but yes I will tell you what I felt with this.
I believe this post can be a two edge sword, but on one side in my opinion is; that Obama has to be a very special being right now in this world. When I first knew about him I was surprised. All I could say was “And from where did he appear to be selected for the presidency of U.S? I never knew he existed then. But I follow the news and felt that he could bring changes to that great nation. When time was to reveal the truth of him being elected; almost everybody around the world cried to see that he was there, at the head of that great nation, which was a common ground for many cultures gathered there from all around the world, looking to live in a place of freedom. When I saw those people all around the world crying, for his victory; I could sense the hope they had in their hearts; that he could be the first president to be brave enough to bring changes to all of us. While watching this event; even we started to cry, sensing that something good was coming for our future that would also affect the whole world.
I will not mention the ups and downs he has been through; because we all know, and I won’t mention about his opponents trying to discourage people, because we know that they also have free will to do what they think is right for the world; but yes I will say, that wars are not the answer.
And also I will say this:
That this post in any way; should be taken as one to start a war between brothers and sisters. Between all of those hearts that for eons have been waiting for peace in this world. We can not let our hearts get summon by hate or fear; for this is out from our hearts and it is past history for those who believe in Love Peace and Sharing in this beautiful planet and especially at this moment in our history.
One group of people in the past; long, long time ago; was able to start controlling big crowds of people, turning them in favor of this groups wishes; not knowing how this will end up turning against them later. This same pattern followed us until recent and still is in effect, but now people are turning their heads and hearts to the other side. The side of love and unity between each other, to gain the right and fair place on earth as has been decreed by Heaven. Now we know what God has created for us and we are not going to lose it again.
Heaven decrees with the law of love, and man unknowingly obeys when his or her heart is full with that love. Gently we must accept that humanity as a whole; has embraced in their hearts dreams and wishes that are still waiting to be fulfill.
We need to understand that we can not give up and surrender to the same old patterns that devoid us from our rights to exercise the will of love. We must accept that only by letting that love freed itself from our hearts will make our future a brighter one at last.
I need to say here also, that not all of our Jewish friends are our contraries. As we say here we are all children of God, and color or race does not mean anything to our Divine Creator.

Love is Patience
And meaning of Patience is: the ability to endure waiting, delay, or provocation without becoming annoyed or upset or to persevere calmly when faced with difficulties