Nubes o Naves

Saturday, November 22, 2014

What is it?

 Clouds are "shape shifters" without a doubt and we never have o take a moment to enjoy our wonderful skies and its variations or moods. Many of us enjoy it and even have fun looking at those weird shapes that resemble animals or dragons... even hearts or space machines going faster in a cloud crowded sky. Anything can happen up there, but when we start to look in a different way and see similarities between them that are almost exactly, then nothing in the world is going to make you stop looking at this everyday spectacle, until you ask yourself ... what is it? Then questions keep adding into your mind, until you accept that nature it is undeniable wonderful with lots of creatures all around us. The Earth, the Sky, the Sea and even our bodies are full of creatures. I call this, "the works and creations of energy" always making adjustments and changes to this Universe. All colors, all shapes, all sizes... we are here, down there, and even up there!