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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mary’s message to the World by Annie Kirkwood

Who is Annie Kirkwood

Some few years ago, this book fell in my hands and as a true believer of Virgin Mary since childhood, a sense that I must read this message struck my mind. As I read the message I was fascinated by these predictions, since similar things were already known by people who heard them from other sources and also in the Apocalypses and Revelation.
One interesting thing about me reading this book was that after I finish reading the book I did not paid to much attention to the dates written in the book even thou my reading of the book was past 2002. I can't recall the exact year I read it.
Any way, at the same time my readings continued, my heart was telling me that we were experiencing those predicted messages channeled through Annie Kirkwood from Virgin Mary. I also had a sense that these messages were already happening as my eyes and senses brought to me a panoramic picture of the horrendous worlds destruction by mans hands. This picture was like a collage of happenings all together in one slide going through my mind in seconds, repeating itself while my reading continued.
Years went by and two days ago the book was right there in front of me. As I look at all the books on the shelves at my right side, I had the urge to go and grab specifically that one. I could not understand why I did this, but when I opened it I did not started at the front page. I opened the book in page #33, and all of a sudden memories of what is now happening left me with more interest in reading this book again.
I am a slow reader. Maybe a couple of pages a day or so. We have to distribute our work and hobbies everyday because time is apparently getting to short to do everything we want.
Well, and going back to the message; when I got to page #37, this got my attention and it was supposed to happen during 1993? Today is March 26 2011? Probably you are wondering why I wrote these dates with a question mark. Well if you go and read from these pages on, you will notice how the name of “Japan” is mentioned, but before that it says:
”This will be the year for all commercial areas of the world to be destroyed by earth itself. Japan will continue feeling how the earth trembles and moves. The power center of Japan will shake and they will be so occupied with their own problems that they will not be able to take advantage of the world situation with views to obtain benefits.”
Forgive me if the translation is not well done but I have a Spanish version of the book.
As I mention before today is March 26 and we are still experiencing earthquakes all over the earth and Japan is still shaking after that tremendous earthquake that hit that area back in March, Friday 11 2011. Already 15 days have past since that horrendous experience by the Japanese people.

Now on page # 42, Virgin Mary states very clearly that her predictions are being fulfill and that the earthquake that hit India(1988) was only the commence of earthquakes that will happen in 1990; but that this is simply a warning before those that will shake the earth by the end of this cycle. It also states, that Japan will fall underwater and that part of the world will transform into a frozen plateau.
Well as I move to page 44, I stopped there. I sensed that there is more to this book than just telling humanity that in order for us to believe in God we must listen to the earth’s fury. Well this is something that we all know and we also know that we have done pretty wrong things to this earth. Time to change that. That is my belief. Also it is time for us to know more than before about ourselves and how we do and create our lives.
Because we have not paid attention to where we are, we ignore who is giving us a place to live and breathe and evolve. That is the earth by Gods will.
Now, in page # 44, also it is mention about the OVNI activity, and the “over natural events” that will bring the attention to humanity of their plea (I supposed from our brothers from space) to awaken and see what is happening on earth. Virgin Mary says that the world is changing and that there is nothing that can be done to stop these changes. “Man can not control the weather patterns and can not control the dimensions, not the frequencies of the storms that will come from the oceans.”

Well, here she talks about every single thing that is happening right now, even a pole shift; but why it did this not happen during the predicted years? Many questions can be made and many answers can be done, but my first one is; who is Annie Kirkwood who apparently she can also see faces in the sky?
This one face I photographed once. this article is in spanish but you will be able to see this face in the clouds.

Link to page:

Second question could be; is this all an elaborate future by man to force changes into this world; or is it really from our divine spirits or (space brothers) to bring humanity into senses and know that we have to change for good?
But my third question is; why do we still fight wars and also look for our truth by looking at the past in history books? It is said and many know this; “that our truth is inside of our hearts.” We know but we don’t pay attention to it. We degrade ourselves of who we are by simply following changes made in the past which we have accepted as our truth but which was only another constructed reality for us.
Who is right here and who is wrong should be my last question for now, but I believe that humanity will not perish and will keep evolving as it usually has done. Not matter how many stay here on earth; … humanity will continue. This is not my prediction but only my feelings. Only one thing will be left for us, and that has to be; … correction of that which did not work well for a world community. A rainbow has colors, and all of them touch one another. Think of that one.

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  1. Hello, I'm currently reading Annie's book. To be honest, I have some doubts about the veracity of its content. Thank you, your words encourage me to continue with the reading. May God Bless you and keep you safe


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