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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Nibiru...? - The Movie - Planet X Revealed


I made a question about chemtrails and nibiru to the search engine and I found this interesting video. I was wondering if quemtrails have something to do with protecting our Earth from some type of energy or a planet’s pull and that is the reason why this was being done".

I also thought about the possibility that that is why so many countries are bankrupt. Maybe they are investing lots of money in securing the Earth, and maybe those who will remain in the Earth after what ever happens in 2012. Who knows!

The Earth is pretty dry now in some parts, and falling leaves in spring time is something never seen by me. Crops are failing but people don’t pay attention to this either. Cold weather has extended almost to springtime. Without a doubt something is wrong. This is something to think about.
I am glad that humanity is awakening to the potential that we can have all together.
Thank you for this very interesting video.

Monday, April 11, 2011

4/10/2011 -- Patrioticspace, MsElectroMagnetic, and Dutchsinse - Discuss Puerto Rico earthquakes

Watch this discussion about the present situation with earthquakes in the Puerto Rico area. Dutchsinse says on his personal count; that about 300 earthquakes have taken place on this area over the last 7 days.They recommend to everyone to be aware and prepare for any event that might take place very soon in this area. What they discus here if such event happens, would likely have a great impact on the Florida peninsula, all the way through the east part of the U.S. On my part I say; never panic and stay alert in calmness. We have had a Tsunami exercise in Puerto Rico and apparently with little success in the way people handled the situation. This is not a game, and it is very important to pay attention. We can not depend only in our government to assist others and ourselves if such scenario occurs.

Inner Earth Ringing Tibetan Monks in Spirit Cave Hear New Sounds

Wow! You have to listen to the sounds the Earth is making.
Russian scientists were able to record these sounds which are compared to those sounds made by the Tibetan Monks.
Apparently the earth is shaking like a bell and this is why these noises are being produced.
Some say this is something very unusual to hear, and very scary in a way.
Maybe the Earth is having some kind of convulsions as she moves through a strong magnetic field in space. Who knows!

This is like music for meditation. I guess I can be use for that. What better, if this music comes from Mother Earth?

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Hi everyone! I have to first say my point of view even thou this could be extended by others with more experience and knowledge on this subject. But anyway here I go in a short expression of my feelings on this. The Ufo and Alien mysteries is the talk to many of us for years now. We have followed this subject carefully knowing that much truth is out there and even close to us, as many of us have had some type of contact, visitations, or far visual experiences of these unknown crafts in the sky. The lens of our cameras have capture extraordinary shapes of strange crafts and anomalies in the skies, but to believe in this is to be insane in a world that constantly refuse that visitations to our planet have or are occurring as we sleep at night or go for a walk to the park. So far the amount of proof in existence has caught the attention of thousands of investigators who by their own will are working and studying this to get answers and solve this mystery. This has brought some new realities to our lives. Probably more than half of the worlds population is without no doubt conscience, that life abounds in the universe; but proof of this has been too scarce to give us the go ahead to,...“believe in life beyond the stars is real.” Michio Kaku talks to us in a “ok, there is a probability that life in other planets in our galaxy is real and has been making contact with us for millennia”. As a physicist he has a loud void to introduce us to this very positive reality, also as Steven Hawkins has done, but in their words the possibility for these “extra-ets” to be benevolent is cover with tremendous affirmation that “maybe some of them could be of a negative side.” sTo say that the universe is populated only by benevolent species, is to denied the existence of "Balance", or of what the energy really is. Positive and Negative. We know that these two forces of energies are a common force to create a stronger energy for more creation; and with no doubt with an infinite rout with an end. Expansion of the Universe has been understood by scientists which means exactly that; “with no end.” As our scientists and physicists give us clues about life beyond our planet, they also are making us aware that we should take these issues and this contact scenario with “pliers” to not fall into errors maybe as we did in the past. If I am wrong here, then probably what this video is showing us here is that our enthusiasm for contact with our neighbors from the stars, may well be accompanied with a new order of control and more negativity than positivity. But, another probability could be, and this one is another one to consider,… that maybe “us-humans” by being of a great negativity (which so far we know as having wars eternally; personally and collectively), maybe encounter soon by other races of a powerful positive energy which then will join with ours to finally engage in a new creation which will trigger more manifestations at a grandeur level in this Universe and in the concience level. Probably more understanding of what the Universe is, and what our consciences means and what our duties and responsibilities with the rest of the space neighbors will take a turn for lasting peace for all at last. It is curious to see how the energy crisis is taking a turn to bring none hazardous energy to our planet. It is curious to know how many are opposing to this and the rest is voting for the implementation of “Free benevolent energy”. We can be comparing to this encounter or issue with negative and positive beings in this universe. At last in an effort to bring total freedom of expression to positive benevolent energy for all. Maybe encountering other beings will be not as fearful as it has been said, but we can also believe that we have to understand all the possibilities of a hostile fabric of energy that abounds in our Universe. My personal understanding of my reality leads me to understand many things in a different ways; but by not being a scientist or a physicist; my understanding has no meaning in the minds of others; but an incredible picture of possibilities opens in my mind, as I journey into the space of possibilities, collecting here and there that... “what if” and “who we are; and the most enigmatic one; “where we come from.”

Monday, April 4, 2011

UFO Secret - Alien Contacts

For thousands of years an Alien presence here on Earth has made itself known through miraculous signs and wonders. Alien visitors and their spacecraft have been depicted in stone age cave paintings and recorded in the sacred writings of virtually every ancient culture in human history. This amazing feature length program presents the evidence of alien visitations that shaped the ancient world and still continue to effect our lives today. Includes the true story of world famous UFO Contactee and author George Adamski and many others who made UFO history in the 1950s and 60s as the first people to speak in public and show physical proof of their experiences with UFOs and aliens from another world. Includes 40 original film clips of alien UFO spacecraft in flight and an unprecedented collection of interviews with researchers, eyewitnesses and experiencers. UFO SECRET - ALIEN CONTACTS now on DVD - Cat#U441, 120 mins. Go to