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Thursday, October 29, 2009

My experiences during and after the Gulf refinery explosion...

A Monster
outside my Window

As our new world is being created, men are still resisting the idea of change; A change towards peace, joy and most of all, a change into the energy of creation, which is “Love”.

On Thursday we had to go to an appointment with the dentist and all the way to where we were going the sky was very eerie. I must say that every time we have to go out I take my camera with me. I took over 90 photographs, because indeed it was very strange.On our way back we enter into a terrible traffic jam, and there was (apparently) no reason for it; but we got home ok and not too late either. The day went on and I did not have any desire to even talk or connect to internet. My senses were spinning like sensing something wrong. I went to sleep and when I got up next day, I looked through the window but it was still dark. Then I turned on the radio and they were talking about something that was happening that I could not understand. I turned on the tv, and there it was; a terrible explosion in the old oil refinery, which produced a shock wave trough the entire metropolitan area.As you can imagine, many things went through my mind, but I was calm.
As the day went by, everything got complicated. More explosions and people were being evacuated to other areas. Prisoners from the federal detention center (jail); were being transported to other detention centers, and all for the fear to the fumes of all the chemicals that were burning in the refinery, (which it is not use as a refinery any more, just as a reserve facility); they did “good”; and were fast in moving everyone to safety, while the fire and smoke was growing bigger. Every assistance came as fast as you can imagine. Experts from all kinds (meteorologists, environmental, FBI, police, Homeland Security, Government); every kind of help you can imagine gathered in minutes to support what was happening; The media very brave to enter and get close to the scene to bring us the news of what was happening; even something else, that I will tell you later.
Our eyes and minds were focused on the events as they unfolded, while some people try to bring into attention that this might had been a “terrorist act”; which reminded us the 911 event that shocked the world. I was there all morning listening, and watching “The monster outside my window” growing bigger like and eruption of a volcano, (even thou I live far away from that area). For a moment I went into “fear”, thinking about the change of the winds and asking me what the repercussions of this was going to bring for the municipalities on the path of the “black monster”I try to entertain myself watering the plants not to bring fear into my heart, then around 4:30 my niece called me to make me look at the horizon, and to see how the “black monster”, was coming our way. We kept on doing what we were doing, working with the plants and watering them, but could not keep our eyes off from that horrendous mass of black smoke. It felt like we were going to have pretty nasty night, trying to breeze through that soup of particulate that was going burn our respiratory system (which is something they told us in the news).
But as I kept on watching, suddenly I knew that everything was going to be ok. White clouds started to move towards the black smoke, like pushing it to the north. The winds stayed steady all day and night, with some slight changes. I could see how these clouds were there to help. They were like absorbing “the soup”. It was like a gathering of angels pushing the monster away from us. (This is what I was going to tell you “later”By night, more and bigger explosions were felt, and more worries about where the wind was going to go. Despite all of that, I went to sleep. I disconnected myself from what was happening, until this morning. When I opened the window to see how everything looked.
The black smoke was almost gone and I could see a big white cloud that was on top of it like sucking the rest of it. I stayed there watching this. After two hours passed, I could see less and less smoke. The sky looks like nothing happened, although I don’t know what has happen since last night. Now, at 15 minutes to 10:00 there are more white clouds that look like spaceships going toward the rest of the trail of smoke in the horizon.
What I feel in my heart is; that nature cares for the Earth and Us, and does not want man to pollute her with their errors. If these was an attempt to distract us from our new reality, God has send his angels on a rescue mission, that I know I will never forget, for they are there, cleaning the air.

As I see it now:
Yesterday, We waked up with a terrible example of “the end days” that at the same time will create our new world, for all of this is going to change how we are going to respond and what our responsibilities will be for our new future. There is no doubt that who ever or what ever cause this interruption in our lives and the Earth and the purpose for it, is going to be brought to light. We know that we don’t want these things to ever happen again, especially in our new future.

God is everywhere present, and will not aloud his creation to be stop. The sky is still hazy, but the light is shining through the clouds. I will keep on letting the light shine in through my window, no matter if is cloudy, hazy or dark, for I know God will enter every time the windows will be open.Ellion (a friend of mine), said to me that we should leave them open all the time, well, Yes! He is right.

Part 2
I have to say that things still look pretty bad, and they are trying to make it look worst, but I see two forces in a battle field.
Now they are saying that they will have to move 40,000 people to underground facilities? UMM! This does not sound good to me. Why don’t they move them to the far side of the island or to their family’s home? Why is it that they have to do it that way? Something does not look pretty good here.
Assistance from the US is here to see if these facilities are in conditions to use them as shelter. These are supposed to be old facilities but; what about the new ones that “supposedly” they made in that same area of Guaynabo? I can not (because I am a warrior of heart) to stop looking or feeling what is right or wrong, and this is not because I don’t accept God’s will and the way things must be done by his will, or nothing like that, it is because sometimes, are not handle in God’s way.
I think they are taking this out of proportions and making things worst than what they are, creating more anxiety to people and more chaos with something that can be work out in other way. Why don’t they let them decide where they should go? I am not saying the government should ignore people, but the government should take care of this in a less chaotic manner. I know some people don’t have ways of transportation or families to take care of them, but what about the ones that can move on their own? Why not open a highway for the ones that can move to other places? Is this a joke?
Sometimes I can feel that there is some kind of manipulation with these situations to worsen things, to create more chaos; since the populace feels that they depend absolutely on the government for their safety, they surrender to what the governments ask or say; but I know there are others that leave everything to God’s will and surrender to his mercy for assistance and pray for everything to slow down and end this nightmare.

When we unite in prayers; miracles happen! We all know that. We know that that is one of the strongest forces in our hearts (prayers), and they solidify with the strongest one, that is LOVE.

I still look through my window each day and night, and I see angels working day and night to get rid of this dark cloud, and if I am hallucinating, then where am I? Should I have to be thrown into a cell in a psychiatric clinic for treatment? I know that while all of this is taking place, many souls are praying for God’s assistance, but they are doing it in silence, not knowing that more and more people are doing the same. This is what is making the “other force” enter into the battle field.
People are calling in silence for the energy of Love to pour into this situation and bring it smoothly to and end; for government misestimate the power that humans have to change things around, united with just only a prayer.
As Mother God says: “Magical and synchronistic events are happening and will happen”, and all of them will be and will come out from Love. The road for us still hard to go through, but we will succeed if we don’t let ourselves fall into false illusions created by the ones that want to confine us in a cell without windows. We all often say “that there is light at the end of the tunnel” and this is true. We can move through the Golden Road together in a peaceful way, united to create a new foundation for our new world.

One more thing; my heart is with all the ones that need assistance in these moments around the world. They are our human family, and with prayers, we must send our love to help them clear the way for their soul’s freedom. I keep monitoring the black cloud, in case we have to move, for God have given us ways to move around. Angel Glorian would not resist this dark cloud; her lungs don’t work in full capacity. She is concerned about it, but I know we are going to make it through. This will soon be over.

My friends respond were:

“Very Beautiful... Remember fear does not exist, its just false evidence appearing Real. Yes, Lucy God is EveryWhere Present. Love Mother and Father God”
WOWW dearest Lucy,Beautiful foto's and story, but you get the best thoughts Hon...Thank you Love,Madelaine

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds! Can I just tell you how much I admire your courage and bravery! Amon Ra! Tally ho! You just showed so much strength and depth of faith by pulling yourself and your family through that "fearful" event, rooting yourself in lovelighttruth consciousness!I have gained inspiration from your tale indeed! A shining example for us all in the turbulent times to come and my heart in prayer also goes out to all who will be confronted with the darkness before the light. We have to keep the truth ever close to our hearts now beloveds, no matter what may befall, we will rise into the light of loving oneness as has been promised us all! Thank you, love you, namaste ~ may love, joy and peace be with you each moment of NOW, each and every beautiful new day.

My replies:

God knows how I wish for everything to be the way it has been promised to us, but I also know that we have to earn it.
That is the thing here, spreading fear into the populace and this makes things worst.

Part 3

Yesssss, As Father and Mother says; Love Wins!

And, We won!

Yesterday during morning hours and while writing a reply to Mother God and Madelaine, I would go and look outside the window to see how everything was going.

When I said “I see angels in the sky” working to end this event, yes they were there. I’m not the only one who saw them, because a woman who was close to that area and looking at this black cloud, in a given moment; she saw how a figure (like a human figure with wings) came from nowhere and enter into the center of the black cloud. She called a radio program (La Hora Magica- Magical Hour, which I sometimes listen to), to tell them about her experience. How about that! That really confirmed what I was seeing.

Everybody was united. Some worried and others not; some were crying, and others in joy helping others. Everything took a different turn. Cloudships started to appear in the horizon at an equal distant from each other; moving along side of the dark cloud from east to northwest. Pushing and collecting those harmful fumes. And while I was watching this every 15 minutes or half and hour, something inside me was telling me that this was going to be over very soon; and it was.

Yesssssss!; by the afternoon all the fire was off. The air, perfect and good to breeze as the collector centers to monitor the air quality reported. People can not believe this, because of the toxicity of the quemcals burning in that site.Yes, people with great consciences, a strong and wonderful heart, join their spirits to “”the spirits in the sky””, to conquer the black cloud. This is another “revelation” that we are not alone. God is closer to us than what we think. Yes God is everywhere present! There are so many people on Earth that believe in God’s strength “Love”, that thanks to them, The Big Change is going to come soon for us. I feel that good news is going to be here very soon.

My heart thanks every man and woman who gave support with great love in this moment, risking their lives for the benefit of others, and definitely I am most grateful, to the “anonymous” Angels in the Sky.
Thank you for joining me with your higher thoughts Now everything is fine thanks to everyone and specially God’s Angels

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"The Awakening" (El Despertar) de Max Igan

"En el Siglo 21, el mundo experimenta momentos difíciles. No importa como lo miremos o que actitud positiva adoptemos"....

Este video consiste de 7 partes muy interesantes que nos ayudaran a ver las cosas de otro punto de vista.
Son muchas las experiencias nuevas para todos nosotros, pues los secretos ocultos siguen siendo revelados de diversas formas.
Es mi humilde opinión, debemos ver el panorama general de todo lo que ocurre y como es expresado através de voces que llevan en su intento ser servidores de la verdad y la vida humana.
Estas voces llevan la alerta para que despertemos nuestras conciencias y podamos conquistar un nuevo futuro.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Project Camelot interviews Dr. Paul LaViolette

Dr. Paul LaViolet is a brilliant astrophysicist very well known for his research of a new theory of matter that he calls Subquantum Kinetics (based on systems theory, which he studied for his PhD thesis) and for his carefully argued hypothesis. In 1983 he points out that our galactic center emits devastating waves ( in intervals in millions or hundreds of years) which he terms as (Superwaves)
This interesting video presented by Project Camelot will bring to us a new way of looking at how these “superwaves ‘’ have had an impact on Earth in the past and our future.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Astronautas Antiguos o Aliens?

La mayoría de nosotros conocemos la teoría de Von Daniken (escritor de Chariots of the Gods), sobre la misteriosa presencia de seres extraterrestres, la cúal se encuentra en artefactos arqueológicos y en manuscriptos. Este video es revelador y aunque muchas personas conocen su contenido, no deja que nosotros continuemos haciendonos preguntas sobre estos "Antiguos Astronautas".
Pregunta: Serían los antiguos astronautas gigantes? Bueno, solamente observen todo lo que puedan con respecto a este tema y tal vez uds. mismos lleguen a una conclusion.
Es derecho de todos conocer nuestro origen, tal vez esta sea una buena razón para que el ser humano se reinvente una nueva forma de actuar.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Visitantes del espacio, Antiguos o actuales?

Este video fue hecho en el 2008
Aquí vemos un atardecer y una nube con una forma
muy peculiar. Como podemos ver tiene la misma forma
de la supuesta nave extraterrestre representada en esta
figurilla antigua.
Nave de astronautas antiguos?
Astronautra sentado al centro de la nave?
De esta misma manera, en la nube vemos como un ser aparece
al centro de la nube.
La foto no ha sido manipulada para representar un astronauta en ella. Simplemente se han
hecho ajustes para revelar su silueta.
Los interesados pueden copiar esta foto la cual se encuentra en los albumes de Google y estudiarla por uds. mismos. Puede que tengan mejor suerte en su estudio.
Ahora vea el video y compare la nube y la nave a ver si uds pueden ver la similitud.