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Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Legend of Atlantis

Atlantis is said to be just a fantasy in people minds, but we can not denied the abundant records of history that talk of a mysterious island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.
It is always good to know what happened in our history; in Earth’s History, to learn and repair all the damages we have done to our Earth. It is our planet, the place where we live now, and if we destroy it, where are we going to run?
This video, talks about a legend, but I believe; that we can learn from this legend about how they took care of the Earth, and the love they felt towards her. They were grateful and understood that they were the atoms that composed the earth. That they were all integrated as a Unit. There is no need for religion when it comes to feel and integrate ourselves into everything that exists. The notion that we are all the unique force for this creation is of great value; for this will make us go for the ultimate goal in our lives, and that is, save our Earth in any way possible. Each and everyone of us have to do our part and we have to start NOW.

La Atlantida - La Historia Oculta de la Humanidad

La Atlantida - La Historia Oculta de la Humanidad
La Atlántida por Jose Luis Espejo

Tremendo documental !

La mayoría de nosotros hemos sido siempre atraídos por la misteriosa isla perdida de la Atlántida, y eso ha hecho que sigamos buscando información y todo lo que se relacione a este fascinante tema. Son muchas las teorias y mitos que se han escrito sobre esto, sin llegar a una conclusión especifica sobre la veracidad de todo esto.Este video de 10 partes nos trae un resumen interesante, repleto de información, fotografías y lugares donde se han hecho descubrimientos que indiscutiblemente indican la existencia pasada de civilizaciones misteriosas y que fueron destruidas a raíz de conflictos of cataclismos naturales.El fondo de los oceanos es un archivo natural de misterios inmaginables a punto de ser descifrados.Este video nos acerca a la misteriosa Alántida que desapareció en el Oceano Atlántico; originado por habitantes de la Lemuria y que son los maestros de nuestras civilizaciones antiguas históricas

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The New Era of The Golden Age and Visitors from the Stars

As we continue moving into a the New Era of The Golden Age; and our lives look the same or worst because of the constant chaos we live in; our surroundings keep changing faster. Many interesting things appear almost every day in the sky as we can learn, or experience for ourselves. World events might well have relation to these mysterious apparitions by influencing the Earth and us in different ways. It is clear by now, that human behavior has change due to all of these strange objects that have increased their apparitions in our skies during the last years. There is not one country that hasn’t experienced the presence of these strange phenomena, which for some is call ‘’extraterrestrial presence”, and for others is just a mere coincidence of cloud formations, due to the changes in the earth’s weather patterns. We can not deny that for a long time now, different types of clouds, with extravagant shapes are appearing all over the planet, but most of them are the old system clouds that ever existed around the planet, but now it seems that we are having an explosion of different clouds with shapes that boggle our minds, because for many to accept that an extraterrestrial presence could be here, that would be of great impact in their lives. But we know that the majority of humanity is getting the sense and are accepting that our universe is teeming with life all over. New discoveries are placing this very clearly in our minds, but even thou discoveries continue to present evidence that life might exist in different areas of the Universe, it has not been prove that other beings are present in other planets. But as humans grow in spiritual awareness, the inside knowledge of their souls are allowing them to perceive the presence of life without them having had contact with them. But going back to these strange apparitions of (ufo clouds) in the sky; there is no doubt that they are appearing on a constant rhythm, all over the planet, and it seems that these weird clouds (as we call them), might well be the presence of extraterrestrial forces interacting with us for some reasons. As we have learned; some believe that if an extraterrestrial presence appears on Earth, that this would be with the only purpose of invading the Earth; but this is something that it’s being investigated by many, and their conclusions might well be very interesting. As we know, this fear of invading Earth exists for years now, but there is no doubt that now, the acceptance of another life interacting with us is more of a happy one than one of a thread to us. People, ‘’a great percentage of us around the world’’; are positive and genuinely connected with that truth; that advance extraterrestrial presence in our world would be of no harm. At least no more harm than the one we ourselves had made to ourselves on this Earth. My opinion is, that what many are saying about the intentions of these extraterrestrial forms of beings, is that their assistance has been plan by the “”Eternal Forces of Creation””, to bring balance into this Universe, which at this time, is entering into one of the most important events in the history of Earth, man, and the Universe itself. It has been predicted that these changes will soon occur, and 2012 seems to be the date in which these events will unfold. So if these strange apparitions in our skies are being manifesting all over the planet, then this means that something is cooking very, very fast; and every body, even beings from other dimensions are in the call for this assistance; including in this mission, all of those Earth Souls that are convince that changes have to be made to save our planet with the purpose of not harming the whole System; The Universe. Does this sound reasonable? I guess it does, because as far as we understand; we are not alone in the Universe, therefore is our duty as common creatures of this “”Divine Creation””, to do our part and understand that our place is their place too. This Universe is for all, no matter distance, or difference in planet structure; this is why we are being taught that we are “All One” and that we belong to “The All the Exists” So be friendly and kind to those from the Stars, and don’t hurt them with weapons of fear, because they have not appeared in our skies to harm the human race. They are here to cure and give assistance to our Mother Earth, and all of her inhabitants; us. They are here to let us know the truth, guide and let everyone know, that we all share the same space. Disclosure, you see; it is being made by them and we, without even us understand it this way. Governments hold on to this truth, but they don’t want to accept that we are already ahead of them. Which is their purpose for this delay? Maybe we are all going to be laughing, when we learn at last, that which they were hiding from us.

Take a look at this video to see what I mean by the change in our sky

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