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Monday, August 30, 2010

GALACTIC FREE PRESS Update - 8/29/10

This is my personal invitation to this group which has very uplifting messages. I know many of you prefer other types of messages, but it is good to know that many in the world have a mission to bring peace and love to all. This definitely is one of the many great things that are happening right now in our world.
So please you visit this link:

Poofness Update August 29,2010

Greetings and Salutations;

So, first of all, this is cleanup old business time. Anyone who has been reading my newsletters for ten+ years, knows that poof, tw, or whatever you want to call me, would never drop a date in public. By public, I mean blogs or anything anybody reads out here.The powers getting this done behind all this, fortunately know this about me or I would have never gotten this far down the rabbit hole. Loose lips, sink ships, don't you know. I was told many many years ago, it wasn't about what I knew, it was about getting you people prepared for what was going to happen. Some things don't need to be posted and I wouldn't do it. A lot of discernment is needed, not just getting information to 'get information'. Some information isn't worth having. There isn't anything you can do about it anyhow.

There was this week an immense amount of money that was returned to the hoppers. Some people think nobody can see what they're doing. Obviously, that's not true. As they say in the south, "a hard head, leads to a soft butt". So, some more of these so-called smart people had their pockets picked clean, for all their hard work....stealing. That's more money that goes into the hoppers for humanity. I know that people have been conditioned to believe that the bad guys always have the upper hand to do whatever they want. There are demonstrations going on right now to prove that is not true. Frustratingly so they are learning this.They have been defeated already and can't accept it. As the man said in a movie, 'dem dead and not even know it yet'. I did not say it last week but, the fed and the treasury are already in a melding process. It will take a while, just understand that the treasury is in charge of the monetary policy of the us. There have been many many double agents during this process. With one eye, they watch what the bad guys are doing and notate it to be acted upon when the time comes.This first link begins to officially talk about what's been going on for a few hundred years with banking and money:

This one is a little news about money that is beginning to move that had been sitting for a long time that goes to the Native Americans.

China is also on the move and a hint is given by the prime minister of China in the following link.

Wen Jiabao puts political reform on China's agenda The prime minister has revealed leadership concerns that the demands.....

For you history buffs, this is why the fed dollar is going away as history dictates for all fiat currencies.

As near as I can tell, they are ready to started moving all of this out, necessary signatures have been applied, and appropriate documentation has arrived in the correct places. We have what has been called, 'the release'. There will be no more mention of the frenchman and the lien.Somebody will come to your door with a letter that will send you to a bank and you will do your paper work.The first money that you will receive is what's called 'fines and penalties' money and you'll receive a card to use for that money, you can use it anywhere in the world but, the money must remain in a us bank. This will get the banks and you going. Sometime after you hear the announcements, theprogram money itself will be available to be opened. This money is accessible anywhere in the world. All funds are behind a trust and this eliminates your first problem immediately upon accessing. You will leave the bank with all necessary documents to do your thing anywhere in the world.

The letter will be arriving momentarily and that's the best I can tell you at this moment. They aren't trying to broadcast it so people waste their time getting angry because nobody will 'tell it' Try not to wet yourself at that moment. when the knock comes to your door. lolololololololol After you have collected yourself and accessed your f&p, take that time before you can access the program money to address those plans that are on old yellowed sheets of paper to help the world. I will later create out a website after I have spent some face time with all the people doing things and lay those links in so that you can contact them yourself.That collective power will accomplish much, quickly.

Email this email address for a consultation if you need it. 2goforth@safe-mail.netThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Love and Kisses,


SALUSA UPDATE - Mike Quinsey 30-August-2010

For some time we have been helping you ease your way into thinking along the lines of the new paradigm. Not only will that lift it onto a new level, but you will also be helping to manifest it. The success of it can already be seen around you, as people are following a new way of looking at life. The realisation that it can be much better than you are used to is creating demands for changes, which will bring you what you desire. It is course embodied in the heart of what you know as NESARA, and many of those benefits are ready to be passed on to you. You have been thrown into serious difficulties because of the financial meltdown, and although attempts have been made to overcome it the old system cannot be restored. In spite of the enormous bail out it has failed, and a new system is waiting in the wings to replace it. You will by now have heard of plans to go back to one that is based upon precious metals, and that will produce stability and enable debts to be at least reduced if not completely cancelled. You will also most likely have heard that your tax system has also operated in an unlawful and unfair manner, and that too will be addressed.

You are looking at major changes all around you once the necessary conditions have been set up. We cannot do that directly ourselves but have our many allies who are well aware of what is required of them. Once we have dealt with the problems that beset you on a day-to-day basis, a great feeling of hope will spread amongst you. It will be seen that our promises are truly intended to lift you all up, and return to you that which you have been wrongly denied. All of our actions are set to return you to a point in your evolution that you should have already reached. Those responsible for holding you back will have been removed, and faith in your leaders will have been restored. The dark Ones have reached the end of their reign, and no amount of subterfuge, covert actions or attempts to blackmail or threaten people will restore them to power. The power has always rested with you, and soon you will see your visions of a new world fulfilled. Everything has been carefully planned, and when we move into action it will be swift and very thorough.

The changes to ensure your promised future will be the fulfilment of all that has been planned, and are overseen by St. Germain and a host of heavenly Beings. It has been brought into place over millennia of time, in anticipation of the end times. It was foreseen that the low vibrations on Earth would attract the dark Ones, and what would result from it. Therefore plans were made to remove them as soon as the Light became the dominant energy, and when their power was diminishing. That time has arrived and with the levels of human consciousness increasing so quickly, there is now a higher vibration that is awakening people to the truth. St. Germain is the Founder of a world trust fund that was set up a long time ago. It will be able to support a new financial system and enable a fair distribution of wealth. St. Germain's message is that you should let Love and Light be your guide as you take your path to freedom, and know that the heavenly hosts are with you all of the time.

The Galactic Federation is well acquainted with the work of the Master's. We have followed their paths on Earth and supported them where necessary. Our work has been largely carried out without announcing who we are, but your ancient records speak of some of our visits and presence in some detail. The dark Ones may have enslaved you, but that has not prevented us from supporting the Lightworkers. We are after all your future, and permitted to help those that are awakening. The dark Ones certainly do not have it all their own way, and they never have. The testing grounds of Earth have been saturated by the blood and life force of millions of inhabitants, and negative vibrations have entered the Earth where they have remained. These energies are slowly being transmuted, and eventually will have been completely removed. Mother Earth will otherwise control her own cleansing, and we will assist. Our objective is to keep the outcome of the changes in check, so that there is a minimum amount of damage and loss of life. We cannot however prevent or interfere with changes that have to be carried out to restore the Earth.

Once we can speak directly with you as the Human Race, there will be naturally an emphasis upon the end times and what is about to happen. It is desired that as many people as possible understand the message, as there is still time for an awakening amongst those who are largely unaware of their destiny. Whatever way you look at it, a decision will be desirable as to whether you intend to take the path to Ascension. Without one, you will automatically find yourself moving into an appropriate vibration to your own. Clearly if the incoming energies have not been able to awaken a soul to their true selves, then they are not ready to make the changes required to ascend. No one can simply come for the ride, as Ascension is a process that requires you to have lifted your vibrations to a matching level. Neither is all lost if you cannot achieve it as life continues to move in cycles, and new opportunities to ascend will always be presented to you.

Acquiring wealth is perhaps the goal of many, because life is considered to be about the survival of the fittest. However, whilst it may overcome poverty or hunger, it will not necessarily feed the soul. In fact although wealth often leads to success, it can also lead to disaster when it cannot be sensibly handled. Happiness cannot be bought, and the simple pleasures of life are not necessarily fulfilling. The happiest people are those that achieve satisfaction by working for their results, and establish the framework for a balanced life. Extremely poor people do have a hard time, and it would be no consolation for them to know that as with all life plans, they would have been agreed beforehand. There is something to learn regardless of what level you live at, and in these important times they can be quite dramatic. Know that you are experiencing your last life upon Earth, as you know it now. However, it is true that it will change every quickly immediately prior to Ascension, and you will taste the promise of a wonderful life that awaits you in the future.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and see both you and Mother Earth beginning to make great headway. The end is in sight, and we will be so pleased to join you and help ensure that you ready for the great upliftment.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Poofness Update August 22

I suppose that you are going to be as happy and relaxed as these guys when you read Poofness message.
For what I can see, he is also very happy and more so; because he says that the people are the ones to be thankful for what is about to happen. So let us see what the message is…

Greetings and Salutations:

Well, here's another damn newsletter LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. Hey, I didn't want to have to do another one either but things happen on the way to the forum and I'm assured this was minor and 'we're there' anyhow. So after a hiatus of almost five years on this program and no deliveries, all the kinks and the crap has been eliminated so now everything can finish without further interruption, thank you very much. No matter what you may hear, in the media or even across all these little rumor lines, things are much more orderly than you are given to believe. Albeit, it has taken all this length of time to accomplish all that needed to be completed, there was never an 'if' that was involved. We are living in those 'interesting times' that the Chinese always talk about.

About ten years ago, when I began the writing, I kept pointing you to a time and what it would look like when the time was actually here. Those who talked to MK used to hear the same: massive confusion to the point of believing that it would never happen. From what I was watching over the last few days, there's no doubt that we have arrived at that location. Frankly, because of the predicament the world is in, it is fear that is ruling. As roosevelt said, 'there is nothing to fear but fear itself'. As the native american shamans teach, you turn your back on the 'bogey-man' and walk away. Misery loves company, so why not starve it?

It is not about this 'not happening', it's about the fact that it 'is', and it's personal. It really isn't about what anybody else is doing or thinks, it's about you. The people behind all this happening knew that you have good hearts and you would do the right thing if given the chance. So with their muscle and clout, they've removed the problems you would have encountered had they not done that. I have talked to many of you personally and know you have great things to do in this world if given the chance. With all of this comes the freedom and space to do that.

How could I describe to you the 'land of milk and honey'? It remains abstract until it is experienced. And experiencing it, is what is about to happen to you. It is so hard for you to imagine anything without somebody having an ulterior motive that involves taking something from you. Yet that is what is taking place for you now. It's about the return of your freedom, as well as, an explanation as to why they were taken from you in the first place, this is what the bad guys have always feared and why they have fought so hard to stay in power. You cannot control the educated and the self-aware. I must say, they have done a bang up job trying. Even still, with all that has been done for the last hundred and some odd years, 'something' remained burning within you demanding freedom. The more enlightened know that and are ready for this radical shift from the past.

There's a lot out here to be 'mad about' and you can spend the rest of your days being angry but, then if you hold anger, there's no room for joy. What a pickle. So you have more decisions to make. Are you going to spend the rest of your days seeking revenge or are you just going to walk away and enjoy yourself? Remember what they sow they will reap and you don't have to do a thing. It's karma, baby, whatever comes around, goes around. There's a difference between a circle and a spiral. We are spiraling up and that's why many will be left behind. That is also the power behind the statement by the master: 'love your neighbor as yourself'....unless you hate yourself.

There isn't much I can say at this point because the end is here. You will receive your gifts and then you have a lot of thinking to do. How will you proceed into your future when you have no more blocks to stop you? The reality of true freedom and not the stuff the government talks about, will be your challenge and your joy. There is no reason to hurry, methodically take care of your business and, then sit down and ponder what your next moves will be. I have fulfilled my promise. I got you to the river. Peace be, to one and all. Give yourself a pat on the have accomplished more than you know. Now you will step into that brave new world..'charter members of the new frontier'.

Consultations for those who need them available by emailing this address account
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
while I'm still here. Somebody will reach you.

Love and Kisses,


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Incredible Inteligent Clouds!!!

Wow ! This is fantastic. Yesterday during the afternoon the sky was incredibly different. As I was watching through the window, everything seemed static, like nothing was moving. Then I observed how a big almost dark cloud was apparently not moving, so I took the camera and film it to see if indeed it was not moving. So here it is, and watch it to see how it behaves; Very interesting indeed!.

Friday, August 20, 2010

And What I am Thinking?

And What I am Thinking?

Alone in my room in silence; my thoughts and visions of this world, your world… is one that I can not still understand. Inspirations come and go, and as I try to see my different realities, I can not take away my eyes from my people, “mi gente” as we call our brothers and sisters in my island. This is done because we are “all” like a big family, with good sentiments and feelings towards the others, but in this mixture of minds and hearts, of “mi gente”, from the ones who want and look for happiness, love and security from a god that is benevolent, to the contrast of those who have not the slightest idea that a god like this could exist, there is the common need to experience this life in the best way we can or are able to do.
Those in the best “we can side” are humble and surrender to our Heavenly Father’s will, for they know that there is where the truth exists, even thou it can not be read or view as we see the news in a daily paper. They see and sense this heaven news in their hearts with faith, perceiving what can not be seen and accepting that everything will be fine through their lives, not matter what. They go through their lives attach to that unseen presence because they know that their lives can not be harm and separated from our Heavenly Father’s love. They know that our Heavenly Father is there all the time, watching and nurturing our souls, even thou we know that we live in a different reality than our Creator God.
Since childhood we learn that our Heavenly Father is in the sky, but we never asked questions or think about it, we just know that our Mighty Father is higher and lives or is in the sky. This is what we are taught from childhood, through our mothers and people who love us, and it is accepted by all of us; because we know deep in our heart’s silence, that there is a powerful force besides us, that cares for us and cares for our dear Earth; and this Universe. Nothing moves if it is not by our Father’s Will.
We feel and sense this presence and even talk with “It” all the time. We ask questions about ourselves and try to understand why the world has been engulfed in so much chaos, wars and crime, since the day we understood that we were here on this Earth. We pray every day for all of this to have and end. We pray for humanity to be healed, united and are set free from that which we see and sense as punishment.
We also believe or sense that we have no involvement in those wars or crimes, even thou it has been signaled on to us by our lifestyles. But sometimes, the more we pray and the more we think for all this chaos to stop, we also think that this is not going to happen. Doubts enter our hearts as a “human condition”, because we set our eyes in those things that get control our minds and consciences; to let us have a false proof of the contrary; that things “can change”. That is because besides our connection with that unseen presence in our hearts; we have surrendered to “mans seen powers” which we don’t pretend to see.
We have trusted a group of men in power through the agese in our lives, to convince us, that we need another power to keep us alive, going on and safe from evil. We have surrendered to those men’s lies, hypocrisy and controlling mode; entertaining us and keeping for moments our eyes and hearts away from the real truth in our lives and from ourselves. In those moments, it seems that we have joined those whom have not the slightest idea that a benevolent God could exist.
We rage in confusion and sometimes fall for seconds, long moments or even years; denying assistance from heaven. Rejecting the unseen mighty power of God’s true love, until the storm passes away and we get together our act and again try to balance those feelings, emotions and anger that seduced our ability to see beyond our capabilities to live a life full of love and peace; accepting that we have been pulled out and blinded from our path by those controlling lies and suffering scenario and by the suffering of the ones in the NO god zone,… which we know are the ones who are suffering the most because they are lost in the world, confused and letting their souls be destroy by the command of those who lie and who wants to control this person’s soul. These are victims who keep themselves blind for not knowing and for not trying to see far beyond that, which is a false reality.
As I swim against the current with my thoughts and try to understand those fabricated lies, I can see how some are still being taken down through that current, and how they are still being made believe in a false reality around them. It is very confusing at times, that us by being here on earth, can not accept other realities, and that these other realities can not exist in other different dimensions; let us say “the Dimension of Love” where the unseen force works for the well being of humanity. This might well be; because we have not have the chance to experience being in another dimension in which our reality could take a positive turn, to prove that this is so. But there is a group of people in this world that have had the opportunity to enter these dimensions, and this has happened to them for a good reason or for a purpose under heaven, maybe to let humanity know that there is more in the unseen world than what we can perceived.
Maybe its purpose has been to bring proof of those other realities to humanity and to help us open our consciousness to understand that love really is the bond between the all. Maybe this has happened, because we are closer to that time of ascension; and this time supposedly it is going to be different for the human race, since humanity is awakening to other realities and possibilities and specially to the love current that is flowing with ease at this time. I understand that this time we have been given a different chance to ascend; but still we have to learn and accept the unseen realities and grow in conscience to enter in the right path.
We have accepted that here on earth we are the “gods but also the devils” together in this plane to release our souls for the promised time. We have to accept that there is more in our existence than what we have been driven to believe. To see ourselves is to understand that a powerful force has created us and this universe, and to see ourselves and understand this, inevitably will give us the clues to accept life beyond ours and love as the uniting force. Emptiness does not exist in between.
As I write my thoughts in this tranquil morning and solitude, I can see myself flying around the Earth and the feeling I get from this, makes me feel that we have capabilities beyond the ones we believe we have, but I as I said before, we have been debilitated and limited by chaos and lies. We have been blinded by corruption, believing that that is the right path. I will go against this, as long as I live on this Earth. My soul was born to be free, but my body to be in a prison, which sometimes this does not make sense. My heart won’t give up and I will reject that false reality, because I know that there is “more good” under heaven than evil, but we have been shown the contrary; and evil will soon vanish to give path to our new lives. Evil will morph to something different; maybe more tolerant or maybe, less aggressive or who knows it will disappear forever.
As we forgive ourselves and others; and understand others position is this world and life, we will start to change our future. We will be swimming against the current “together” until we reach our destiny. Love, peace and harmony will be the call. Love peace and harmony will be forever in our lives. Evil will do no harm anymore, for evil will have a new path to guide its force, and to have the opportunity to be mild in a new start.
As I finish writing this, I say “I don’t know what I have written, while looking at the sun moving through my floor’s room”. All I feel is, that our hearts have a need to speak for the truth, to let others know that we are God’s creation, and as so, we have been given the right to go through our path and experiences, to get to the other side; and that no man or entity that is not of good, has not the right to destroy others peoples lives. I do not criticize the ones on the good side or the ones on the evil side, because I know that both sides have been given the opportunity to grow together and enter the path of Love.
When are we going to learn?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

God can see far beyond than what our eyes can see…

There is no doubt that we are being inspired by those things that are bringing us to find peace, and when synchronistic things happened around you, you start to think about those things that we should change to bring that peace into our world and family (including all of our brothers and sisters of this planet). I was inspired by something that was written, also inspired by 2 Corinthian 4:18; but after I wrote it, I wanted to know exactly what was the meaning of 2 Corinthian 4:18 and look for it in the bible and many translations were perceived by it, which gave me a sense that this verse it is very confusing to translate, but the message can be understood very well in our hearts. I guess it is true, that what can not be seen by our eyes is the real truth of what should be seen.
You are welcome to write your opinion or you own message.

God can see far beyond than what our eyes can see…

True success does not depend in those things that can be seen, but in those things that God has said; things that can not be seen.

Many synchronistic things are happening to us at this moment. These last years of our lives have been like a torture movie, where the only thing we can see is how people are abuse and beaten until they give up or die in the hands of their abuser; inhibiting that person to his choice of life and or to grow to have a chance to know the truth of who he really is.

These past days for many have been of too many non understandable situations like; health discomforts, sadness, anger, disputes between family or friends, remembrances of the past, anguish, desperation, rejection to that which is no longer accepted, like wars or crime, and for many or the majority that lack of abundance and many other things that if we are not balance and accept that everything that is wrong in our lives today is just, let us say; the last alleys full with more experiences to finally cross to get to the other side; then this will help a lot into getting there.

As we pass through these alleys to another trail of experiences, we start to ask questions “what or why is it that I am going through so many uncomfortable things if the only thing I want in my life is peace and love to share with my family or the rest of the world, because I know when I feel like this, everything else comes easy, my needs are met and everything is fine, but why me, why so much unhappiness?” But is it my choice to experience all of this? Is this natural and part of my learning process? Who said that? Why do I have to suffer to get to the other side?
Don’t worry, you will get there! Even without you noticing it; you will understand that not only the Earth shakes her head.

But this feeling is not exclusive of one person or two; these feelings are being experienced by all of us, who now seem to be confronting those realities that we rejected to see; those realities that were hidden in a false scenario, which now we know are the real ones, because those that can not be seen are eternal and not transient. Those truths rejected by us, have always been there, but life took a turn and made you feel comfortable doing exactly what others wanted you to do; those controlling your life without you knowing; almost rob your right to know the truth of who you are, because they set that stage so beautifully for you, that you did not or could not see what was right there behind that curtain.

Humanity is not that humanity of the past. Humanity has gained control of an awareness given by humanity itself. Humanity has helped itself to awaken in these moments of chaos. Humanity is not giving up hope to change its future. Humanity wants to have success in bringing those things that were hidden from humanity which now we know are the real deal, because now we “can see and feel” that these things are the truth and are eternal, avd have always been in our hearts waiting for us to accept them.

Those energies flowing around us, have been affecting our emotions in many ways. Anger one moment and happiness following that anger; making you feel like you are bipolar or something like that, but this is not the case, to feel like you are becoming insane; this is just the transition moment of humanity to find itself, and you have degusted the taste of that which makes you feel free from those tensed emotions and controls in your life. Those happy moments in between, are showing you and us, what "love really is" when it hits you in the center of your heart with a smile. Those are the moments we all cherish and want to keep "sipping forever" into our hearts. "
Remember, not only the Earth shakes her head.

Some already have crossed those dark alleys in their way to the light, but those who still can’t find that window to see what was rejected to see, are still struggling in a life with no meaning and emptiness until they also awaken to the truth and accept that which its real and eternal.

2 Corinthian 4:18 “Because we do not look into what can be seen, but in that which can not be seen, due to those things which are seen figuratively transient, but those that can not be seen are eternal.”

Dios ve más allá de lo que nuestros ojos ven.
El verdadero éxito no depende de las cosas que se ven si no de lo que Dios ha dicho.
“Porque no nos fijamos en lo que se ve, si no en lo que no se ve, ya que las cosas que se ven son pasajeras, pero las que no se ven son eternas”

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

SaLuSa Update 11-August-2010

Knowing that thousands of people follows Mike’s Quinsey ( Salusa’s posts); that is why I bring his last post which I know it will uplift many of you. We know deep inside of us, that a new life and future is waiting for us. We have asked heaven for a better life and a better world; and it is working. The call has been heard. Our faith and commitment towards peace and willingness of waking up our consciousness has been the recipe for this great future that is one step more in front of us.
Some still deny our capabilities as humans to have the power or will to create a new dark free scenario in our lives or a new time line in a different zone in time and space. Think of those possibilities that are not far away from our hands.
Salusa’s post definitely will give you an inspiration to go for it, after so many stumps and steps back during these past years; soon we will see the light. I have been having faith that everything will be for the good of humankind and that after all our ups and downs and hard experiences we will have accomplish our mission. Heaven’s promise to us will be granted. I say this constantly, because it has sense, that after learning for so long and to have try to understand human behavior; I accept that this has been for a great purpose of learning to know ourselves to conquer the truth of who we are and to open our consciousness to a “grand future” that will be changed by us. Is not this ascension in a way?
Once we erase those dark spots in our lives, and peace and love reins in our world, many things will follow. Healthy environments and healthy people will be capable of doing in one year, more than what has been done in hundreds or thousands of years. That vision in our hearts to fly high away into the cosmos, probably will be the most challenging experience we will ever have, and can be accomplish also, for nothing under heaven is impossible when we feel free to create.
So open your hearts and don’t take you sight from that window in time. Remember life is not a fantasy, but part of this creation.

Salusa Uptdate Agust 11, 2010

More of you are opening up your psychic centers, and you are beginning to sense or experience futuristic events. This is quite normal as you rise up in consciousness, and you may glimpse well into the future beyond the immediate period leading to Ascension. This happens for the same reason that time travel is possible, because everything exists in the Now.

Whilst it serves as confirmation of what you have been given, it can also be confusing as you cannot necessarily put it into a time frame. As time passes these experiences will increase in frequency, along with the development of extra sensory perception and telepathic abilities. It is all part of your return to a higher dimensional Being, and for this reason you will handle these developments without any difficulty.

Have you not been told on numerous occasions, that you are a far greater Being than you believe? You have been unaware of it simply because eons of time ago you have dropped into the lower dimensions, where your full powers have been unable to manifest. Also, there was a time when your DNA was interfered with, so that you were reduced to virtually a sub-human Being.

You have climbed your way back to present levels, and will soon take a quantum leap forward allowing you to re-claim lost abilities. It will be crowned by your total transformation into Galactic Beings, and it is not that far away. Subconsciously you know this to be true, and it will not seem strange at all to eventually become a Being with superconsciousness.

It is the uniqueness of Ascension that is providing you with the opportunity to rise up so rapidly. It will be some time before another occasion of such importance to you comes up. Hence there are Lightworkers both on and off Earth who are here to enable every soul the chance to ascend. Knowledge will open doors for you, but progress is linked to the development of your consciousness. It is through an appreciation that you are all One, and being able to treat every other soul as you would be treated yourself.

You do not need to belong to any group as such, although humans do like to gather together where they have an affinity with each other. All that you need to do comes from within, and is often quite simple and need not be complicated. Love everyone as yourself, and if you can meet that challenge you will have planted your feet firmly on the path to Ascension. It will be a one that means you will have to change your ways from years of being part of the old mindset. It is breaking out of the mould that your parents and peers have placed you in, and becoming the new you.

Your tasks are made easier by the continual help you get, which is largely unseen. The Lightworkers carry out their important work on Earth, and it helps open your awareness to other possibilities. Once you announce your intent to take the path to Ascension, you will find that your experiences will direct you to people and information that will lead you in the right direction.

We would add that if you attracted to messages such as ours, then you are undoubtedly already on the path to freedom and greater awareness. Furthermore you are assured of reaching your goal to ascend, and will have already lifted your level of consciousness.

In the long term life is about raising your consciousness levels, and each life you have is planned with that in mind. Knowing this may enable you to find the answers to many challenges you have had to face up to and wondered why. Most will relate to your earlier lives, where opportunities may have been missed and return to give you another chance to succeed.

When you look back at your experiences in this lifetime you may see that what was considered unwelcome, as an event that caused you to change something in your life. That may have proved to be a turning point for your wellbeing, and it is often how you are moved onto your correct path. We say that in the context of someone who has strayed off the path they chose before incarnating. There is so much more attention paid to each individuals life plan than perhaps you realize, and those charged with keeping you to it accompany you through your life. We are referring to your Guides, and any higher Being whose presence you might have invoked.

There will always be people who will deny there are Spirit Beings with them, but they will be there regardless of what they believe. What they will not do is interfere with your freewill, and will not impose their will upon you. If for example you have planned to see out your life to old age, they will prevent you where possible from accidentally shortening your life.

For example, instead of dying in an accident your life will be saved, and sometimes the circumstances of your survival are looked upon as miraculous. Your Angelic Keepers can do what you would see as near impossible, and many lives have been saved by them. They are not bound by linear time, and can go backwards or forwards in it to alter your experience.

Your lives are far from what you may call ordinary or simple, because it does not matter whether it is meant to be action packed or not, you all have key moments that are very important to you. We know you can recount many “coincidences” that have brought two people together, who were meant to meet because it was part of their life plan. Now the attention given you is more constant, as anyone who is awakening needs every help to keep rising up.

Have faith whatever your circumstances, and know that nothing you are experiencing now will last too long. A wonderful future awaits you, and we of the Galactic Federation are just part of a great assembly of Beings here to ensure your success. Once we can get started in an open manner, you will soon see that pressing matters will be sorted out quite quickly. There is so much to do to put right the wrongs that have taken place over a very long period.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and it warms our hearts to see the continuing response to the Light spreading around the Earth. Consciousness levels are continually rising and nothing will stop them reaching even higher levels. This is wonderful in view of the pressures you are experiencing all around you. Yet you are sticking to your task, to keep your focus on the positive changes that are to come out of the present chaos. Time speeds on as ever, and our presence becomes more apparent as we back you up in your work for the Light. Call upon us if you are in need of help.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.

Monday, August 9, 2010

New Dr. Steven Greer Very Important Video

New Dr. Steven Greer Very Important Video

Top-secret military, government, intelligence and corporate witnesses to secret projects tell their true stories which disclose the greatest covert program in world history. This explosive testimony by actual government insiders proves that UFOs are real, that some are of extraterrestrial origin and that super-secret programs have energy and propulsion technologies that will enable humanity to begin a new civilization- A civilization without pollution, without poverty - A civilization capable of traveling among the stars.

Alto rango militar, gobierno, inteligencia y testigos corporativos a proyectos secretos dicen sus historias verdaderas; las cuales revelan el más grande programa de encubrimiento en la historia del mundo. Este testimonio explosivo por personas “con acceso a información confidencial” prueba que los UFO’S son reales, que algunos son de origen extraterrestre y que programas super-secretos tienen tecnologías de propulsión y energía que van a posibilitar a la humanidad de una nueva civilización; una civilización sin contaminación, sin pobreza, una civilización capaz de viajar entre las estrellas.

SaLuSa: Old Beliefs are Surfacing for Clearing

While reading Salusa’s message to us, I realized that it is true that all of us are going through tough times knowing ourselves and understanding how difficult has been to get rid of those unwanted negative energies that have affected our lives for so long. In one way, these difficulties have been the catalyst for us to understand that we have other choices in life away from those dark energies that have surrounded our lives inevitably most of our life’s path and that now are coming to an end once we wake up to a new reality. Still many not wanting to accept this new reality, inevitably will keep struggling until they realized that there only exists one more step close to the door to enter into their path to freedom from their old patterns of living in a confused life, to a new bountiful beautiful life which all of those who have kept on the path of ascension will inevitably be enjoying in the near future.
While looking at the Earth changes, no one can deny that Mother Earth is indeed recovering to bring back again paradise on Earth. We are not blind on that. We know what is going on. Gently she is washing away many areas and many souls to bring them into a new start that will lead them to new ways and understandings of who they really are in this magnificent creation. We have been given the right to ascend the top of the highest mountain and shout out loud “Now I know who I am, now I know what my purpose has been for my existence here on Earth!”; for this eventually was going to be understood by those who never surrender in their lives, to a dark and empty life .

Also read Steve Beckow post:


These are times when you are dealing with personal battles within. Old beliefs and knowledge that do not carry the new higher vibrations are surfacing for clearing, but sometimes it is hard to let go. You are entering a period of intense changes and the old is breaking down, and the new energies bring truth and all that you require to forge ahead on the pathway to the Golden Age. It will be quite a revelation as you realize the immensity of the changes to self, as your old mindset is easily replaced by all that is pure and wholesome. Indeed, as you progress it becomes easier to move further along the path of Ascension. Making those first positive moves are the hardest, as you will be reluctant to leave your old established ways behind. Sometimes it involves family and friends, and the new you seems somewhat strange to them. You may even experience opposition or direct rejection, as your psyche changes. We would say that it is important to stay your path and not be held back by emotional re-actions. All souls at this time have to decide whether they are going to take the opportunity to ascend, and those that do not are bound to proceed on a different path.

Most likely when the changes commence, a lot of interest will be generated by them. For those souls that are still awakening it may just be the nudge that lifts them up, and gives them the impetus to open up to the truth. We know that the most reluctant souls will be those who have placed their complete faith in religious orders. They will find it difficult to accept that they could have erred in their understanding, or have even been deliberately mislead. For some the challenge will be too much, and they will prefer to hold onto their existing beliefs. That is of course accepted as a show of their freewill choice, and it will be honored. Since you are infinite souls and in reality there is no such thing as time because it is all in the Now, you can spend as much time as you desire at any one level. So Dear Ones do not be too concerned if those souls close to you appear to be content where they stand at present. Certainly if their lessons have not yet been completed, they will want to do so before they move on.

A soul can at anytime ascend if they are ready, but as you know by now the end of this Solar Cycle allows for everyone to ascend. It is a special time when great effort is made by Beings all through the higher dimensions, to get you prepared for it. Say the word and your guides are with you in an instant, and the Angels will oversee your progress. For your part acknowledge their presence and ask for guidance, as without your approval it will be looked upon as interference. That may sound harsh but nothing is allowed to be imposed upon you by others. You may feel that many of your experiences are uncalled for, but we assure you that they are all connected with your life plan. Have you not been made aware that there is no such thing as coincidence, and that is the reason why they are so important to you? Naturally some coincidences appear of no real significance, and may be of minor importance. However, where you experience the harsh reality of life, it is for your spiritual understanding and development.

The difference from where you are now in the present dimension and the higher ones is most substantial, and there you will be living a completely different type of life. Gone will be the drudgery and drag of life as you know it, and if you have any concept of what paradise is like you may have just an impression of what it is like. To live it is almost too difficult to put into words, but you could say it is heavenly, idyllic and enfolds you in its beautiful vibration of Light. How often do you feel tired in your physical body, or suffer pain and disability, well let us say that all of it will be put behind you when you rise up. Such conditions will never be repeated again, as none of the physical problems can relate to your Light body. Its vibrations are so high that nothing can manifest except it is in its perfect expression. When times get hard remind yourself of how short lived they will be, and how in next to no time they will become just distant memories.

The cleansing of Earth moves on and inevitably there will be the passing of many souls as a result. They will be received in the higher dimensions with great love and understanding, and for their part it is something of a release from what is often a very poor standard of living. For those that remain in areas where the worst effects are felt, it is a cry to Humanity to find out whether they can find love and compassion for their own kind. Can you ignore their plight, or are you able to see in others yourself. It is not unusual that in the end times a civilization is tested to see how far they have traveled their spiritual paths. We see a great change for the better than even the early years following the Millennium, when your consciousness levels had already risen up. You are in times when you must reach for your own destiny and allow others to do the same. There are many different paths to the future that have opened up, which is why not everyone's reality is identical.

In some ways you are in a most peculiar time, as you are looking to release yourself from old ties yet they travel along beside you. The cauldron of life bubbles over, and it is a rare mixture of possibilities. However, live your own path and concentrate on what you have envisaged will take you onto Ascension. As you do so the dark energies will be unable to affect you, and a successful conclusion to this life will be assured. There will be more and more distractions, and they are but the final attempts of the dark forces to confuse you. By now you should have learnt how to deal with them, so do not let them concern you or take your focus off your own goal. They are often accompanied by the energies of fear, which is a deliberate ploy to attract your attention. We are most pleased to find that as people wake up to the truth, they are less inclined to fall for the lies and contrived events, that denigrate those who are of the Light and lead people out of duality.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and can tell you that the Galactic Federation is bristling with excitement, as matters on Earth are reaching a conclusion. The bubble is about burst, and we are urging allies to seize the opportunity to bring an end to the control of the dark Ones. It will be done without bloodshed and in the most positive manner with a loving intent.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.

Poofness Events Aug. 8, 2010 Must Read!

Poofness Events Aug. 8, 2010
Greetings and Salutations,

My departure and my problems have been greatly exaggerated. I have been reccuperating from some personal challenges and I did not go to europe or to a hospital! I have been monitoring the activities as it has been winding down to its arrival at your door.
Some have reported and know that what scared the previous administration, by the chinese delegation, has happened. The fed has been foreclosed on and the constitutional treasury was put on line this past week. This is verified. I don't know when they will announce it to the people. They have their time schedule and no one is privy to that date.

From the beginning of my writings, I have made it very clear the us doesn't run the world but thinks it does. The goal behind all of this is the eradication of fiat money and to go back to a metal base currency as the world used to operate on. They who would tell you there is not enough gold in the world to do that needed to have been with the traders when they were called to hong kong a few months ago. There is plenty of metal to support the new system, coming on line. It is the beginning of that brave new world I have spoken of ad infinitum. I suppose with the weekend's activities over in the east with i's being dotted and t's being crossed, this coming week ought to be a mind blower. You will see as a result, some banks will close as they wanted no part of precious metal backed system and refused basel 3 compliancy. So don't be surprised. I say again after you access, sit down and wait for the dust to settle. You are accessing into a trust so your money is safe. Now, to expand beyond that and go into investments or further structuring, you need to take your time and think.

I want you to understand the master trust behind getting this money into your hands is 7,000 years old. The same people sit above the b.i.s. (bank for international settlements) This is the reason why no one can steal anybody's money and it would be known or seen. Others have tried and paid the consequences. When it is time, it is time and, not one moment sooner. Some of these people have found out they are now relatively broke or will be finding out shortly. This is for humanity. Get that through your head. This is not about what the illuminati wanted or hoped to achieve. It will take a minute to adjust your senses to a new world for the past is truly gone and a new world has been birthed. It is so much easier to accept the anguish of living with its fear and chaos and control that, I know ,it will take a moment to adjust to real freedom. And, after all, isn't this what it is all about anyhow? Achieving freedom has never been about how much blood has been shed. You need a check-up from the neck up! Go sit on top of a mountain if you have to and think upon things.

World poverty is being eliminated. In the republic of china, many from the us are over there teaching people who have been struggling, new life skills, whether it be new techniques for farming, establishing water sources, or free energy this is called the "urbanization of those who have been living on the outside." They also are a part of the whole of the money transfer to the poor and down-trodden. So as they receive their gifts, they will know what to do with them and how to help their families and "pay it forward," to continue all of this. Russia, who takes care of all of her neighbors, is doing the same. Re-education is global. The people with old-fashioned skills will be the new leaders.

Make no mistake, the times before us are both challenging and rewarding. All will not happen overnight. You must burn the fields of the weeds before the green grass grows. But grow it will. There is plenty of fertilizer. We have our work cut out for us. But let me say instead of a four-letter word, "work", this will be joy in service. No one will make you do anything. If you don't choose to be a part of it all, you will find yourself left behind. We have lived the "1984" scenario for many years. Now, big-brother is getting kicked to the curb. You will discover what true freedom is. Are you ready?

Consultations available upon request from the office. Donations needed and accepted at, account
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Love and kisses,
Poofness and friends

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Anxious? Do Not Be, We Are Getting There!

Anxious? Do not be!
What is the meaning of this word? “Being worried or afraid, especially about something that is going to happen or might happen”
There are more meanings to this word, but for now this one is the most significant there is, to accommodate how humanity may be feeling in these moments of uncertainties? First I marked uncertainties with a question mark, because it is important to know that these uncertainties are the product of an unbalance mentality and miss-unified consciousness and also of created fears.
Every night we go to sleep not knowing what tomorrow may bring. This usually comes as the result of a world supposedly in chaos, in which 2 plus 2 does not sometimes match the equivalent of these two numbers, and this is for obvious reasons.
We have been placed in the most significant times in our history on this earth, as human beings with tremendous opportunities to change our consciences to welcome the new era of golden dreams, being refer to this era as The Golden Age.
And here comes the “but” word! But; since some believe that all of this is nonsense; “our capability to accept another reality”, these golden dreams are getting to difficult to manifest. Is it not? ...
Well, as mysterious as it may seem, we can change things. We all know that. We can manifest a new reality by creating our golden dreams when we channel our energies into one direction as one. It is like placing that energy to flow from out of an electric plug, to bring light into a dark room; in where tiny wires of copper are placed together in a thin rubber tube, to work together as the bridge to transport that energy into that dark room.
Imagine that our earth is that dark room. We are those tiny copper wires united to manifest that change and bring the light into that dark room (earth). As we progress in time and creation keeps its pace of manifestation, sending healing waves towards us; we also keep the pace in relation to the universe without us not even knowing that this is taking place. A wave or a sound’s eco won’t stop its course if it is not being stop by a mountain; breaking that eco or wave and inhibiting that eco-wave to continue its path. A un- awaken conscience in this case, would be like that mountain, stopping the flow of that energy.
Now this time and place in our history is unique and absolutely one of a kind in the universe. A spiraling wave of energy is being projected from the center of the galaxy and is generating strong vibrations that actually are influencing our behavior and our patterns of negativity, bringing positive energies morphing humanity into a one big generator of divine love, unifying our consciences. But on some, probably is working in a different way. Think of that one.
I have always considered this to be true, because I remember a story and I keep bringing that story to all of you over and over again, because once I believed a woman, who kindly let people know about a message given to her by God. I do not remember her name but she is from Puerto Rico in the Caribbean.
This is what I heard from her: “that three spiral waves were going to hit the earth, and that we were supposed to get ready as these waves were going to be very strong, hitting the earth at a certain moment in the future, and that this message was given to her by God to tell humanity to prepare for this three strong spirals of energy that were to bring great changes in humanity.” Well her story starts by saying that God came to her and he showed her a picture with three spirals in it and that God as her what was she seeing in the picture, and she answer, “three springs” like those in a mattress; but God told her that those were spiral waves of energy.
When I heard this I ask “Three waves”? I could not listen to more because she was basically cut from air, since this was a radio transmission.
And now, it has been about two years since I heard this message and many things have happened, that are changing the course of our days.

But something else has happen since then…
Ok let us see this for a moment.

Nostradamus graphics are very suggestive, that is why some ideas about these symbols and its significance come to my attention. This unusual way to leave a message for humanity is unique and maybe it was meant for the future, but specifically now.
In 2008 I tried to bring this into attention by making a post which I called “let us play a little game” in which I presented several photos with messages drawn by Nostradamus if I am not wrong or maybe his son.
As I presented each drawn message, I asked questions about what this or that might be and the meaning that it could be represented here. Of course I had an idea but I was not sure of what I was doing in that moment and game, and how close I could have been then about what is taking place right now for humanity.
In that moment my questions were based on maybe fantasy but I guess I was close to something. These were my questions based on my view of what was presented in those

Nostradamus drawings.
And here is the questions game…

Where do you see a mother ship? Well you are going to say, Uh!?
Where do you see the second mother ship, over the Nostradamus head upside down? Where do you see three flying disks; On the side of the desk? What are they? Three times to occur? Maybe today’s ufo’s? Events in mans history, in this civilization? Where do you see like a book or an agenda? Will this be related to the dark governments? An agreement? Where do you see three constellations or stars, or are these numbers? Which are they? Are they of importance and related to humanity and our planet? Where do you see a fountain? Do this means abundance? Will this be a symbol of restoration or cleansing of the earth by water? Noah’s epoch, or an epoch to come? Where do you see a flower? A lotus flower or the center of the universe? Energy flowing from the center of the Universe? What is the significance? Abundance? A new life? Restoration?
Where do you see this number 3 repeated? Three documents, three books? Does number 3’s are of importance in prophecies for this civilization or era? Will they represent 3 events to be manifested in any given time?
Have these events already being manifested or is just only “one” that is still waiting to be manifested or is it already being manifested? Now see why.

The Lost Book of Nostradamus says:

100- For a long period of time a grey bird will be seeing in the sky, close to Dole and Tuscany lands. He carries a branch with three flowers in his beak, but dies soon and war comes to its end.

Again number 3 here is represented by three wheat spears; three periods of time? But wait! Here one of the wheat flowers is missing. Does this means a period still to be completed where the chaff will be separated from the wheat? Does this already happened two times before and one is left to happen? And what about that bird, and the three flowers; Nibiru, and its companions? Or, three bursts of divine energy?
Once more number three is represented by the Sun, the Moon and an 8 spear star? What is the meaning of this? And again, this number three is represented by a spade being directed towards what it looks like a serpent or reptile or the corrupted conscious of the human race? Does the spade means a conjunction of planets creating bursts of energy affecting our reality creating a new conscience?

Again, this one is one to think about.

Well this one looks like a religious figure by what he is wearing on his head, and is trying to fight the dark or a dragon; but apparently that religious figure has two identities also?. Is that a false character? What is this entity that has head and torso of a man with dragon or reptilian legs? Is this a hybrid creature with reptilian personality?
I guess there is more on that one than I can perceive.
Defeating evil, or the corrupted mind, antichrist or satan? Or does it represent war in the sky or war between spaceships or clouds; or a spiritual war between whom? (Forgive me that this one does not match but the mind has mysterious ways of thinking)

And what is the meaning of this one? VICTORY?

By whom?
Announcing Victory? Or the 3rd event which is announced by an angel? Can you see how the angel is touching the cross and maybe the earth (which is a sphere at the center of those two keys, which maybe signify those two other events that already happened? See how the keys have the same three points and a center in the handle of each key? Will the center here be the earth and those three points together the completed round of events in the past?
I see so many things here that I can not put them together but I will try. Announcing Victory, by whom? Can you see that number 3 again? See those two keys and a sphere in the upper center with a cross in its superior part? Is this the earth or the last earth at the end times; or the 3rd event which is announced by an angel? Leaving 3rd dimension?
Can you see how the angel is touching the cross and maybe the earth (which is a sphere at the center of those two keys, which maybe signify those two other events that already happened? See how the keys have the same three points and at center in the handle of each key? Will the center here on these keys be the earth and those three points together the completed round of events that already pass?
I see so many things here that I can not put them together but I will try.
I see here that no darkness exists. The Sun shines at the left, from my point of view, but it can be the contrary. But for me also could represent the left brain which supposedly is the dark side of our brain; and once these two sides of the brain unite then consciousness will be totally awakened.
Those three crosses are at the right of the sun, all appear to be the same, which for me means (all three stages completed) the time of a new era?.
Well the entity in the center (that double character that was at the beginning) or man holding those secrets in both hands, can not be seeing with his reptile legs anymore. What is the meaning of this? A new human changed with the victory in his hands?
Also notice how the sphere or earth raises above those two keys. Ascended earth?
I wonder on that! Does this means that man has changed and good finally defeated evil? I see an angel bringing good news, touching the earth with his trumpet? Announcing that we already have completed those three stages of depuration and the divine promised (God’s Divine Plan) has been granted to us?

If we look carefully maybe we could add more to this drawn messages, and probably Notradamus drawn messages might be revealed by just playing a game, but as I see, so much is revealed here that resonates with these end times we are in today.
The good part of all this is that I can see that man finally will be released from those depuration stages leaving darkness behind; with. a golden era in his hands.
What does this means? That we never gave up. That we even thou much was thrown at us during those eons of time, mans quest for the truth finally gave its fruits.
Oh how I wish this to be read and known by many. This game has truth in it, but it still one piece of the game to put in place. There’s got to be someone with the whole truth in its hand. Could it be all of us together as one?

Will all of those messages mean the end of an era where man will recover his consciousness and wake up from a long dark dream that has taken him to hate, wars and destruction?
Overall; Rebirth of humanity after going through hard times to understand our purpose here on earth and learn who we are and be ready for Ascension?
Well now after relating to you my little game of questions about Nostradamus drawn messages; do you remember what that woman said about the “three spiral waves” that would bring great changes to humanity?
I know that there is great scenery of things being shown to us to make us understand that something huge is heading our way, with a purpose for us to be ready for that moment; and the best part of all of this is,… that is going to be wonderful once we wake up from the dream.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Steve Beckow “Galactic Warrior of the Light”

Steve Beckow is definitely a great “Galactic Warrior of the Light”

Just took him only 8 seconds of his life to be taken through time. Those 8 seconds of journey were a wake up call for him, in which he understood that “Enlightenment is the purpose of life.” This understanding summarized his life and experience in a blink of an eye.

Many of us already have experienced something similar to Steve Beckow, but not every one has understood the meaning of these seconds’ journeys through time. Everything has been dismissed as a dream, and illusion, or a simple thought, but with time those who experienced this, will eventually be confronted with the truth as they find themselves behaving in a different ways; sometimes believing themselves as being nuts or hypnotized by the new age moment into a new way of thinking which sometimes is not understood at all, and for what purpose.

Their tendency to learn about one self starts to confirm that such experience was not and illusion, but rather is, the connection between dimensions shown in that moment, to let us know that life has other meanings than the ones we believe they are.

For Steve Beckow, that moment of enlightenment has contributed in to find, help, bring understanding and let the truth be known by all of us. That is why he has launched The 2012 Scenario to bring to our attention that which represents the outcome of our future through different sources and well explained messages, to help humanity be aware of whom we are, and our responsibility as a human race to unite in one conscience to make the transition into the new world that is in the making off from our sight, and not understood by many.

The changes are here and we are, “without us knowing”; contributing to this change when we search with full conscience and that urge to know who we are. This is a sign that we are waking up to the truth and this is what will bring the shift in humanities consciences. This will set humanity once and for all in the Galactic Era, which is now active.

If we accomplish this mission right now on earth, probably we will be known and also accepted, as Galactic humans. No earth changes, wars, famine or any other chaos will make those who are willing to jump into the galactic era, be disconnected from that wonder future that is waiting for us.

So jump in and join Steve Beckow in his journey, probably you will start break the chains of fear, once you know and connect the dots, when you start to know yourself. Be; a conscience human being and don’t let fear distract you from enjoying what you have come here to enjoy. Peace, Love and unlimited abundance and a healthy life.

Please read this post by Steve Beckow:

Will the Armageddon of Biblical Prophecy Happen?


The 2012 Scenario internet site by Steve Beckow

Biography of Steve Beckow
Epilogue: Eight Seconds Out of Time

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Legend of Atlantis - It´s Time to Wake Up

I posted these videos two years ago, on Monday, December 29, 2008, but going through my old posts and reviewing what these videos represent to us, I decided to post them again.

I am sure that when we go back in time; this help us understand things better, and not only that, we also start to see things in a different way. We start to wake up to a new reality and to the understanding that our lives had been confined in an unreal truth.
This video collection has 25 parts in where we are presented what once was the beginning of the creation of the human being, until he confronts his culmination as a material being in this plane (earth).
Basically it includes all the history of man and his progress through time, with his highs and lows to attain balance to complete the divine plan of creation.
It is well presented here, that human progress has always been guided by superior forces, not know to man. These truths were hidden from man with the only purpose of man’s awakening into its Christic conscience.
In addition to that, this video collection has an enormous quantity of teachings that are very important to us, which can help us in learning the truth of what and who, we really are.
Time to wake up now!

You can find these videos and more here:

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Second Big Bang of Creation?

Probably you might ask yourself, why is it that I title this post:

Second Big Bang of Creation?

Well, posts from mayor light-workers, astrologers and even scientists are confirming the presence of an extraordinary force of energy that is capable of changing our behavior and our DNA, and not even that; also the face of the earth, per said. Earth changes?

Way a minute! This must be 100% truth.

While we continue detach from our truth as human beings and our purpose here on earth and this universe, this is causing a great ignorance in accepting some realities as truths. We try unconsciously to avoid these truths for reasons of fear of the unknown.

Ok. … this “force” or the “Word” as they call it, of course have not been experienced in our lives ever before, or at least while in this era; but it was mention that this “great force of energy”, was experienced during the days of the dinosaurs? Well, that was a long time ago, is it not? I guess that from that moment on until today we have had enough time to know and search for our truth and the relation we have with the universe. We are getting very close to this understanding now.

Well, even thou I have not learnt or followed this history of studies from scientists and the like, I must say that this is an honest truth and that a magnificent and a very strong force exists, which is capable to affect the entire universe, including in it, us. What should I say here; physical transformation of the whole creation? Is this what I perceive here? A new creation from the moment this wave started to flow from the void?

We all know even thou we don’t want to accept it, that something is happening here, which is affecting our emotions and even our health in many ways, and also with no apparent reason; and which is also affecting our lives in such a way, that we can not find answers to what is causing them. We just only think that what is happening to us is because of the many problems and issues happening in the world today; and that the economy or wars or such and such thing is the culprit for our pains and crazy behavior, but I have come to the conclusion by my own experience; that this is not the case. But of course we can not deny also, that our “established system”, also carries with it, many pains and emotions causes and effects.

Supposedly these strong energies that are banging our whole system, from the universe, all through the planets in our solar system, the moon and earth and even our own bodies; is what is making us behave in ways that we have never experienced before., bursting into ravaging situations not intended, leaving us helpless and with a sensation of not feeling hope at all, believing that things could and will not be better in the future. But that, we should not accept it like that at all. And yes, we know that energy can create good or evil, does it not? That is why we are creating confusing energies with a tendency to destroy better than to create for good.

This “bang-ing sound” to me sounds like if a second “big bang”, that is about to occur, where creation will again make a new beginning to adjusts itself, renewing everything on its path, to create new stuff. It sounds simple but, and I believe; that from the point of view of the “creator force” it is truly “very simple”, but from our point of view, since we are left without eyes to see, ears to hear and heart to feel, to make it simple, we need to see it from another point of view or reality.

In a false reality based on fear, we have no eyes or ears, and not even a heart to feel what is going on. Those who are connected to a “non-fear base reality” and to everything that has been created, and are aware of these changes, these energies; and are wide open to experience this renewing energy without fear, they know, sense and feel what is about to occur very soon to all of us.

This “second big bang force” is enabling them to be stronger even in moments of desperate chaos. Instant recovery from pain, and wrong emotions, gives them balance to continue and ride this sound wave of this new creation, without falling render and muting themselves off from this wave.

As strong as this “bang-ing sound” might be as mild as it can also be. And if we are not aware of it; this will make us wilder, incapable of using this energy for the purpose of change, of renewing ourselves and everything around us. Purification “that is!”

These past years, bursts of intense energies have been affecting all of us, and we are blaming others for this uneven society but now as we approach the end of an era, discoveries of a much mysterious scenario will be touching all of us, and this is being acknowledged.

So, this gives us a new tool to avoid confusion, wrong emotions, and bursts of uncontrollable behavior which causes wars between brothers and sisters, because we know even thou it looks like its the end of everything, definitely it is not. Ask me how I have felt this past two weeks. Not in good shape at all, but by learning and searching; I found the answer to my inexplicable sensations and emotions.

We have to accept these energies with an open heart. We have to accept these heavenly changes, no matter how strong these energies might be, and that they will be for the rebirth of the human soul, who will be touched by the hand of the creator’s force.

If you feel overwhelm by unconftable situations, remember that a mysterious force is interacting with your mind, body and heart. Don’t let the negative part of it grab your strength. Don’t let the negative part of it blind you or make your heart stop feeling love. Just let it flow and look for ways to ease what ever might be hurting you, and if you wish to talk about it, do it, but don’t let it fall out of proportions. The fall can be devastating if balance is not achieved. It takes a while but it can be done. Believe me, I have been there, done that, as they say and it is not easy, but I was willing to recover from the fall and I did.

I was there and did that, and now I can accept that changes in our lives are being assisted by the new energies pouring from heaven.

So please take time for yourself and think about those things that will prevent you from achieving happiness in your life. Fix them and you will sure feel that you have conquered happiness when you get rid of them. We know and understand that we are already tired of the same old patterns of life. That is why you will be finding yourself with an awaken mind, very conscious of what and who you are, and what you want for your future.