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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Legend of Atlantis - It´s Time to Wake Up

I posted these videos two years ago, on Monday, December 29, 2008, but going through my old posts and reviewing what these videos represent to us, I decided to post them again.

I am sure that when we go back in time; this help us understand things better, and not only that, we also start to see things in a different way. We start to wake up to a new reality and to the understanding that our lives had been confined in an unreal truth.
This video collection has 25 parts in where we are presented what once was the beginning of the creation of the human being, until he confronts his culmination as a material being in this plane (earth).
Basically it includes all the history of man and his progress through time, with his highs and lows to attain balance to complete the divine plan of creation.
It is well presented here, that human progress has always been guided by superior forces, not know to man. These truths were hidden from man with the only purpose of man’s awakening into its Christic conscience.
In addition to that, this video collection has an enormous quantity of teachings that are very important to us, which can help us in learning the truth of what and who, we really are.
Time to wake up now!

You can find these videos and more here:

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