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Monday, March 28, 2011

If You Watch This Video You Will Know Who You Are

If you watch this video, you will know how you have felt many, many times in you life. You will listen to these words and will know that those same words have been said by you; or they have come to your minds and hearts many times as well. Quietly you have had a silent war against corruption of the human soul. You have prayed to God for it to stop. Quietly you have opposed to injustices, wars, earth abuse and miss creation of things. Only a few have gotten to the front lines to speak and have asked for solutions and for world peace. The rest have stayed in a cave without seeing the light. As I remember; since the late 60’s and 70’s, this revolution started to emerge and now it has taken the greatest step to open humanity’s eyes and awaken to the truth of our false reality. Many have spoken and left recordings of voices asking humanity to open their eyes. It has taken so long; … but now we can see these results, even thou many are still depth. And so,… we believe our youth is lost completely by their inconceivable acts but; is this correct? Who is responsible? Think of that one! … What would you do if you look at your world and see that what you have always wanted is peace and love and you can not find it around you? The result? You rebel. You go into confusion, desperation, and an urge to fly away from a constructed hell that does not look as the real reality with no sense at all. That of course will make you look like insensible to pain and humanities sorrow, but deep inside that is not the reality of that insensible being. Humans are not what some have let them to believe they are. Watch for this! Wake up! These groups of young people are the future of our earth. Those who are signaled as confused, indolent and insensible, are the most sensible right now in the world. They want the world to heal. They want this earth to be restored. They want the abuse to stop and enjoy freedom of expression with love in front of this false stage. These who get involve in bringing conscience to the world, are the way-seers of our era. The ones we’ve been waiting for. Now, as you and me witness this wonderful change, and know that you have also been a silent contributor for these changes deep in you heart and soul; you are beginning to recognize that you are also a “WAYSEER.” As you share this video, that will put you in the front lines leading the way for those in the caves. LET IT BE. BE A WAYSEER. BRING PEACE TO THIS WORLD. LET US MAKE A BETTER WORLD FOR YOU AND ME. Remember Michael?

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  1. What felt and senses is divine...
    thank you is beautiful presentation
    all love light and joy


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