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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Ball Of Fire in the Sky…

Ball Of Fire in the Sky…
Led me to a mysterious find, but not related to this fireball.

As I always say, things happen for a reason; but what is the reason here?
Last night December 25 at 7:45 p.m., I was getting ready to go to bed and went to close the curtains, but before that I stay there looking at the sky. All of a sudden a fiery ball of fire went the sky, from west to east, lightening all the sky and disappearing behind the trees. But before all of this happened I was reading about, those “Historic Photos Found under a Bridge” that were stolen and thrown there.
The photos also include images of President John F. Kennedy's motorcade passing through Dealey Plaza in Dallas, just moments before Lee Harvey Oswald opened fire from the nearby Texas Book Depository.

Anyway, I wanted to recreate what I saw last night and wanted to find a photo in my collection of the photographs that I have of the same area where I saw this ball of fire. For mysterious reasons I found this photo which at the same time has the same ufo that is found in that collection of photographs found under the bridge.
Take a look as I enlarge and cut the photo
But again I wanted info on the exact day of President Kennedy and found another photo of the same day where you can see another ufo behind a building

So, did he really know about these visitors, or is everything just a bull story?
Coincidence or what?
Or does this happened to make us make questions and find the truth once and for all?

I will bring more on this soon.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Chuito y Maso en una parranda navideña

La música jíbara de Puerto Rico nos trae alegría en estos días festivos y siempre recordamos con cariño a Chuito el de Bayamón

Jesús Sánchez mejor conocido como “CHUITO EL DE BAYAMON” se considera como unos de los baluartes de la música jibara de Puerto Rico

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Triangle Ufo's

As always, strange skies and strange ufo’s sightings.
A mysterious formation of a triangle shape in a cloud, formed yesterday while I was parked in a parking lot of a commercial center. I noticed this cloud as it was turning into a triangle, and I took 4 pictures as it changed shapes.

Como siempre, cielos extraños y avistamientos de ufos.
Una misteriosa formación triangular en una nube, se formó ayer mientras me encontraba estacionada en un centro commercial. Tomé cuatro fotografías mientras iba cambiando su forma.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Again UFO Morovis Area - Puerto Rico

These are four photographs of what apparently was an airplane. But before taking these ones, I saw what it looked like and oblong bright object, so I ran to get my camera but it was too late, the object vanish.
Then later I see that an airplane is passing by again, and since I had my camera that I got minutes later, I decided to take a couple of shots just for fun. And what a surprise I got to find out that that airplane turned into something “”else?””
Take a look and these photos and you decide if this airplane is a ufo.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Poll Resutls

Poll question: Do you believe that people in the world today are more open to a change in attitude, and are accepting Love and Peace, as the answer for that change?

Mi Pueblo conducted a poll to find out what the response of the public would be if we have a change in attitude and accept love and peace as the key for that change in the world. There is no doubt that by working together against all of those challenges that the world is confronting; will bring a world where man will set himself free and our world will be for all of us like a big home where everybody lives in harmony, sharing everything that has been given to us, to carry humans into a new renascence, the new evolution of man (our new world).
We the population of the world have been separated for what it seems reasons of culture, politics, religions and son on; but now as the world feels like it is crumbling down, and it is getting stressful and surrounded with chaos everywhere we look, our minds and consciences are beginning to understand that changes must be made (beginning with ourselves) to change our world.
There is nothing that can not be solved, if we get united and grant ourselves with our own freedom to create a new conscience in this world.
Our poll responses: 86% vote for a change in attitude and accept love and peace for the change.
7% vote against
7% gave a no chance for a change in attitude

So that means that there is no doubt that We the World want that change because the majority on Earth wants TO LIVE IN A WORLD OF PEACE. This is basically a respond to “Enough is enough!”

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Probably many of you have seen this video clip, but it is fine if we watch it again because it is of importance to remember who we are in realtion to Earth.

This beautiful video says it all.
We have to be united like a big family. Humans and nature depend on each other. We are here. We share a common ground, full of beauty, but most of all, of love.
Nature is always loving the human being, by nurturing him and accepting this human as part of her. Never believe that nature is in your way, for she has given you the way.
Never cut a tree down, because a tree is part of your family and you don't want to hurt one of your family. Akways think and look at them as your big brothers who take care of you. Love nature, dont let her down.
Remember We are a big familyrobably many of you have watched this video, but it is worth it to watch it again.