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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Ball Of Fire in the Sky…

Ball Of Fire in the Sky…
Led me to a mysterious find, but not related to this fireball.

As I always say, things happen for a reason; but what is the reason here?
Last night December 25 at 7:45 p.m., I was getting ready to go to bed and went to close the curtains, but before that I stay there looking at the sky. All of a sudden a fiery ball of fire went the sky, from west to east, lightening all the sky and disappearing behind the trees. But before all of this happened I was reading about, those “Historic Photos Found under a Bridge” that were stolen and thrown there.
The photos also include images of President John F. Kennedy's motorcade passing through Dealey Plaza in Dallas, just moments before Lee Harvey Oswald opened fire from the nearby Texas Book Depository.

Anyway, I wanted to recreate what I saw last night and wanted to find a photo in my collection of the photographs that I have of the same area where I saw this ball of fire. For mysterious reasons I found this photo which at the same time has the same ufo that is found in that collection of photographs found under the bridge.
Take a look as I enlarge and cut the photo
But again I wanted info on the exact day of President Kennedy and found another photo of the same day where you can see another ufo behind a building

So, did he really know about these visitors, or is everything just a bull story?
Coincidence or what?
Or does this happened to make us make questions and find the truth once and for all?

I will bring more on this soon.

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