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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Off planet invading plasma?

Flat Earth The Truman Show and the Bible

Galactic Alignment - Cosmic Superwave 2016 - 2018 a possible doomsday period!

I do not doubt that some shaking will be next for our world. How will it be? Well many scenarios are being presented to us for our near future. Let us see how all these pieces of the grand puzzle fit. Uncensored News has a good one here and very interesting. Go for it!

Galactic Alignment - Cosmic Superwave 2016 - 2018 a possible doomsday period!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Contact since the 40's

Ok I am back! 
This one is an old post that I really want to share again, because at this time I do believe that we understand more than maybe 5 years or 60 years ago. Our not understood experiences were indeed a reason for others to believe we were out of our minds and this would make our whole world to be torn apart because we could not explain to others our behavior or our silence as our reason to act in such a way. We were taken as retards or with some type of illness. Now I guess more will understand his or her own experiences in a different way. We have learn more and we are here to discover the reasons for those experiences. 
I go briefly here, because I can not go with all the moments and details of my experiences. 
First I want to share this video, so you can have "maybe" the first impression of what is behind the energy of our Universe. I do say "energy" because is my only way to put it by the things learned through the years and of course as a natural thought from my soul and mind. 
Now watch what happens in this video.

An so the story continues...

I do believe that since the 40’s or maybe before that something started to happen to a large group of people, and I have to include myself here.

 Photo taken by me. L. Cordero Spheres in the night

                     Photo taken by me. L. Cordero Spheres in the night

Contact was being made and visions of these beings and their light ships were common for us. But only one thing was not common; no one would believe then or even now about our experiences and soon the psychiatric industry started to make a lot of money selling drugs for people’s illusions, anxieties or depressions, as they called all of this nonsense of our minds.

Sad to say is; … that beautiful experiences with beings from other dimensions can not be share openly without us being labeled, and of course this does not apply to those who apparently had a different close encounter with other types of beings, as a “traumatic scar” was left in them.

Probably this close encounter was found traumatic because they were part of a research project or an experiment to see how humans are or behave. I don’t doubt this at all, but having contact with a different type of being and never seen by us, is not easy to digest unless no harm is done to us. Of course there are those who have had the opportunity to come back from this encounter with good news or messages to humanity. Most of the time these messages are similar.

Changes are required from us to advance in many ways, especially in our relation with the Earth and our spiritual growth to advance into the future in peace,… for us to received what has been promised to us; a conscience eternal life. This means; a respectful life with an understanding of who we are, and knowing our purpose for being part of this great creation.

I do have to say that many of us have had great experiences, but others lamentably not that great by the apparent state in which these ones took place.
Yes in the 60’s a huge war was seen in the sky (some people claim this and I also dare to say yes to this as I had a weird and similar experience observing lots of  "orbs" shooting at each other in the night sky,  and none would fall to the ground or exploded.  Weird!, but it was. 
Yes also in the 60’s, I was taken into a sphere. Weird experience as everything was vivid after returning from the experience. Every single thing remained in my memory, but was understood by me as a night mare or weird dream. Left behind what I thought it was a dream, everything but few things stayed in my memory. 

In the 90’s I had contact again, "twice" two of them very clear and even visits leaving behind memories for me to keep.

                             Photo taken by me.  L. Cordero Light being

Yes I have a photograph (this one above), two years ago, and until this day no one believes it as real. I don’t blame those who do not want to know because I know they are in fear, or to be honest; who knows why they don't want others to know about their existence.   

To say the truth is to make ourselves be in trouble, but now I am not afraid anymore, and I truly understand what all of this is about. I feel free and I know that we are not and have never been alone.
All I hope is, that for those thousands of people out there who ever were in contact and still are with beings from other dimensions; … to feel good about their experiences and never forget them. These memories are of great value for all of us. They are letting us know to want and to know more about our Earth and our origins. We can not discard these encounters and say that all of this has been illusions of a confused mind or a creation of a sick mind. Maybe some cases are, but not all of them.
They are trying to say, "hey! we are here"; but we pretend to be blind by not talking about it. 

I would like to have more answers to know why exactly these experiences and contact with beings from other dimensions or places take place and the exact purpose. That probably we will know some day or maybe we already know but don’t understand it or remember it.  
All I know is that I am grateful for it; … and that I am not afraid and never was. I will never forget those loving and sad eyes looking at me.  We have to have in mind that soon we will be experiencing more of these encounters.  The change is inevitable and has no return back. Contact will be natural and accepted. Finally we will be flowing free to create a wonderful future.

Extraterrestrials in Israel Orya Deisraeli interviews Exopoliticis founder Alfred Lambremont

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Angels or Demons

Mi Pueblo: Esféra gigante o nave nodriza?

Mi Pueblo: Esféra gigante o nave nodriza?

Can I say Angels or Demons? ...

Published on Aug 20,2015 on Youtube but I share it here so you can have an idea of "maybe" other realities or technology (?) Very interesting indeed! Humans know more than humans themselves believe they know! Is not this true? ... But we reject what our eyes believe it is a hoax. I posted this to my close friends in Worldface (mfbp) but no attention to it has been given. Ok no problem, ... I still have this other window to show those who love to go beyond their eyes to enjoy our new panoramas or maybe the construction of our New Earth? Oh well, take just a couple o minutes and see for yourselves and know that you are connected to the most high and our reasons to be here at this time are just more than wonderful. Nothing comes easy in life and most of the time things get very scary for us to understand... no matter what we encounter in our lives,  but the end results for the new beginning must be taken with patient and calm. The Earth is giving us that 90% move for her" glorious" come back. We have been blind and we never get to see the wonders and mysteries of nature by what they are. There's another world within it that we still can not see or comprehend. (It resembles our own selves, ... for the others can not see what goes within us). Just only a few dare to open their eyes and enjoy the real reality. Be one of them, and star your walk in the woods of nature. I am still just a baby in the walking, but I love what I see and feel.  

This was last Saturday while the "Rain makers" were getting rid of the drought. I wonder why these entities (clouds) were breaking apart. Looks like they were trying to escape, but the big grey cloud was blocking their way... wow ... good for a science fiction movie. Anyway... I am happy because the rains are back.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Ball of Fire in the Sky plus....

Ball Of Fire in the Sky…
Led me to a mysterious find, but not related to this fireball.

As I always say, things happen for a reason; but what is the reason here?
Last night December 25 at 7:45 p.m., I was getting ready to go to bed and went to close the curtains, but before that I stay there looking at the sky. All of a sudden a fiery ball of fire went the sky, from west to east, lightening all the sky and disappearing behind the trees. But before all of this happened I was reading about, those “Historic Photos Found under a Bridge” that were stolen and thrown there.
The photos also include images of President John F. Kennedy's motorcade passing through Dealey Plaza in Dallas, just moments before Lee Harvey Oswald opened fire from the nearby Texas Book Depository.

Anyway, I wanted to recreate what I saw last night and wanted to find a photo in my collection of the photographs that I have of the same area where I saw this ball of fire. For mysterious reasons I found this photo which at the same time has the same ufo that is found in that collection of photographs found under the bridge.
Take a look as I enlarge and cut the photo
But again I wanted info on the exact day of President Kennedy and found another photo of the same day where you can see another ufo behind a building

So, did he really know about these visitors, or is everything just a bull story?
Coincidence or what?
Or does this happened to make us make questions and find the truth once and for all?

I will bring more on this soon.

Friday, April 10, 2015


Curiosas fotos del Sol tomadas con filtro durante la mañana de abril 8, 2015

Friday, April 3, 2015



Almost all of my life I have been "cloud watching" but to be honest, I have never seen clouds like these ones before. This cloud is very dragon like, and so huge that in a sense it is almost scary. I have compare many types of clouds but this one, even thou it has some of the same characteristics very similar to the other ones, ... this one has broken the rules of the game. This one looks like a dragon or flying grey lizard with big dorsal fins. I wonder if this cloud entity is reality another type of creature (cloud) from another dimension or created by human technology? That ... who knows but for now I will love to see them back in the sky, it makes me feel like a change is coming or something will stir things for us to understand or start learning that we are not the only ones around. 
I guess I will post more types of these cloud entities (?) for you to have an idea of another reality that we keep insisting on ignoring it.   

Here is another farther view of it...

This is awesome, is like seeing a flying fish in the sky. 

Sunday, March 29, 2015

El Sol

En el momento que tube la oportuninad de tomar una de las primeras fotos del Sol me encontré con esto. Que era esto me preguntaba, pero ahora al pasar el tiempo he podido entender que toda esta ramificación de color violeta alrededor de la esféra es simplemte una ejección solar aparentemente masiva. La esféra se refleja obscura ante el lente debido a que las cámaras de menos calidad o actualizadas tecnologicamente, suelen obtener estos efectos.