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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Can I say Angels or Demons? ...

Published on Aug 20,2015 on Youtube but I share it here so you can have an idea of "maybe" other realities or technology (?) Very interesting indeed! Humans know more than humans themselves believe they know! Is not this true? ... But we reject what our eyes believe it is a hoax. I posted this to my close friends in Worldface (mfbp) but no attention to it has been given. Ok no problem, ... I still have this other window to show those who love to go beyond their eyes to enjoy our new panoramas or maybe the construction of our New Earth? Oh well, take just a couple o minutes and see for yourselves and know that you are connected to the most high and our reasons to be here at this time are just more than wonderful. Nothing comes easy in life and most of the time things get very scary for us to understand... no matter what we encounter in our lives,  but the end results for the new beginning must be taken with patient and calm. The Earth is giving us that 90% move for her" glorious" come back. We have been blind and we never get to see the wonders and mysteries of nature by what they are. There's another world within it that we still can not see or comprehend. (It resembles our own selves, ... for the others can not see what goes within us). Just only a few dare to open their eyes and enjoy the real reality. Be one of them, and star your walk in the woods of nature. I am still just a baby in the walking, but I love what I see and feel.  

This was last Saturday while the "Rain makers" were getting rid of the drought. I wonder why these entities (clouds) were breaking apart. Looks like they were trying to escape, but the big grey cloud was blocking their way... wow ... good for a science fiction movie. Anyway... I am happy because the rains are back.

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