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Friday, April 3, 2015



Almost all of my life I have been "cloud watching" but to be honest, I have never seen clouds like these ones before. This cloud is very dragon like, and so huge that in a sense it is almost scary. I have compare many types of clouds but this one, even thou it has some of the same characteristics very similar to the other ones, ... this one has broken the rules of the game. This one looks like a dragon or flying grey lizard with big dorsal fins. I wonder if this cloud entity is reality another type of creature (cloud) from another dimension or created by human technology? That ... who knows but for now I will love to see them back in the sky, it makes me feel like a change is coming or something will stir things for us to understand or start learning that we are not the only ones around. 
I guess I will post more types of these cloud entities (?) for you to have an idea of another reality that we keep insisting on ignoring it.   

Here is another farther view of it...

This is awesome, is like seeing a flying fish in the sky. 

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