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Thursday, December 3, 2009


Probably many of you have seen this video clip, but it is fine if we watch it again because it is of importance to remember who we are in realtion to Earth.

This beautiful video says it all.
We have to be united like a big family. Humans and nature depend on each other. We are here. We share a common ground, full of beauty, but most of all, of love.
Nature is always loving the human being, by nurturing him and accepting this human as part of her. Never believe that nature is in your way, for she has given you the way.
Never cut a tree down, because a tree is part of your family and you don't want to hurt one of your family. Akways think and look at them as your big brothers who take care of you. Love nature, dont let her down.
Remember We are a big familyrobably many of you have watched this video, but it is worth it to watch it again.

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