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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Second Big Bang of Creation?

Probably you might ask yourself, why is it that I title this post:

Second Big Bang of Creation?

Well, posts from mayor light-workers, astrologers and even scientists are confirming the presence of an extraordinary force of energy that is capable of changing our behavior and our DNA, and not even that; also the face of the earth, per said. Earth changes?

Way a minute! This must be 100% truth.

While we continue detach from our truth as human beings and our purpose here on earth and this universe, this is causing a great ignorance in accepting some realities as truths. We try unconsciously to avoid these truths for reasons of fear of the unknown.

Ok. … this “force” or the “Word” as they call it, of course have not been experienced in our lives ever before, or at least while in this era; but it was mention that this “great force of energy”, was experienced during the days of the dinosaurs? Well, that was a long time ago, is it not? I guess that from that moment on until today we have had enough time to know and search for our truth and the relation we have with the universe. We are getting very close to this understanding now.

Well, even thou I have not learnt or followed this history of studies from scientists and the like, I must say that this is an honest truth and that a magnificent and a very strong force exists, which is capable to affect the entire universe, including in it, us. What should I say here; physical transformation of the whole creation? Is this what I perceive here? A new creation from the moment this wave started to flow from the void?

We all know even thou we don’t want to accept it, that something is happening here, which is affecting our emotions and even our health in many ways, and also with no apparent reason; and which is also affecting our lives in such a way, that we can not find answers to what is causing them. We just only think that what is happening to us is because of the many problems and issues happening in the world today; and that the economy or wars or such and such thing is the culprit for our pains and crazy behavior, but I have come to the conclusion by my own experience; that this is not the case. But of course we can not deny also, that our “established system”, also carries with it, many pains and emotions causes and effects.

Supposedly these strong energies that are banging our whole system, from the universe, all through the planets in our solar system, the moon and earth and even our own bodies; is what is making us behave in ways that we have never experienced before., bursting into ravaging situations not intended, leaving us helpless and with a sensation of not feeling hope at all, believing that things could and will not be better in the future. But that, we should not accept it like that at all. And yes, we know that energy can create good or evil, does it not? That is why we are creating confusing energies with a tendency to destroy better than to create for good.

This “bang-ing sound” to me sounds like if a second “big bang”, that is about to occur, where creation will again make a new beginning to adjusts itself, renewing everything on its path, to create new stuff. It sounds simple but, and I believe; that from the point of view of the “creator force” it is truly “very simple”, but from our point of view, since we are left without eyes to see, ears to hear and heart to feel, to make it simple, we need to see it from another point of view or reality.

In a false reality based on fear, we have no eyes or ears, and not even a heart to feel what is going on. Those who are connected to a “non-fear base reality” and to everything that has been created, and are aware of these changes, these energies; and are wide open to experience this renewing energy without fear, they know, sense and feel what is about to occur very soon to all of us.

This “second big bang force” is enabling them to be stronger even in moments of desperate chaos. Instant recovery from pain, and wrong emotions, gives them balance to continue and ride this sound wave of this new creation, without falling render and muting themselves off from this wave.

As strong as this “bang-ing sound” might be as mild as it can also be. And if we are not aware of it; this will make us wilder, incapable of using this energy for the purpose of change, of renewing ourselves and everything around us. Purification “that is!”

These past years, bursts of intense energies have been affecting all of us, and we are blaming others for this uneven society but now as we approach the end of an era, discoveries of a much mysterious scenario will be touching all of us, and this is being acknowledged.

So, this gives us a new tool to avoid confusion, wrong emotions, and bursts of uncontrollable behavior which causes wars between brothers and sisters, because we know even thou it looks like its the end of everything, definitely it is not. Ask me how I have felt this past two weeks. Not in good shape at all, but by learning and searching; I found the answer to my inexplicable sensations and emotions.

We have to accept these energies with an open heart. We have to accept these heavenly changes, no matter how strong these energies might be, and that they will be for the rebirth of the human soul, who will be touched by the hand of the creator’s force.

If you feel overwhelm by unconftable situations, remember that a mysterious force is interacting with your mind, body and heart. Don’t let the negative part of it grab your strength. Don’t let the negative part of it blind you or make your heart stop feeling love. Just let it flow and look for ways to ease what ever might be hurting you, and if you wish to talk about it, do it, but don’t let it fall out of proportions. The fall can be devastating if balance is not achieved. It takes a while but it can be done. Believe me, I have been there, done that, as they say and it is not easy, but I was willing to recover from the fall and I did.

I was there and did that, and now I can accept that changes in our lives are being assisted by the new energies pouring from heaven.

So please take time for yourself and think about those things that will prevent you from achieving happiness in your life. Fix them and you will sure feel that you have conquered happiness when you get rid of them. We know and understand that we are already tired of the same old patterns of life. That is why you will be finding yourself with an awaken mind, very conscious of what and who you are, and what you want for your future.

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