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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Steve Beckow “Galactic Warrior of the Light”

Steve Beckow is definitely a great “Galactic Warrior of the Light”

Just took him only 8 seconds of his life to be taken through time. Those 8 seconds of journey were a wake up call for him, in which he understood that “Enlightenment is the purpose of life.” This understanding summarized his life and experience in a blink of an eye.

Many of us already have experienced something similar to Steve Beckow, but not every one has understood the meaning of these seconds’ journeys through time. Everything has been dismissed as a dream, and illusion, or a simple thought, but with time those who experienced this, will eventually be confronted with the truth as they find themselves behaving in a different ways; sometimes believing themselves as being nuts or hypnotized by the new age moment into a new way of thinking which sometimes is not understood at all, and for what purpose.

Their tendency to learn about one self starts to confirm that such experience was not and illusion, but rather is, the connection between dimensions shown in that moment, to let us know that life has other meanings than the ones we believe they are.

For Steve Beckow, that moment of enlightenment has contributed in to find, help, bring understanding and let the truth be known by all of us. That is why he has launched The 2012 Scenario to bring to our attention that which represents the outcome of our future through different sources and well explained messages, to help humanity be aware of whom we are, and our responsibility as a human race to unite in one conscience to make the transition into the new world that is in the making off from our sight, and not understood by many.

The changes are here and we are, “without us knowing”; contributing to this change when we search with full conscience and that urge to know who we are. This is a sign that we are waking up to the truth and this is what will bring the shift in humanities consciences. This will set humanity once and for all in the Galactic Era, which is now active.

If we accomplish this mission right now on earth, probably we will be known and also accepted, as Galactic humans. No earth changes, wars, famine or any other chaos will make those who are willing to jump into the galactic era, be disconnected from that wonder future that is waiting for us.

So jump in and join Steve Beckow in his journey, probably you will start break the chains of fear, once you know and connect the dots, when you start to know yourself. Be; a conscience human being and don’t let fear distract you from enjoying what you have come here to enjoy. Peace, Love and unlimited abundance and a healthy life.

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