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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Anxious? Do Not Be, We Are Getting There!

Anxious? Do not be!
What is the meaning of this word? “Being worried or afraid, especially about something that is going to happen or might happen”
There are more meanings to this word, but for now this one is the most significant there is, to accommodate how humanity may be feeling in these moments of uncertainties? First I marked uncertainties with a question mark, because it is important to know that these uncertainties are the product of an unbalance mentality and miss-unified consciousness and also of created fears.
Every night we go to sleep not knowing what tomorrow may bring. This usually comes as the result of a world supposedly in chaos, in which 2 plus 2 does not sometimes match the equivalent of these two numbers, and this is for obvious reasons.
We have been placed in the most significant times in our history on this earth, as human beings with tremendous opportunities to change our consciences to welcome the new era of golden dreams, being refer to this era as The Golden Age.
And here comes the “but” word! But; since some believe that all of this is nonsense; “our capability to accept another reality”, these golden dreams are getting to difficult to manifest. Is it not? ...
Well, as mysterious as it may seem, we can change things. We all know that. We can manifest a new reality by creating our golden dreams when we channel our energies into one direction as one. It is like placing that energy to flow from out of an electric plug, to bring light into a dark room; in where tiny wires of copper are placed together in a thin rubber tube, to work together as the bridge to transport that energy into that dark room.
Imagine that our earth is that dark room. We are those tiny copper wires united to manifest that change and bring the light into that dark room (earth). As we progress in time and creation keeps its pace of manifestation, sending healing waves towards us; we also keep the pace in relation to the universe without us not even knowing that this is taking place. A wave or a sound’s eco won’t stop its course if it is not being stop by a mountain; breaking that eco or wave and inhibiting that eco-wave to continue its path. A un- awaken conscience in this case, would be like that mountain, stopping the flow of that energy.
Now this time and place in our history is unique and absolutely one of a kind in the universe. A spiraling wave of energy is being projected from the center of the galaxy and is generating strong vibrations that actually are influencing our behavior and our patterns of negativity, bringing positive energies morphing humanity into a one big generator of divine love, unifying our consciences. But on some, probably is working in a different way. Think of that one.
I have always considered this to be true, because I remember a story and I keep bringing that story to all of you over and over again, because once I believed a woman, who kindly let people know about a message given to her by God. I do not remember her name but she is from Puerto Rico in the Caribbean.
This is what I heard from her: “that three spiral waves were going to hit the earth, and that we were supposed to get ready as these waves were going to be very strong, hitting the earth at a certain moment in the future, and that this message was given to her by God to tell humanity to prepare for this three strong spirals of energy that were to bring great changes in humanity.” Well her story starts by saying that God came to her and he showed her a picture with three spirals in it and that God as her what was she seeing in the picture, and she answer, “three springs” like those in a mattress; but God told her that those were spiral waves of energy.
When I heard this I ask “Three waves”? I could not listen to more because she was basically cut from air, since this was a radio transmission.
And now, it has been about two years since I heard this message and many things have happened, that are changing the course of our days.

But something else has happen since then…
Ok let us see this for a moment.

Nostradamus graphics are very suggestive, that is why some ideas about these symbols and its significance come to my attention. This unusual way to leave a message for humanity is unique and maybe it was meant for the future, but specifically now.
In 2008 I tried to bring this into attention by making a post which I called “let us play a little game” in which I presented several photos with messages drawn by Nostradamus if I am not wrong or maybe his son.
As I presented each drawn message, I asked questions about what this or that might be and the meaning that it could be represented here. Of course I had an idea but I was not sure of what I was doing in that moment and game, and how close I could have been then about what is taking place right now for humanity.
In that moment my questions were based on maybe fantasy but I guess I was close to something. These were my questions based on my view of what was presented in those

Nostradamus drawings.
And here is the questions game…

Where do you see a mother ship? Well you are going to say, Uh!?
Where do you see the second mother ship, over the Nostradamus head upside down? Where do you see three flying disks; On the side of the desk? What are they? Three times to occur? Maybe today’s ufo’s? Events in mans history, in this civilization? Where do you see like a book or an agenda? Will this be related to the dark governments? An agreement? Where do you see three constellations or stars, or are these numbers? Which are they? Are they of importance and related to humanity and our planet? Where do you see a fountain? Do this means abundance? Will this be a symbol of restoration or cleansing of the earth by water? Noah’s epoch, or an epoch to come? Where do you see a flower? A lotus flower or the center of the universe? Energy flowing from the center of the Universe? What is the significance? Abundance? A new life? Restoration?
Where do you see this number 3 repeated? Three documents, three books? Does number 3’s are of importance in prophecies for this civilization or era? Will they represent 3 events to be manifested in any given time?
Have these events already being manifested or is just only “one” that is still waiting to be manifested or is it already being manifested? Now see why.

The Lost Book of Nostradamus says:

100- For a long period of time a grey bird will be seeing in the sky, close to Dole and Tuscany lands. He carries a branch with three flowers in his beak, but dies soon and war comes to its end.

Again number 3 here is represented by three wheat spears; three periods of time? But wait! Here one of the wheat flowers is missing. Does this means a period still to be completed where the chaff will be separated from the wheat? Does this already happened two times before and one is left to happen? And what about that bird, and the three flowers; Nibiru, and its companions? Or, three bursts of divine energy?
Once more number three is represented by the Sun, the Moon and an 8 spear star? What is the meaning of this? And again, this number three is represented by a spade being directed towards what it looks like a serpent or reptile or the corrupted conscious of the human race? Does the spade means a conjunction of planets creating bursts of energy affecting our reality creating a new conscience?

Again, this one is one to think about.

Well this one looks like a religious figure by what he is wearing on his head, and is trying to fight the dark or a dragon; but apparently that religious figure has two identities also?. Is that a false character? What is this entity that has head and torso of a man with dragon or reptilian legs? Is this a hybrid creature with reptilian personality?
I guess there is more on that one than I can perceive.
Defeating evil, or the corrupted mind, antichrist or satan? Or does it represent war in the sky or war between spaceships or clouds; or a spiritual war between whom? (Forgive me that this one does not match but the mind has mysterious ways of thinking)

And what is the meaning of this one? VICTORY?

By whom?
Announcing Victory? Or the 3rd event which is announced by an angel? Can you see how the angel is touching the cross and maybe the earth (which is a sphere at the center of those two keys, which maybe signify those two other events that already happened? See how the keys have the same three points and a center in the handle of each key? Will the center here be the earth and those three points together the completed round of events in the past?
I see so many things here that I can not put them together but I will try. Announcing Victory, by whom? Can you see that number 3 again? See those two keys and a sphere in the upper center with a cross in its superior part? Is this the earth or the last earth at the end times; or the 3rd event which is announced by an angel? Leaving 3rd dimension?
Can you see how the angel is touching the cross and maybe the earth (which is a sphere at the center of those two keys, which maybe signify those two other events that already happened? See how the keys have the same three points and at center in the handle of each key? Will the center here on these keys be the earth and those three points together the completed round of events that already pass?
I see so many things here that I can not put them together but I will try.
I see here that no darkness exists. The Sun shines at the left, from my point of view, but it can be the contrary. But for me also could represent the left brain which supposedly is the dark side of our brain; and once these two sides of the brain unite then consciousness will be totally awakened.
Those three crosses are at the right of the sun, all appear to be the same, which for me means (all three stages completed) the time of a new era?.
Well the entity in the center (that double character that was at the beginning) or man holding those secrets in both hands, can not be seeing with his reptile legs anymore. What is the meaning of this? A new human changed with the victory in his hands?
Also notice how the sphere or earth raises above those two keys. Ascended earth?
I wonder on that! Does this means that man has changed and good finally defeated evil? I see an angel bringing good news, touching the earth with his trumpet? Announcing that we already have completed those three stages of depuration and the divine promised (God’s Divine Plan) has been granted to us?

If we look carefully maybe we could add more to this drawn messages, and probably Notradamus drawn messages might be revealed by just playing a game, but as I see, so much is revealed here that resonates with these end times we are in today.
The good part of all this is that I can see that man finally will be released from those depuration stages leaving darkness behind; with. a golden era in his hands.
What does this means? That we never gave up. That we even thou much was thrown at us during those eons of time, mans quest for the truth finally gave its fruits.
Oh how I wish this to be read and known by many. This game has truth in it, but it still one piece of the game to put in place. There’s got to be someone with the whole truth in its hand. Could it be all of us together as one?

Will all of those messages mean the end of an era where man will recover his consciousness and wake up from a long dark dream that has taken him to hate, wars and destruction?
Overall; Rebirth of humanity after going through hard times to understand our purpose here on earth and learn who we are and be ready for Ascension?
Well now after relating to you my little game of questions about Nostradamus drawn messages; do you remember what that woman said about the “three spiral waves” that would bring great changes to humanity?
I know that there is great scenery of things being shown to us to make us understand that something huge is heading our way, with a purpose for us to be ready for that moment; and the best part of all of this is,… that is going to be wonderful once we wake up from the dream.

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