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Friday, August 20, 2010

And What I am Thinking?

And What I am Thinking?

Alone in my room in silence; my thoughts and visions of this world, your world… is one that I can not still understand. Inspirations come and go, and as I try to see my different realities, I can not take away my eyes from my people, “mi gente” as we call our brothers and sisters in my island. This is done because we are “all” like a big family, with good sentiments and feelings towards the others, but in this mixture of minds and hearts, of “mi gente”, from the ones who want and look for happiness, love and security from a god that is benevolent, to the contrast of those who have not the slightest idea that a god like this could exist, there is the common need to experience this life in the best way we can or are able to do.
Those in the best “we can side” are humble and surrender to our Heavenly Father’s will, for they know that there is where the truth exists, even thou it can not be read or view as we see the news in a daily paper. They see and sense this heaven news in their hearts with faith, perceiving what can not be seen and accepting that everything will be fine through their lives, not matter what. They go through their lives attach to that unseen presence because they know that their lives can not be harm and separated from our Heavenly Father’s love. They know that our Heavenly Father is there all the time, watching and nurturing our souls, even thou we know that we live in a different reality than our Creator God.
Since childhood we learn that our Heavenly Father is in the sky, but we never asked questions or think about it, we just know that our Mighty Father is higher and lives or is in the sky. This is what we are taught from childhood, through our mothers and people who love us, and it is accepted by all of us; because we know deep in our heart’s silence, that there is a powerful force besides us, that cares for us and cares for our dear Earth; and this Universe. Nothing moves if it is not by our Father’s Will.
We feel and sense this presence and even talk with “It” all the time. We ask questions about ourselves and try to understand why the world has been engulfed in so much chaos, wars and crime, since the day we understood that we were here on this Earth. We pray every day for all of this to have and end. We pray for humanity to be healed, united and are set free from that which we see and sense as punishment.
We also believe or sense that we have no involvement in those wars or crimes, even thou it has been signaled on to us by our lifestyles. But sometimes, the more we pray and the more we think for all this chaos to stop, we also think that this is not going to happen. Doubts enter our hearts as a “human condition”, because we set our eyes in those things that get control our minds and consciences; to let us have a false proof of the contrary; that things “can change”. That is because besides our connection with that unseen presence in our hearts; we have surrendered to “mans seen powers” which we don’t pretend to see.
We have trusted a group of men in power through the agese in our lives, to convince us, that we need another power to keep us alive, going on and safe from evil. We have surrendered to those men’s lies, hypocrisy and controlling mode; entertaining us and keeping for moments our eyes and hearts away from the real truth in our lives and from ourselves. In those moments, it seems that we have joined those whom have not the slightest idea that a benevolent God could exist.
We rage in confusion and sometimes fall for seconds, long moments or even years; denying assistance from heaven. Rejecting the unseen mighty power of God’s true love, until the storm passes away and we get together our act and again try to balance those feelings, emotions and anger that seduced our ability to see beyond our capabilities to live a life full of love and peace; accepting that we have been pulled out and blinded from our path by those controlling lies and suffering scenario and by the suffering of the ones in the NO god zone,… which we know are the ones who are suffering the most because they are lost in the world, confused and letting their souls be destroy by the command of those who lie and who wants to control this person’s soul. These are victims who keep themselves blind for not knowing and for not trying to see far beyond that, which is a false reality.
As I swim against the current with my thoughts and try to understand those fabricated lies, I can see how some are still being taken down through that current, and how they are still being made believe in a false reality around them. It is very confusing at times, that us by being here on earth, can not accept other realities, and that these other realities can not exist in other different dimensions; let us say “the Dimension of Love” where the unseen force works for the well being of humanity. This might well be; because we have not have the chance to experience being in another dimension in which our reality could take a positive turn, to prove that this is so. But there is a group of people in this world that have had the opportunity to enter these dimensions, and this has happened to them for a good reason or for a purpose under heaven, maybe to let humanity know that there is more in the unseen world than what we can perceived.
Maybe its purpose has been to bring proof of those other realities to humanity and to help us open our consciousness to understand that love really is the bond between the all. Maybe this has happened, because we are closer to that time of ascension; and this time supposedly it is going to be different for the human race, since humanity is awakening to other realities and possibilities and specially to the love current that is flowing with ease at this time. I understand that this time we have been given a different chance to ascend; but still we have to learn and accept the unseen realities and grow in conscience to enter in the right path.
We have accepted that here on earth we are the “gods but also the devils” together in this plane to release our souls for the promised time. We have to accept that there is more in our existence than what we have been driven to believe. To see ourselves is to understand that a powerful force has created us and this universe, and to see ourselves and understand this, inevitably will give us the clues to accept life beyond ours and love as the uniting force. Emptiness does not exist in between.
As I write my thoughts in this tranquil morning and solitude, I can see myself flying around the Earth and the feeling I get from this, makes me feel that we have capabilities beyond the ones we believe we have, but I as I said before, we have been debilitated and limited by chaos and lies. We have been blinded by corruption, believing that that is the right path. I will go against this, as long as I live on this Earth. My soul was born to be free, but my body to be in a prison, which sometimes this does not make sense. My heart won’t give up and I will reject that false reality, because I know that there is “more good” under heaven than evil, but we have been shown the contrary; and evil will soon vanish to give path to our new lives. Evil will morph to something different; maybe more tolerant or maybe, less aggressive or who knows it will disappear forever.
As we forgive ourselves and others; and understand others position is this world and life, we will start to change our future. We will be swimming against the current “together” until we reach our destiny. Love, peace and harmony will be the call. Love peace and harmony will be forever in our lives. Evil will do no harm anymore, for evil will have a new path to guide its force, and to have the opportunity to be mild in a new start.
As I finish writing this, I say “I don’t know what I have written, while looking at the sun moving through my floor’s room”. All I feel is, that our hearts have a need to speak for the truth, to let others know that we are God’s creation, and as so, we have been given the right to go through our path and experiences, to get to the other side; and that no man or entity that is not of good, has not the right to destroy others peoples lives. I do not criticize the ones on the good side or the ones on the evil side, because I know that both sides have been given the opportunity to grow together and enter the path of Love.
When are we going to learn?

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