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Friday, April 16, 2010

Low Quality Products in Our Supermarkets

Is it right to say that supermarkets sell quality products to our people? What about expiration dates or shelves life quality for vegetables and potatoes? Have you ever wonder why you find more junk food in supermarkets than real quality food to feed our family?
What are these supermarkets? Just fantasy markets to make you believe that you are buying the best and quality healthy food and that it is the only place where you can go to buy it?. I don't think so.

Small markets have been crush by these big supermarkets in our country and it is a shame to see this. These small markets have always bring to us fresh roots and vegetables, and the best part is that you can select the produce because they don’t come packed in plastic bags where you can not see or feel what you are buying., also plastic bags are a “nono” because they contaminate our land. I am glad to know that these plastic bags are going to be out of the system very soon.

It is said that this way of selling products have been for an easy way for us to buy by the bunch and carry the product to our homes, but in fact this is just a scam, where they mix rotten fruits, vegetables and potatoes so you can not see what you are buying. Once you get to your home, you open these bags because it is time to cook and feed your family and you find that out of 5 pounds of potatoes you only get 2 or 3 more or less in good condition. Some even are cultivated in lands where the land is filled with quemichals, in other words “poisons to your body.”
And by the way this is also like packed poultry. They left all the fat and none usable part to make it weight more, so we pay more for it, and all that goes to the garbage can as the rotten potatoes and vegetables. Potatoes have double or triple its sales in our country, and this is because; it is one of the most complete vegetables that we can consume to keep our family healthy. It has all the nutrients and minerals to keep us strong and of course the price still affordable for all of us. But, it is sad to say that what we are able to buy at these supermarkets; are rotten potatoes that are sold as fresh produce.

No scruples what so ever are there when buying the product from those other companies that bring these potatoes to our country. They select the best ones for them, and then sell the waist to us. The best ones go to the rich and the rotten ones go to the (what they consider) third world countries.
Most of the time our supermarkets; they buy these products from American companies, and in order for these supermarkets to make money, they sell expired produce to our people labeling them as fresh. These products mostly come from Canada or the US and are selected there, by picking the best products for them and then selling the rotten ones to other countries; but here apparently we are getting the worst products, because it is obvious that our people buy what ever they put on those shelves at these supermarkets, with no complaint what so ever. We let ourselves step all over, because of our needs to feed our family. We buy what they bring. No choice there. Our health is at risk by wrong selection of products from these supermarkets. They dont care, they just only want to make money. Our money to make them richier and our group of farmers are holding their heads because they do not know how to sell their frest products any more. Not even on the streets because now they have to pay more money to our government and if they don't, they get sweep out by the police authority.

People die for food poisoning, and many other things like allergies, thanks to all of those additives that are introduce to our food. MSG is the most dangerous additive because people allergic to some sodium’s can get a severe reaction to it. They get swollen the same way they get swollen by an aspirin or penicillin if they are allergic to these quemichals.
Most of our population is “fat” but it is not because they eat too much, it is because they are swollen by the quantity of MSG that they bring to their bodies when they eat prepared foods, and specially those at restaurants or fast food markets. Remember in the old days where almost everybody was skinny? MSG did not exist then, and especially no fast food restaurants either. No too many heart attacks or allergies or desoriented people existed then.
I myself discovered the effect this additive had in my system. Everything was by accident and by the constant suffering I used to have every time I would eat out at a restaurant or consume prepared foods from supermarkets. I was almost killed once by eating at a Chinese restaurant. Almost everything has this additive to help in what they called "to bring the taste" of what ever you are eating. This helps our brain remember that you liked that a lot and it will make you eat what ever you ate, over and over again. This is like nicotine or any other drug, that conduces you to smoke or abuse drugs just for a pleasure that was programmed in your brain cells from the first time you tasted this quemichal.

Get a list of all the products that contain this additive and you will find that almost every soda, desserts, frozen foods, or prepared foods, and even beer and of course “it is naturally found in tomatoes that is why some people are allergic to tomatoes"., and other things. You will be shock!. We should avoid this, in order for us to stay healthy, loose weight and stay stronger. Even your spirit will feel the difference, by experiencing joy and desire to do things; this will be there all the time with you once you feel healthy.

But going back to the supermarkets, I have a strong believe that they should be more careful with the product the buy to “resell”. We are not animals, nor pigs; and we are the ones who keep them “in business,” if we should call it that. If this continues, probably their end will be near, because people already are aware of this abuse against us. People are complaining, but they don’t make their complaints public. They just let it pass because they haven too many issues in their lives to make this one an important one, and everything stays there.

Children have many allergies and health problems, and this is because their parents have no time to cook healthy food for them. They just calm their hunger by giving them fast foods or sweets. Many things can be avoided if people start to realize the importance of what a healthy diet is.
Fresh crispy vegetables is the beginning; with less meats or none (preferable) and very low intake of fats, chesses and milk or sweets. They will grow healthy and strong and with less health problems and this will be a plus because medical insurances are too expensive and not everybody is able to have one. So for us to stay away from the doctor’s office and hospitals, we must stay healthy by taking care of our bodies and buy products that we know are going to be the best ones for our family. Next time you want to drink a low sugar soda, don’t think that you are helping yourself in loose weight; this will only make you fatter. Read the labels, and also pick the best fruits and vegetables for you family.

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