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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sphere Object Crossing the Sky - Puerto Rico 2010

Well if weather modification is being made; it is surly one thing to think about. These two past months have been of incredible weather, plus volcano eruptions going off in different places, and people finding strange objects close to these volcano eruptions. But all of this if we see it on a different perspective; it has not been so devastating for people lives, except for the world economy.
These past days have been of much rain here in Puerto Rico, with a couple of casualties. Some parts of the island have had temperatures up to 113 degrees, with a lot of humidity, and in other parts very sunny days. The cordillera has been almost dark, with heavy clouds, and pouring rain almost every day; and this is good. We need rain to keep the water reservoirs full.
But why I am telling you about the weather and all of this? Well it is because since these days have been that kind of day you stay inside your house with nothing much to do; we always try to find an entertainment to fill that space of not being able to go outside for a moment. So the camera was my entertainment.
There I was shooting some pictures of this grey sky, when suddenly something weird cross the sky towards the north part of the island. This object look like a pencil mark in the sky, but I was able to find what that object was.
Here is a video where I adjusted this photograph and for my surprise I found a sphere going to the east of the island. Take a look.

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