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Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Legend of Atlantis

Atlantis is said to be just a fantasy in people minds, but we can not denied the abundant records of history that talk of a mysterious island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.
It is always good to know what happened in our history; in Earth’s History, to learn and repair all the damages we have done to our Earth. It is our planet, the place where we live now, and if we destroy it, where are we going to run?
This video, talks about a legend, but I believe; that we can learn from this legend about how they took care of the Earth, and the love they felt towards her. They were grateful and understood that they were the atoms that composed the earth. That they were all integrated as a Unit. There is no need for religion when it comes to feel and integrate ourselves into everything that exists. The notion that we are all the unique force for this creation is of great value; for this will make us go for the ultimate goal in our lives, and that is, save our Earth in any way possible. Each and everyone of us have to do our part and we have to start NOW.

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