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Monday, April 11, 2011

4/10/2011 -- Patrioticspace, MsElectroMagnetic, and Dutchsinse - Discuss Puerto Rico earthquakes

Watch this discussion about the present situation with earthquakes in the Puerto Rico area. Dutchsinse says on his personal count; that about 300 earthquakes have taken place on this area over the last 7 days.They recommend to everyone to be aware and prepare for any event that might take place very soon in this area. What they discus here if such event happens, would likely have a great impact on the Florida peninsula, all the way through the east part of the U.S. On my part I say; never panic and stay alert in calmness. We have had a Tsunami exercise in Puerto Rico and apparently with little success in the way people handled the situation. This is not a game, and it is very important to pay attention. We can not depend only in our government to assist others and ourselves if such scenario occurs.

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