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Monday, October 4, 2010

Love Is Patience Too!

Love is patience and has no end. Love is always waiting for the right moment to shine in people’s hearts. This is the time! Time is up! For emptiness to know; who is there. Hearts are being filled with truths that
had been hidden for so long.
God has never abandoned his children, and never discouraged even one of them. They themselves discouraged themselves, believing in created fantasies of dark’s control. Now all around the world you can see how many feel liberated by the knowing that love is the winning call.
Today my email has been full. No time to read all; “lamentably”, for much great information is being given to us to know what we need to learn and do for a better future and awakening of humanities hearts; but as I read all the messages titles and news headlines, one got my attention:
The MOST important article you will read today! Obama Tell His Jewish Slave Masters to F-Off!! - Is he a Reverse Trojan?
I stopped there and needed to know what was all about this head line. The words in the head line; was shocking to me, and who would not be when we know that these are changing times. So I clicked and went on to that site:

I won’t tell you what I read, but yes I will tell you what I felt with this.
I believe this post can be a two edge sword, but on one side in my opinion is; that Obama has to be a very special being right now in this world. When I first knew about him I was surprised. All I could say was “And from where did he appear to be selected for the presidency of U.S? I never knew he existed then. But I follow the news and felt that he could bring changes to that great nation. When time was to reveal the truth of him being elected; almost everybody around the world cried to see that he was there, at the head of that great nation, which was a common ground for many cultures gathered there from all around the world, looking to live in a place of freedom. When I saw those people all around the world crying, for his victory; I could sense the hope they had in their hearts; that he could be the first president to be brave enough to bring changes to all of us. While watching this event; even we started to cry, sensing that something good was coming for our future that would also affect the whole world.
I will not mention the ups and downs he has been through; because we all know, and I won’t mention about his opponents trying to discourage people, because we know that they also have free will to do what they think is right for the world; but yes I will say, that wars are not the answer.
And also I will say this:
That this post in any way; should be taken as one to start a war between brothers and sisters. Between all of those hearts that for eons have been waiting for peace in this world. We can not let our hearts get summon by hate or fear; for this is out from our hearts and it is past history for those who believe in Love Peace and Sharing in this beautiful planet and especially at this moment in our history.
One group of people in the past; long, long time ago; was able to start controlling big crowds of people, turning them in favor of this groups wishes; not knowing how this will end up turning against them later. This same pattern followed us until recent and still is in effect, but now people are turning their heads and hearts to the other side. The side of love and unity between each other, to gain the right and fair place on earth as has been decreed by Heaven. Now we know what God has created for us and we are not going to lose it again.
Heaven decrees with the law of love, and man unknowingly obeys when his or her heart is full with that love. Gently we must accept that humanity as a whole; has embraced in their hearts dreams and wishes that are still waiting to be fulfill.
We need to understand that we can not give up and surrender to the same old patterns that devoid us from our rights to exercise the will of love. We must accept that only by letting that love freed itself from our hearts will make our future a brighter one at last.
I need to say here also, that not all of our Jewish friends are our contraries. As we say here we are all children of God, and color or race does not mean anything to our Divine Creator.

Love is Patience
And meaning of Patience is: the ability to endure waiting, delay, or provocation without becoming annoyed or upset or to persevere calmly when faced with difficulties

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