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Saturday, June 4, 2011


Disclosure About ET Presence is being discuss everywhere, and how it all will happen, but here is my sense of how it is happening.

Of course disclosure is close. And again I will ask; … who is disclosing the truth about extraterrestrial life? Think for a moment of those who are doing this. It is not NASA, the government, the media, the church or Holly-wood.

Yes of course, all of them have this information. But, probably not all of them have the whole truth written in paper or have seen one of these unknown beings. Probably close encounter with them has never been understood either and probably; some of them will never have this truth of their presence in this life time.

Those who believe in life beyond our atmosphere, have a great sense of their reality, and what our Universe is. Scientists in one hand have been intrigue by this possibility, but a division has always existed between those who have no faith in the power of a creator god, and the existence or creation of more life beyond imagination. On the other hand those who have had the inclination to study science with the intention of discovering what this universe is and what it’s conformed for and its purpose; has never render in the belief that life does not exists anywhere out there.

Maybe two or three presidents in the United States had the intention of letting the people know about this truth, but they were silenced or were advised to not bring this truth to the people for the consequences it might bring; and as the result of this, programs of security started to be implemented with the purpose of monitoring our space to prevent an “alien thread?”
At the moment of this revelation, this system to secure our space; … humanity started to pay more attention to what our government had to say about this new reality.

All along through history the notion of this truth was kept in private (for who know what reason, or maybe because this was supposed to be understood by us in an individual way. I am not sure which of this one is the truth, but they knew that with time or,… at the precise moment this truth was going to be revealed by itself and at the proper time, which it is and probably has always been at the end of a century.

Don’t get me wrong here, but every time a century comes to an end, strange and strong energies start to work, bringing confusion, wars, famine, illnesses and total chaos, which nobody understands why. Many perish during this process, but those who survive the catastrophe, always keep records for those who will come next.
It is said that all experiences are for our spiritual growth, and to evolve into something better and bring perfection to our souls and lives. Well this must be true, but at the same time it is hard to accept by those who have no conscience of a different reality. No one wants to suffer or die in a catastrophe; except those who don’t care for their own lives. This is very complex but now, we are having a sense and a better understanding of what (extraterrestrial presence is or means); and many are instinctively knowing who is out there.

Don’t ever believe that our governments don’t want us to know the truth. This is not their intention, and proof of this is all over. I believe that their intention is, to let us know and find by ourselves in the right moment and at the right time; and when this happens all of us will have a congratulation from heaven, for us having awakened and acknowledged the presence of life beyond ours.

This extraterrestrial presence has always been here. It has come and gone at freewill, guided by our creator’s law. Humans who knew described them to us the best way for us to accept them as part of our creation. They became part of our religions myths and sculptured in stones and walls. Art has been the medium for this truth, but we have accepted this, as just “something natural” and only a way of expression from different artists.

Now, we have a different media or methods for us to recognized and have a look at these ancient figures in a different way. Computers and cameras is what are helping to disclose the hidden truths from those from heaven to us. We have to say that these are of no value or sense, if we don’t wake up. Waking up sometimes is not even noticed or acknowledged by the same person who brings part of this truth to us. Even thou they understand how strange their finding is, they don’t associate their finding to an extraterrestrial presence or they go through it without noticing that they have been in contact or have captured the presence of an extraterrestrial being through the eye of a camera.

I have always wondered why NASA had to go out there and take a photo of our dear blue planet; and search in space other spaces or planets; but to find what thing? I don’t think or can accept that they don’t know. I don’t think they are short sighted nor have no knowledge of what they are doing or looking for. I think they really know their mission and their purpose; but again I must say that silence has been kept for the right moment or revelation time.

They are letting some of this valuable information and even photographs taken in outer space to be view by us. Maybe they thought this would help in a way for us to understand and have knowledge of this presence. Probably at the beginning no one had the slightest idea of what they were seeing, but now it is not. Now this future generation has come to disclose the extraterrestrial presence, in favor of humanity and not to cause panic or fear.

Extraterrestrials are part of us. They are or have been created from the same fabric as ours. We just have one difference; we don’t look alike or behave the same way, but do similar things. And yes there are those of higher ranks (as we say) in the same manner as here on Earth; and also those who are in the middle (what we call middle class); and the other ones who are on the lowest rank of all (the slaves). But of course, those who are considered “as the slaves” are the ones who do the dirty job or the cleaning the house job. Those are at the lower rank of all. Even thou this is like that, they have a very important mission to accomplish for the whole universe.

In reality, it is as these words say: “As above, so below”. Down here is a reflection of the same things that happen “up there”; that is, if you have the notion that when it thunders, the Virgin Mary is cleaning the house and moving furniture to clean underneath them. This cleaning is happening simultaneously because it is a natural cycle lived at the very end of an age, to transform and bring the new one.

Apparently, humanity has been awakening at great speed in these last few years, and the effect of this is causing a peaceful revolution and evolution of love. Peace! peace!, peace!, cry the populace! And with much reason; “awakening of their consciences and souls; the opening of their third eyes and senses of their reality and the hope for a new future and a better one; … who would think that such a thing would happen right now when our world looks so chaotic?

Well that is how disclosure is happening. Experiencing pain to kick you up from the chair and look up to the sky and ask God for assistance. Assistance is here and has always been here; but our connection to the upstairs floor was nock out by our ignorance. Now we are out of it. Now we feel and see. Now we want a better world and future. Now we are conquering space and the reunion with our naturals is set to be released for all to know. It is happening for many out there, but also there are many still waiting for this connection.

Please, never be afraid of what you will encounter. Don’t pay attention to monster stories, even thou what you may experience may look to you as something alike. We have been and still are being prepared for this encounter, and we know that peace will be with us at the moment of contact. To understand our universe, is to understand ourselves.

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