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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Thank You Note to All Visitors of The World and More...

First, thank you for visiting Mi Pueblo and sharing with me your thoughts. It has been a different experience for me when interacting with people who care, and have different opinions which are also valid as their truth. For me all opinions are valid when we are searching for the truth and understanding of things. I know these ones don’t carry means to offend no one, for these opinions come from an intelligent humanity, working for the good of all.
Understanding and communication is a way to find the right answers and actions to change things. All that is needed is the will to do things in a peaceful way.

And now I would like to share this video which was uploaded by liloumace on Jun 29, 2011.
This is an interview made by Juicy Living Tour to Alfred Webre which I have found to be very revealing in terms of life out from our Earth’s borders.
He also talks about Time Travel, Life on Mars, Parallel realities, the pyramids and the relation of these ones to the ones on Mars, and explains how we are in different dimensions, … and many other things like human aliens living on earth and in Mars.
He has been criticized and ridicule, but I feel that all the information that comes to us, has to be listen to, and put in a safe place for later discussion with friends and understand better who we are. We really don’t know who is right or wrong when dealing with extra-information from the stars or our family from beyond.
We all know that life exists in the Universe and that we are not alone, even thou until now we have not seen the completion of a puzzle related to aliens or other inhabited worlds; for us to be confident of our origins, and again “even thou” we are of many different races having a human experience here on Earth. And why is this so? Think of that one!...

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