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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Quick Review of an Intelligent Cloud

By the end of 2010 mysterious and strange clouds were covering the sky. This was something no one could miss for its rare behavior and the way it was station in the same spot for a long period of time. I can not say how much time, but I was able to take a video clip for almost 9 minutes until the camera was off from storage space.
Today I made some studies of this strange cloud, and it looks like different types of smaller clouds are separating from the main one. These smaller clouds have apparently a ufo shape in almost all of them, plus other effects like an opening where a huge bright light seem to come from out of it.
It is amazing to watch this cloud, as it produces many movements not conceivable by human mind, believing that clouds are only water vapor roaming in the skies. This is absolutely a proof of; “that nature is incredible, or that we are being visited by strange visitors from other worlds. This of course is something really hard to accept, but as more strange things happen around the world with ufo sittings and strange clouds, no one can say that this is not an out of world contact or just a mere coincidence in weather patterns.
We all know that weather can be manipulated, and that extreme technology exists today with unknown capabilities for us, but again the truth is that we are by now experiencing a tremendous change in our world which is causing many to listen and be aware of this extreme and strange phenomena occurring around us.

First Video Link:
Eastern Island Heads:

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