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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Innocence of Humantiy Manipulated

To take away the straw from the eye sometimes can be hurting and difficult to get rid off. To understand our way in this life it is often more difficult as we try harder and harder to know ourselves and those around us. Agendas are many, but how can we identified which ones are of deep concern to us in these days; governments, the economy, religions or extraterrestrial presense?

In early centuries, humanity was already being manipulated and deviated from knowledge. Their innocence was abuse by those who seek power over them. They, being the majority did not understood the vicious tricks perpetrated on them, accepting them as truths in their lives. This was the beginning of a false reality that continues its way until our existing days.

But who were those who manipulated then, the innocence of humanity at the beginning? Were they called gods, kings or fallen angels?

Today we as humanity are still being manipulated in different ways and in a very subtle way. We have been made believe that we really need a superior entity to fix our problems and to provide us with all of our needs. This has turn to be the way we humans live our lives and accept them that way, leaving away the thought that we are capable of creating our own reality and produce our own necessities. We have been separated by different beliefs, something that has cause a tremendous change in what our true reality and purpose must be.

All of this has cause separation and misunderstandings between all of us and wars have been fought since the first moment one tries to speak for what its right or for what our rights were and are in this world as human beings.

Apparently extremely forces with their unique agenda have subjugated humanity without being aware of this for centuries. And the sad thing of all this it looks like we are still not being aware of this. Well in reality it is not our fault as the truth from us and where we come from has been destroyed or kept hidden from us to keep us in captivity for millennia.

It is time for us to be released and learn the truth of who we are; and If we want to change our world, and bring peace into our lives; and also protect our earth and stop her destruction then we must definitely need to learn, search and research, and put things in a positive perspective when we look at ourselves. Who we are and what has been our purpose for this existence is the first one we have to look for. We are not here just because. We are here for the same reasons others in this universe have for their existence. Those who don’t conform with the simplicity and at the same time the extraordinary complexity of nature and our universe; in one way or another will find himself in different scenarios of truths and believes.

When we find out that we have been lied to, we burst in confusion trying to understand why lies have to be thrown at us, and what purpose was hidden in those lies. We feel weak to confront those lies and fear grows in our hearts by the obscurity that we face.

It is not a dream or a fantasy that we have to “”awake”” and take away the straw from our eye to see our true reality. To unmask and expose the liar it will only take one thing; to open our minds and wake up to face the truth that we have been going in the wrong direction following false prophets and ghosts of weak and lower intentions, and that we have the maturity of the soul already to bring them to their knees and surrender.

We have been made responsible and the ones doing the wrong thing in this world, but I disagree on this. Our innocence and lack of knowledge has been the culprit for the weight on our shoulders. We have to take it off. We have to wake up, but never loose that innocence which is base in love, kindness, honesty, decency and many other meanings for a rightful life.

We have to wake up from a centuries dream, and know that what was then can not be now. We pass the kindergarden test already and it has taken thousands of years for our graduation. Now it the time for our diploma and exercise our knowledge, but we must also recognize that love can not be separated from that knowledge. Both go together, or other wise conflicts will still happen in our lives and nothing will be of value if we continue in the unconscious land.

Stay alert. Learn and do not sleep your life away. There is much to learn and accept as the real truth in our lives. Don’t stay in a plastic world that feels and looks as the real one. Look for the one generated by love and only love. The difference has no end.

Why was I inspire in writing this which it is incomplete, and don’t bring notes or proof? It is because much information is given for us to discern what the truth is or not. It is because our hearts have a desire for that truth and stones get in our way for us to react on a deep level. We feel deep in our hearts what man has suffered for thousands of years and we try to know and learn why. Then this things come in bits and pieces to put together all those feelings that you and me have kept in our hearts

for so long with uncertainty if they are the truth or not and to make us aware that our reality has been manipulated or it just been that way because it was.

Here is a link that which is an old post, but I found it and thought it would be interesting in doing more research about who the Archons were or are. Maybe I will do it but not on an intensive search. For me what it matters much right now is how we face ourselves and respond to our hearts to change our lives and bring peace into our world and also to free our souls from those lower vibrations that keep us blind.

I don’t know if what is written here is the truth, but I do agree on this everlasting manipulation of our reality.

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