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Tuesday, December 28, 2010


We sometimes wonder how our relation to everything around us is. We are learning that we are part of the "All that exists" and that we have been created by a mysterious entity that we can not comprehend or find with a reasonable explanation.
Mysteriously I may say, that we know this deep inside of us; but we can not see how the relation occurs. We can not know and maybe will never know how everything began, but I understand that that mysterious reality is latent, very close to us and very clear for us to see and admire.
But we have become come blinded to see that reality even though I have to accept that not all of us are or have. Our ancient people knew this relation very well, but we on the other hand through our recently (a few hundred years ago) constructed materialistic reality, forgot to relate ourselves with nature.
I believe the relation is presented right there specifically in nature itself. Have you often look at a drop of water and wonder how and where it came from? I bet some of you do. But did you ever look very profoundly to the sky and notice or felt that these clouds up there are really live entities; just like we are live entities right here on the earths ground; or as we say on earth? Have you ever wonder if we are all connected and how this connection is made?
Through years or maybe may I say, most of my life I have been so fascinated with nature, that now I have realized how blinded we have become. It seems that the only important things in the world are those things that we can only touch, but when we look deeper; there are many things that are most important to us but we don’t realize that we don’t have to touch them to know and feel that they are indeed very important for our lives also.
When we see and touch someone, we feel that this person really exists and it is very alive. We know this because we are looking at this person, and also it is corroborated by the touch of our hands. But when we look at a cloud, we know they are there but we can not tell or feel if it is a live entity, because our hands can not touch the cloud. We see them and accept that they are there, but that it’s all. We can not relate to them as I said before.
Through years of admiring nature and the sky, I have found how everything relates. Well at least this is what I feel and can perceive as my truth. It is said that “we only see that which we really want to see”; but when you find such similar characteristics in various objects, then you have to deduce that all of them come or are related to each other.

In this case I will refer to the clouds. The clouds are live entities and they reproduce the same way everything else reproduces. All of them are related, in the same way we are related. Clouds have come from the same energy that we have been created; the only thing is that we have a different vessels. We are different creatures or entities sharing what we call a universe. Now we know more, but still we keep ourselves blind.
By admiring nature I have seen how everything comes to life. Very simple: a seed comes from a seed? Which came first the egg or the bird? Does energy comes first? What is God? Where is God? Is what we call God is the seed? God is the main seed, it is not?. We are the other seeds that came from the main seed and we create other seeds as well. We are in a constant seeding movement. We keep seeding our universe and we don’t realize this.

We are like Matryoshka Dolls; or nesting dolls; where one comes from the other one or the primary
one (source). We are created the same way the nesting dolls are created. They are constructed from one block of wood, which is essential to their manufacture. This again is the same way we are created, from one source; the main source (God being the “wood block” for our construction). That is why it is said that we are all one and that we are all related and keep connected to the prime source, eternally.

This is a truth that can not be denied, but we persist in believing that we are separated beings on this earth and that nothing out there in the universe has a relation to us. We still don’t catch the relation between a seed and a flower, or an egg from a bird. We still can not relate the heat energy to form a cloud. Worst of all, we can not see that that energy is responsible for all of this.

Vortexes or worm holes (wombs) which are filled with energy are precisely what transports a being that is in the process of being created. Once on the other side, it becomes an entity or a creature (meaning human here) into a certain place or level where it will carry an specific (let me say) job, to contribute in balancing what we call nature or if you will that part of this universe that we call our Earth.

We are many here! Different species in the same sphere; related from the ground up and from up in the sky to the ground. We come from the Void, all the way to the Earth and stay connected all the way back to the Void eternally. We are in different levels but all related. We are different types of seeds, but all created the same.
I wish I could say more here, and show you proof of my truth, but that will be reveal to you once you start reaching others and keep close to nature. Nature her-self will show you who you are, and once you do, you will know where you came from.

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