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Thursday, November 24, 2016


This is a light orb being!
Photo by me Cuqui Cordero,
 believe it or not, ... not fake, Just Real!
I share this post by Hank Wesselman PhD., posted in January 8th,2010.
The Jinn are much like fairies, gnomes, little people he says, and I add this photograph taken by me.
An ORB being who was trying to get closer to me. That photo is real! 

I share Dr. Wesselman post because I feel that someone here on Earth has to be right about that world we can not understand or accept as real. If we look we will find. 

 By Hank Wesselman PhD. - January 8th, 2010The Jinn are much like fairies, gnomes, little people.  Below is an amazing conversation with one.  It is a mind bender and stretcher. If you are feeling a bit confused by all the information, best to skip.An Encounter With a Jinn (Genie) In Egypt By Hank Wesselman PhD. - January 8th, 2010 - 33 CommentsIn my Blogum (a hybrid blog-column) posted Jan 8, 2010, it was revealed that I recently had an encounter with a Jinn in Egypt.In Arabic, male Jinn are called `jinni' and females `jinniya.' They are earthbound spirits who may fall into the same category as the faeries of European lore as they live in this world (right here) as opposed to the transpersonal forces that reside in the spirit world (over there.)In the Holy Ku'ran (Koran), the great prophet Mohammed himself reveals that the Jinn are real, that they are formed of holy fire (energy) and that they are normally invisible, but capable of becoming visible at their pleasure. He proclaims that they are moral, but that they can also be mischievous, even troublesome, to those who cannot control them.This Jinn was encountered in a shrine at the great mortuary temple of Medinat Habu near the Valley of the Kings. After my initial encounter in the temple on Dec. 7, 2009, I returned to the shrine through my shamanic journeywork on Dec. 8 where the Jinn and I then had a most unusual conversation.Let me say in advance that this dialogue did not occur in English nor in Arabic but rather in the non-verbal communication modality that I conceive of as `think-feeling.' My job, as always, is to translate and reconstruct the entirety of the contact after the fact from blocks of information that I can recall and transcribe into written notes.As a prelude, allow me to offer that during the second encounter, the jinni manifested itself first as two disembodied eyeballs… and since this didn't deter me, it then carefully chose to reveal itself as a smoky humanoid form that flickered at the edges, shifting back and forth from one vague shape to another in pastel hues of orange, yellows and greens, with deeper core areas of more brilliant light as its mood shifted in response to our dialogue.But if its etheric form was somewhat diffuse, its voice was quite distinct, allowing me to share what follows with confidence.After identifying myself and what my intentions were for being there (in my journeywork), I revealed that I had been there the day before (and the Jinn remembered this,) that I had been in contact with Jinn before in Ethiopia in 1995 and 1996, and in Egypt in 2003.I mention this because upon learning that I had had contact with the Jinn before, the jinni became most respectful, even helpful.Knowing that the Jinn can be mischievous, I tricked it into telling me its name, and after that I was the one in control and the Jinn could not lie to me. I say this for those of you among my readers who know the Jinn and how tricky dealing with them can beInitially the Jinn revealed that it had originally come from a place in the western desert (the name of this place meant nothing to me, nor could I later find it on a map,) and that it had attached itself to an early traveler through that region who had eventually come to Egypt. When I asked `when?' the jinni didn't seem to understand the question.When its human `host' had died, the jinni had decided to remain near the river Nile and had taken up residence in different places, most recently in this shrine once the temple had been released from the grip of the desert sands that had covered most of it in the interim. When I asked how long it had been there, once again it didn't seem to understand the question.(My note: The Jinn's confusion about time is in alignment with my understanding that it is only when we are embodied in physical form that we are subject to and immersed within `Time.' When we are in spirit between lives, we are then in the `timeless.' And since Jinn are without physical form, they are in fact in the realm of timeless in which all time is `now.')Has the conversation that follows been influenced by my own current interests and interpretations? Undoubtably, as I am a scholar and I do a lot of reading, yet the interwoven information that follows is compelling to say the least, even heretical at times. So here it is for your consideration, recorded shortly after it occurred…THE CONVERSATION (taken from my written notes)I began by asking the jinni if there was anything it wanted… a good beginning.In the pregnant silence that followed my question, an image of the carved granite altar in front of the shrine came up in my mind. In response, the Jinn's field brightened considerably as though a pulse of energy surged through its light… and hesitantly, almost shyly, an answer came…`Honey!'As I digested this request, my impressions of the Jinn that was before me were somewhat like being observed by a cat waiting to be fed. There was that same unwavering, expectant intensity. In response, I used my creative imagination, a function of my egoic mental soul, to create a small bowl of honey as a thoughtform. I held it is my hands for long moments (in the hands of my dream-body, of course, for I was `there' in my shamanic visioning.)I had the Jinn's complete attention.As I slowly extended my dream arms to place the dream bowl of honey on the altar, I said: `I will give you this honey if you will tell me your name.'Any resistance in the Jinn was gone. As it took the honey and drank it gratefully, the jinni's name appeared in my mind. Then… satisfied, the jinni turned its attention fully toward me. Was there an energetic smile? Perhaps…J(inn): You humans are creators. We, the Jinn, cannot create but we can mimic… we can imitate… and we can affect potential outcomes, but we cannot create.(There was a long thoughtful pause and then:)J: Few can perceive us anymore and fewer still can bind us to their will. Now that I have told you my name great one (offered respect to me,) you can ask me to serve you, and I will.HW: I have been called by other Jinn `El Kobbet'—the binder… And what qualities and abilities do you possess that might be of service to me?(The Jinn flickered thoughtfully, then answered.)J: I can protect you from enemies and I can inflict curses and misfortune on those who oppose you.HW: I am constrained in my practice from inflicting harm on anyone for any reason…(Still, I thought, this genie might come in handy if a real bad guy came along or someone threatened me of my family with harm.)J: …Or with ill will…(I had momentarily forgotten that the mental channel was an open one.)HW: How about healing work?(The Jinn's field dimmed in intensity. His answer was startling.)J: Who can say what is written on another person's soul? We cannot purposefully influence their destiny without tampering with their agreement.HW: Agreement with who…?J: With the higher organizing intelligences...HW: Are the Jinn below them in the spiritual hierarchy?J: Oh yes. Some of the younger Jinn occasionally misbehave. The watchers approach them then and encourage them in more appropriate forms of expression.HW: Who are the watchers?J: The ones among the higher intelligences responsible for this world. We are not allowed to interfere with humans on their path although there are some who do, as well as those who function as adversaries.(I thought about some of my recent reading and asked:HW: Are those the ones that the Gnostikoi called the archons?(I used the Greek term for the Gnostics.)J: Oh… so you know about them… (The Jinn's field brightened reflecting excitement.) The archons are not true spirits. They are mind beings, mental entities many of who were created by humans as thought-forms. Many of these function as attachments… as mental parasites.HW: How do they do that?J: They feed on the energy… on the attention paid to them by humans. This includes the energy generated by human belief systems. But they are not true spirits and they will cease to exist if nobody pays attention to them any more. The ones you call `the archons' are those that we call `the deceivers,' and like us they are not creative. But they can mimic and they can take on forms in response to human belief systems.(I thought about this at some length, then asked.)HW: Are they the ones we call the aliens or extraterrestrials?(The Jinn didn't appear to understand the question so I explained. Its response was more than interesting.)J: The deceivers can take on many forms, drawing from the belief systems of humans… and… there are also visitors who come here from other places.HW: From other worlds?J: Yes.HW: Who are they and why do they come here?J: They are `others' and they come here as visitors.HW: Why do they abduct humans and perform experiments on them?J: They don't. That is the deceivers who do that.HW: The deceivers? Why do they do that?J: Humans are greater than the deceivers. The deceivers that you have called the archons wish to become more like humans. They cannot create. They can only imitate and the only power that they have is derived from humans. Humans have power… and the deceivers want that power.Continued at link: 

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The 2012 Enigma by David Wilcock Pt. 01

I needed to go back and start listening to all these videos by David Wilcock. At the beginning all of this was like a new land that I had to walk without knowing where to go or what to do, but now is a different story and that is why I feel that if I go back, I can have a better understanding of what is going on today. 
During those days, everything was changing so rapidly that life felt like a new one, and almost all of us navigating the internet had a good taste of what was being shown to us and our wonderful future ahead to change life on Earth for good. One question now. What happened? All of our groups and our positive communications with the rest of our world's friends started to fall apart. New way to put all of us in one place started to change everything into a not so positive scenario. We lost our friends who went to different networks or started new pages, but the worst part of all this was, ... that our faith in all those new visions and positive scenarios started to disappeared. No more unity between friends and positive energies. Now war, the economy, viruses, epidemics and all kinds of things are changing that which we wanted to end for good. Positive versus Negative has been at war since then, and I don't think I has been because we really want to keep on this destructive time line. 
We have learned many new things and ways for us to finish this "unbalance" life that we have live for hundreds of years, if not,... since we started our lives on Earth. We lost our faith in those who were bringing the truth to us, and with much reason, because those who oppose that us humans could live a happy and free life away from materialism, have done everything in their power to keep us slaves of a reality that is not working the way it should, for humanity to go on. We can not destroy ourselves and this wonderful Universe. Time to open minds and consciences to give us another chance to start all over again in peace. At least the majority of humanity with good sense and respect for others, can continue in where we left off to where we were heading. New way, new life. I do know we can do it. 
I am starting now by listening to all these videos. 
Have fun! 

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Off planet invading plasma?

Flat Earth The Truman Show and the Bible

Galactic Alignment - Cosmic Superwave 2016 - 2018 a possible doomsday period!

I do not doubt that some shaking will be next for our world. How will it be? Well many scenarios are being presented to us for our near future. Let us see how all these pieces of the grand puzzle fit. Uncensored News has a good one here and very interesting. Go for it!

Galactic Alignment - Cosmic Superwave 2016 - 2018 a possible doomsday period!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Contact since the 40's

Ok I am back! 
This one is an old post that I really want to share again, because at this time I do believe that we understand more than maybe 5 years or 60 years ago. Our not understood experiences were indeed a reason for others to believe we were out of our minds and this would make our whole world to be torn apart because we could not explain to others our behavior or our silence as our reason to act in such a way. We were taken as retards or with some type of illness. Now I guess more will understand his or her own experiences in a different way. We have learn more and we are here to discover the reasons for those experiences. 
I go briefly here, because I can not go with all the moments and details of my experiences. 
First I want to share this video, so you can have "maybe" the first impression of what is behind the energy of our Universe. I do say "energy" because is my only way to put it by the things learned through the years and of course as a natural thought from my soul and mind. 
Now watch what happens in this video.

An so the story continues...

I do believe that since the 40’s or maybe before that something started to happen to a large group of people, and I have to include myself here.

 Photo taken by me. L. Cordero Spheres in the night

                     Photo taken by me. L. Cordero Spheres in the night

Contact was being made and visions of these beings and their light ships were common for us. But only one thing was not common; no one would believe then or even now about our experiences and soon the psychiatric industry started to make a lot of money selling drugs for people’s illusions, anxieties or depressions, as they called all of this nonsense of our minds.

Sad to say is; … that beautiful experiences with beings from other dimensions can not be share openly without us being labeled, and of course this does not apply to those who apparently had a different close encounter with other types of beings, as a “traumatic scar” was left in them.

Probably this close encounter was found traumatic because they were part of a research project or an experiment to see how humans are or behave. I don’t doubt this at all, but having contact with a different type of being and never seen by us, is not easy to digest unless no harm is done to us. Of course there are those who have had the opportunity to come back from this encounter with good news or messages to humanity. Most of the time these messages are similar.

Changes are required from us to advance in many ways, especially in our relation with the Earth and our spiritual growth to advance into the future in peace,… for us to received what has been promised to us; a conscience eternal life. This means; a respectful life with an understanding of who we are, and knowing our purpose for being part of this great creation.

I do have to say that many of us have had great experiences, but others lamentably not that great by the apparent state in which these ones took place.
Yes in the 60’s a huge war was seen in the sky (some people claim this and I also dare to say yes to this as I had a weird and similar experience observing lots of  "orbs" shooting at each other in the night sky,  and none would fall to the ground or exploded.  Weird!, but it was. 
Yes also in the 60’s, I was taken into a sphere. Weird experience as everything was vivid after returning from the experience. Every single thing remained in my memory, but was understood by me as a night mare or weird dream. Left behind what I thought it was a dream, everything but few things stayed in my memory. 

In the 90’s I had contact again, "twice" two of them very clear and even visits leaving behind memories for me to keep.

                             Photo taken by me.  L. Cordero Light being

Yes I have a photograph (this one above), two years ago, and until this day no one believes it as real. I don’t blame those who do not want to know because I know they are in fear, or to be honest; who knows why they don't want others to know about their existence.   

To say the truth is to make ourselves be in trouble, but now I am not afraid anymore, and I truly understand what all of this is about. I feel free and I know that we are not and have never been alone.
All I hope is, that for those thousands of people out there who ever were in contact and still are with beings from other dimensions; … to feel good about their experiences and never forget them. These memories are of great value for all of us. They are letting us know to want and to know more about our Earth and our origins. We can not discard these encounters and say that all of this has been illusions of a confused mind or a creation of a sick mind. Maybe some cases are, but not all of them.
They are trying to say, "hey! we are here"; but we pretend to be blind by not talking about it. 

I would like to have more answers to know why exactly these experiences and contact with beings from other dimensions or places take place and the exact purpose. That probably we will know some day or maybe we already know but don’t understand it or remember it.  
All I know is that I am grateful for it; … and that I am not afraid and never was. I will never forget those loving and sad eyes looking at me.  We have to have in mind that soon we will be experiencing more of these encounters.  The change is inevitable and has no return back. Contact will be natural and accepted. Finally we will be flowing free to create a wonderful future.

Extraterrestrials in Israel Orya Deisraeli interviews Exopoliticis founder Alfred Lambremont