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Monday, January 25, 2010

None Intentional Thoughts - Instant Messages!

I have to laugh because some people tend to call us or me, better said; “delusional” which is related to a symptom of a psychiatric condition. Well, that is fine; I don’t care if I am crazy. That does not bother me, because at least I can have another view of life. Anyway, I take things in a joyous way; that is why I’m always in a good mood; except when something does not feel fare to me. I don’t like injustices, but anyway, who likes them?

While browsing all the pictures in Kingdome of Heaven - Galactic Central; I found this one, which it is, a crop circle that has three indented circles and triangle in the middle of it.
And all this craziness is because I know what this crop circle is. Uuuu weeeeeee! While I am writing this, I am laughing, because we have been blind; again, “reeeaally blind”. Of course how to put it, maybe I can’t, because it is a little bit hard to explain, but I will try. But I guess that when I look at all of these crop circles, some of them are telling me, of a great message to us, that many have decipher, but in reality I believe that they don’t tell us the real meaning of them because of their complexity, but I know that many of them are decipher by experts in such a way, that it makes us think about that possibility to be real; and by the way that they are compare or associated with an event or something known to us.
But by whom and why does these crop circles are being sketch over the crops? Not me., no,no,no. Well it is fine if we don’t always get the real meaning of these messages, because in its moment something will happen that the message will be reveal, even if it is in the future; but it would be nice to be able to understand crop circles in a way that will help us prevent any situation that might have a threat or to know about an inspiring message that would give hope to humanity; which I believe; is the purpose for these crop circles “gods artworks”. But my opinion is that if we don’t listen to our hearts and get those instant messages that are floating around us, then we are going to stay blinder than ever if we don’t pay attention to them, because they might be the truth of what it is going on, or will happen in the future. And forgive me if I am wrong here. Remember I am “delusional.” Just kidding!
I guess I am starting to grow “x rays in my eyes”, like superman; but, but, but of course I also have “some times”, an assistance here. I hope that kryptonite don’t hurt me this time.
From my x ray vision, I have seeing this crop circle in the sky above me. The first times they attracted my attention; but since it was hard to understand before, I left it to one side and kept in my mind for the right moment, which I did not know when, that was going to be. But while looking at these pictures, when I came to this one, only an instant thought came into my mind; that is when I started to laugh, but why? Well because it was an “instant thought”. I guess instant thoughts have a meaning or am I being exaggerating? I was not reasoning about it, it just happened.
For me; none intentional thoughts tend to be actual realities reveal in a certain moment to persons or a person, “which are spontaneous”, to clarify something or to guide them to an idea or something real that will be created or that it is already created but that we can not perceive as being there or what it is.

I believe this exact thing happen to me, because of what I kept before in my mind, for the right moment to discover or learn, but I was not thinking about it either. So this is telling me now that I am correct when I say what this crop circle means. That instant message brought this to my attention to get to this conclusion.
Now let’s go to the point; Simple, and in few words. Uh?, well I hope so.
Is this crop circle a space ship? I feel it is. I believe this space ship is being hidden from our eyes by a system “or better said” a holographic system that does not allow us to see its color, texture or material. They are here, and all over. I even took a short clip movie of one moving. But I am sure 100% that if I show you this movie clip, maybe it won’t be easy for you to see it. I could say more things, but ok with this for now.
This is not my delusional ego here, please!; and also have in mind that delusional minds are hard to understand.
It is those instant messages in my brain that carry the truth of what I have experienced in certain moments. Ok, I know some of us can have instant anger or instant ideas or what ever instant things come from our mind; like creating something good; but when it comes to things like these ones, and specially if you already have experienced or sensed, that what you are looking at it is something out of the extraordinary, and it is something wonderful that relates to you in some way or for some reason “specially in this modern era and moment for us, where contact with other civilizations is around the corner, I will refer here to, “space brothers or space beings and space ships” doing their part for the benefit of humanity and Gaia- Mother Earth, (which some would say it is impossible ); which at this moment, she is more important than all of us, because she is transforming herself; and if we don’t help cure and heal Mother Earth then; is there a possibility that someone else would be doing this? Who is doing this?” Beings from other places like stars or another dimension? Well, if my instant message is correct, then this has to be of true and something positive; and it might well being created by very ingenious beings, or angelic beings from those other dimensions, and because of the probability for them to get affected by our neglected way of behavior, to our environment and the universe, which at the same time is raising “”strong energies” that could harm the whole system, then that is why they might have come to intervene and do something about it, since we forgot who we are suppose to be and do here on Earth. That is why my instant message told me that this crop circle is nothing more than a “space ship” driven by the energy of three holy beings, and is presented to us through a crop circle drawing in the exact way we may see them, or through our sensitive brains, soul or higher self.
Bad behavior of all sorts, bring bad energies around us, affecting everything, from our bodies to our Earth. Remember wars, crime and so on and so on?
Well I said it was going to be in simple words, but I guess the more info comes into my mind the more I want to keep on writing. Why is this so? Well.
All of this can be confusing, but let us just take it easy and watch carefully our hearts. Let us have in mind and accept that we have never been along in this universe, and that there are more and higher intelligent beings out there, who are “Holy” as in holographic, and that this was taught to us through religions, but put in a way for us to “maybe!?, be kind (which is good) but also at the same time to make us feel fear from higher god beings, that would punish us for wrong doing?” with the purpose of making us peaceful and comply with the rules of the ones here on Earth in that moment in history with the only purpose of control over us for…? Well we all know that one already…
Uuuu weee! Maybe the kryptonite is doing something weird to my brain; LOL!
But, if we do the “quick jump” like a space ship with its wonderful holy energy, that goes from one point to the other in flash time, then we are going to be able to accept that we are all part of that universal machine, that never stops, and we are going to be in perfect harmony with us and everything ever created. Is not that, why we were created for; to belong to that wonderful universe? Are we going to stay separated by what? Boundaries where, where are they? Who put a line between me and my friends, or us and Gaia; or the Universe?
Are we not composed of energy? And if that it is so, then why is it so that we have to use that energy in the wrong way; and all of this because we have a material body? Uuuuuuu Weeeeee!
Well I guess I will finish here for now. But from now on I am not going to ignore those instant messages in my head and my heart, because they might help me in the future and probably they will help me help others in the land of no boundaries. My sense is that the future will be so different that that is why we have to stay united because we can never plant a seed; without getting dirt in our hands. All of us will have to pitch in, and join our assistants for Gaia’s return.

On crop circles?; for me as my instant messages are telling me; some are insignias, some are events to occur , and some are depictions of space ships or the way they look up there in our sky as; incognito.
This other crop circle which amazes me the most is the “Jelly Fish” crop circle”; the one that has been decipher with a message of disaster for Earth through an earthquake, due to a solar storm that supposedly was going to hit our planet; which they related to lunar eclipses. This supposedly earthquake already happened as I have learned, but...
But well; here my instant message told me that it is very clear in plain view, that those four spheres with tiny dots on either side under the umbrella; are four” mother ships” protecting our Earth and us from the Sun. So good! If my instant message is right, it is very obvious by the umbrella shape in that crop circle, that for me this means “PROTECTION”. I know the sun has been acting strange lately for obvious reasons; and those wonderful hot days that we have experienced were not as bad as they look. But again I must say that I have to attribute that to our holy ghosts in the sky.
Once I heard a woman tell a story of how God presented to her and showed her three spirals in a picture. He asked her to tell him what was that that she was seeing; in that picture; and she told him; that what she was looking at, were three springs. But God told her that those were “spirals, and that those spirals were three “energy bolides” that were going to hit Earth, and that she was suppose to go and tell humanity about this event, in order for us to prepare for what was coming. But, what I did not hear was, if those three spirals had anything to do with changes affecting our Earth and us. But, I am, and I don’t know for what reason, believing in those “bolides of energy” as something to help us raise our consciences, and also, that they are coming from the energy of our central sun. I believe that so far we have had a couple of these bolides of energy hit the Earth, but not sure when. So I guess that the last one would be in 2012 as the final burst that will bring total awareness for us in this Universe, when we will finally embrace the Christ Consciousness. Those bursts of energy will be the last spade that will tear apart all the darkness and evil in our lives, and we will resurrect into a magnificent world. That will be precisely the beginning of the Golden Age, but not without first going through some hard times, which will be the catalyst to bring the change. But again of course, this is my instant message talking, but anyway I am going to pay attention to it, because as they say; we create what we want and what I have always wanted is to live in a world of peace and beauty. What is that place called again? Ah! Heaven on Earth, or Paradise, I like that!
So to end this perception with the “Jelly Fish”, this again tells us about the magnificent work at the hands of our space brothers with their ability to interact with the universe, nature, Gaia and us. Are we going to participate and join those intrepid beings in assisting Gaia? We better do it, wake up!
This is a comment that I found by a crop circle analyst which has some of my brain instant messages in it. I sensed the umbrella as protection but here it is explain in a different way; which I also agree on some parts of it.
Link here:
“The tentacles are non-symmetrical and seem to depict an organic, moving layer or sheath around the jellyfish. Their purpose is protection. Once activated the 12-point chakra system, through the crown ‘doorway', will open human Beings to multi-dimensionality and envelop the physical body in an ethereal, protective shell. The tentacles also seem to suggest our awareness or consciousness flowing freely into the unified field. We are on a wondrous journey of self-discovery as we awaken to our essence and full potential.
I see. So basically after we recover from a massive solar storm that destroys our atmosphere, kills all our communications satellites, and takes down the power grid, we're going to awaken our potential. Because we're all going to be protected by an ethereal shell, which is like +10 armor that protects against photonic incursion.”

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