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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Here Comes The Sun Video, please watch!

This is a very important video even thou it is an old one. It was made 2 years ago but hardly got spread around the media.
If we look at the situation that we actually have with those problems related to the use of petroleum, and all of this contamination of the earth and our bodies, we should consider for once in our lifetimes to test new technologies, especially those that can use the solar energy to bring electricity to our cities, towns and country areas.
Since I learned about solar panels a long time ago; many, many years back, I imagined people enjoying life in a different way. With no worries on how to have enough money to pay for the electricity bill and also the benefit this would bring to those countries where electricity is still scarce, plus how this will contribute to help clean our air and land.
Once I imagined that we should try this in our own country and start a test ride in a couple of towns, in the middle of the island, to produce electricity to these towns to see how it will benefit the economy in those areas. I believe that towns in the mountain range will be a good place to start this test, because right now there exist plenty of farms where nothing is cultivated any more for many reasons. Those farms could well be use for this experiment and install a solar panel facility to see how beneficial is and if it can work properly, with the type of the year round weather that this island has.
We have plenty of sun all the time, but during summer, now this has changed a lot. Now we have more cloudy days than before, but even thou, we still can try this system because there are ways to save the energy via batteries placed in a station,which then is recycled and send to the needed areas .
I am not an expert on this, but I am pretty sure, that we are wasting our time trying to keep an old system which is inevitably destroying our earth and our lives in many ways. We have to remember that wars have always had a motive and most of the time is for oil. How many lives have been lost for this reason? You guess it right! many.
I know that what “us”; all of us right now, all we want is to live a life in abundance and free from those daily worries on how to come with money to pay our bills. I know that if we dare to change the way we produce energy in our cities and towns,then we will also have a peaceful world, one of the most important things for the human existence.
We need to bring these new technologies into our homes, hospitals, government buildings, factories, etc etc. I bet this will enhance the economy in a few years, with no way back. This will pay for itself in a few years and it will be the first right thing that man can ever do to start changing our world for good.
I myself vote for new technologies, which will set our human existence closer to Paradise. No more wars,no more crime, no more hunger, diseases, better food supply and so on. Many, many things, that we still can not have an idea in our minds of these wonderful changes.
Let our government watch this video; probably some will have a second though about what lies for us in the near future. They can not continue in denying the benefits of these new technologies. All I hope is that soon we may get on track or we will lose the train.

I honestly believe that we can try this in our home town. Morovis is a small town in the mountains with the capacity to try such technology. Our local government should take a look into this and consider the idea that we can be the first ones to give it a try, which at the same time will let us know how our human behavior can change due to the ease of life this will bring.

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