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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Velikovsky and The Electric Universe



I think we have forgotten this: “As above so below?”
Because chain reaction occurs as one’s electromagnetic field is disturbed by another body. Our solar system is a family of planets, just like a living family on Earth. When one component of this family reacts or disturbs others, certain reactions occur, bringing chaos; unless one intercedes and bring balance to avoid total destruction of this family relation.
Nature balances itself, but why is it that we humans still can not balance ourselves to end wars and unjustified crime? Are we sensing a short circuit in the air? (Joke?)

And why do I start with this? Well you only have to watch and listen very carefully to these videos. I guess this is it; the battle is on!
Now we can participate and let our thoughts and inside knowing to be free. Those things that we have always thought or believed to be the right answers from science, now we can start questioning them again.
Immanuel Velicovsky argued that electromagnetic effects play an important role in celestial mechanics. He really had the most controversial truth in his hands about our Universe. He was really convinced that in fact the Universe was controlled or “dominated” by electricity instead of “inward pulling gravity”. These were Newton’s and later Einstein theories and other academic researchers.
He was ridicule by these ideas, but he had a strong point in his theories, to even shut their mouths off. Without a doubt, he knew about the true workings of our Universe and put it in simple words for us to know.
Velicovsky was a man of good nature who could listen and see with his heart the mystery of this great creation.

Here we have a collection composed of 6 videos, but I am posting one which will take you to 77SGlinger Youtube channel. These videos will open minds to new perspectives and creativity. In fact things have change so much that indeed humanity is listening.

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