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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Something good is coming to town and it is not Santa Claus ...

It is Us!
Blossom Goodchild sensitivity is unique in her own way. With simple words she dares to say what we are waiting for, for a long time now. We feel it in our "bones" and sometimes we feel delirious watching and hearing all sorts of things and situations believing that nothing ever will find the wings to fly high. Maybe all this present friction has to be inevitably for a reason. Hey! we can not get fire if friction would not exist. Always no matter if good or bad, reactions are the result but I join Blossom in her vision, ... something good is coming to town and it is not Santa. Humanity is experiencing such a strong energy in their hearts that something good is about to happen. Millions of years in the making and probably finally the time is here. I hope we are here to celebrate our rightful place in this Universe. We are not that bad as some make us believe we are. Never pay attention to that... those are only stones in our way but now ... nothing will step in our way. This is the time! Feed your hearts with joy and relax...

Our dreams are about to come true!

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