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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The 2012 Enigma by David Wilcock Pt. 01

I needed to go back and start listening to all these videos by David Wilcock. At the beginning all of this was like a new land that I had to walk without knowing where to go or what to do, but now is a different story and that is why I feel that if I go back, I can have a better understanding of what is going on today. 
During those days, everything was changing so rapidly that life felt like a new one, and almost all of us navigating the internet had a good taste of what was being shown to us and our wonderful future ahead to change life on Earth for good. One question now. What happened? All of our groups and our positive communications with the rest of our world's friends started to fall apart. New way to put all of us in one place started to change everything into a not so positive scenario. We lost our friends who went to different networks or started new pages, but the worst part of all this was, ... that our faith in all those new visions and positive scenarios started to disappeared. No more unity between friends and positive energies. Now war, the economy, viruses, epidemics and all kinds of things are changing that which we wanted to end for good. Positive versus Negative has been at war since then, and I don't think I has been because we really want to keep on this destructive time line. 
We have learned many new things and ways for us to finish this "unbalance" life that we have live for hundreds of years, if not,... since we started our lives on Earth. We lost our faith in those who were bringing the truth to us, and with much reason, because those who oppose that us humans could live a happy and free life away from materialism, have done everything in their power to keep us slaves of a reality that is not working the way it should, for humanity to go on. We can not destroy ourselves and this wonderful Universe. Time to open minds and consciences to give us another chance to start all over again in peace. At least the majority of humanity with good sense and respect for others, can continue in where we left off to where we were heading. New way, new life. I do know we can do it. 
I am starting now by listening to all these videos. 
Have fun! 

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