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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Barack Obama

The man who definitely has moved our hearts all over the world with his wisdom and courage, to finally come with ideas on how to make our world a better place and by making us understand that we must have faith, first of all in ourselves, to be able to conquer the future by accepting our new challenges that will shape our daily lives and world.
For all my life I have been waiting for something like this to happen and
be able to know that we still have a chance to change, repair the damage done to our beloved earth, by ending the wars, crime and most of all, to care for our children, old ones, and everything that has to do with our lives.
We, all the people of the world voted for Barack Obama with our hearts. That is why he is our president now, because there was an unanimous vote from the peoples heart, those hearts that have cried out loud in many languages that: “enough it’s enough, and that war, crime and hunger must be stop” ; those who know that our world and our lives are in danger and that if we keep on going in the old ways, we are going to have an inevitable end.
Let us join again with our hearts, to send him our love and promise that we will get together to accomplish what is our duty as human beings and citizens of this world.
We love you Barak Obama! Thank you for being you!

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