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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lights In The Sky

April has been a good month for sightings, but unfortunately, it has also been a not so good month for other matters.
Crowds of people are worry about the future of our country because of our economy and not so pleasant things are happening due to this problem.
But to add to this worry, now we are facing a thread from this swine flu that is spreading around the world, and people are beginning to rush and are buying the antiviral drugs to treat this flu. Why do we have to worry so much for this if we also are facing Dengue, another virus that is always here with us and it is a killer too?
Maybe all these things that are happening are because it is a wake up call to humanity. We have forgotten that we are many on this planet and we have been wasting our time in not so important things in our lives. Now we are paying a high price with all these problems that we are facing.
The World is web of surprises, and on top of that we are seeing strange lights and ufo’s in our skies, but “why is it so? “Maybe we have to pay more attention to what is going on the back of everything, and remember that God is real and alive, and our prayers can be answer if we ask with honesty and all of our hearts.
Now let us see the video, Enjoy

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