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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Melchizedek Speaks (post update from Galactic Friends)

Este es un update de Galactic Friends

Melchizedek Speaks:"Those Ones on Earth now, who are sensitive definitely feel a change in the local climate, regarding numbers of Visitors from Other Planets in the local area. There is so much love surrounding the Planet, there has been no gathering this large, of this many, in Earth history. Naturally, many wonder about mass decloakings. There indeed will be decloakings of Motherships, seen in this hemisphere. This will be witnessed by too many to deny the fact. This will be seen in a populated area. There is clearance for this Op now.It is not if, but when. When these motherships reveal themselves, it will bring a wave of LOVE to those witnessing it, that it will be absolutely contagious. Those who never give UFOs a second thought, will be met at home, by their previous nonbelieving spouse, or family member. The witness to decloakings will express the First Contact in such loving and compassionate terms, the family members too will be effected by the onslaught of pure love. They will not, after seeing their eyes, and feeling the love in their heart, be able to deny, their loved one saw something very real. It is this way, when this happens in waves, it gets the whole lot of them ready, and eagerly anticipating, more and more decloakings; mass decloakings.9/9/09 will bring us to 75% power in the crystalline grid structure of Earth. With the crystals pulsating their energy out to the pyramids, portals, and star gates, located inside Earth, we will have optimum power to operate our technology on Earth. This goes hand in hand with mass decloakings. After arrests, after Announcements, then we may bring free energy and replicators, as well as healing machines out for use all over the World. The crystalline grid is what these machines link into, these sentient computers, draw their power and downloads from these crystals.This completion/completion/completion, is not only for individuals, but also for Earth. Now Gaia may cocreate the New Earth she wants. She will cocreate the dissolution of current transportation. There will be a dissolution of manufacturing, ships, trains, airliners, and all things causing pollution and driven by greed markets. There simply will be no need for these things and they will not be missed. The technology which is coming, which is sentient, will bring so much convenience to us, we will not say no to doing without, with simply dissolving back to particles, these old polluters. There will be such a profound effect on our bodies and our lands, we will not need anyone to explain to us why it is a good idea. There will be instant gratification when it comes to cleaning up our act. Gaia and Vywamus will have so much stronger capabilities for healing, people living here today will be mystified by how good it can be, with such little effort.Currently the banks are literally dissolving. The infrastructure and processes inside banking systems, will no longer be utilized. New banking infrastructure will be put into place. This new infrastructure will be kindler, gentler, and most appreciated by all. The simplicity and fairness of it will be striking. There will be more than enough joy joy joy to go around. With economic easement, we will look around at what can be accomplished first for the good of all. This is when new healing technologies will be revealed. Healing with light technology will be so effective, hospitals will slowly, slowly, empty of their patients. People will walk bewildered out of their hospital beds to go home to a new life.This will cause great shifts in how people spend their time each day. They will be amazed how different life can be when they are no longer burdened with chronic illness. Imagine!People will start to get the idea that their personal relationships will change. Any arrangement based on greed, or less than love, will be mutually dissolved. There will be a propensity to gravitate to love. It will be easy to feel and easy to find. No one will any longer be able to tolerate accepting less than love and only love. People will recognize they no longer desire mundane lives, but instead insist life is fulfilling and fun.All of the plans, programs, and infrastructure changes, needed immediately, are already in place and currently being reviewed for compatibility with the current conditions. Beside this, there are continued changes in the firmament of Earth, bodies of water and continents shifting. All of the power centers of Earth are reawakening to their energy. The Earth's crystalline grids being activated by the 9/9/09 portal opening will effect every land mass, on Earth, and under the Sea. All of these changes will be positive. All of these changes are necessary to power up the new technologies.The veil has dropped to the point of no longer feeling/perceiving anything that is in contrast to truth as real. There is a large group of awakened Ones[> 51% positive soul records], already operating in the new consensus reality. The time for Peace is now." Shalom,~Melchizedek

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