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Monday, November 16, 2009

Cloudships or Weird clouds?

Abnormal clouds or something more than a mere cloud formation shaped like a spaceship or “cloud-ship”, as they are being called?
Some times we are so obfuscated in our daily lives that we don’t even have time to look at the skies, but for some reasons, sometimes we get to be in the right place at the right moment to presence the most unbelievable things we can imagine in that moment, and if we are aware that that something is more than what we believe it is to be “just pure coincidence”, then we can come with some ideas of what this might be. Of course to clarify our ideas, then we have to look for information related to what we just experience and things are going to clarify or just simply put us in a situation of “more questions than before”.
We have to have in mind that our world is changing very rapidly, due to all the things that we as a collective human race, have created in the past and what we want to create in our future.

Our present, “this moment we are living now”, as I write this post, is in-routing us into new adventures and creations for the not so distance future with the best will and desire in our hearts to change this world, and always having in mind that our Earth goes first than us. Remember home? What would you do if you loose your house?

Welll, the Earth is our Home, our Mother and everything we can imagine, that is why we have to take care of here now and always.

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