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Thursday, November 19, 2009

TV Mind Control For Dummies!

Very interesting video on how television can manipulate your "MIND"
This is really happening and that is why people are all confused in their lives and live in war with each other, and crime is rampant in the world. Ah! But not always are lies in everything we see or watch, and that will depend on how you discern the news or tv programs.
We have to have a good sense to know what is true or not.
The real truth comes from within you, because you know what is correct and what is wrong in others people actions, and that is what is making the world awake into the real reality to understand better who we are. Never the less, we should not signal the others who are on the wrong path, for they will also “realize” that this world can not continue this path of destruction and we are beginning to understand the necessity that we have to save our Earth and its humanity because there was a purpose from the beginning for us to exist on this beautiful planet.
People are saying enough to this false reality, and this is the beginning of great things to come.

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