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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Mother Earth's "Gaia" short story

Today the idea that the Earth has expanded is not known by most of humanity. Her continents have move and her oceans are going bigger. The distant between them is clear to us when we take a look at different maps of the earth. This expansion of Earth has made her shake and rattle through time, and that is why we have had all of these changes in her crust. New land is growing and more will be tearing apart.More changes are still to happen, but us as a human race, have forgotten that Mother Earth, Gaia, is a "living entity", just like you and I.

What should we do now?

Well That which we have to look for inside of ourselves; love and understanding to help in assiting Mother Earth.

Growing pains!

In the first moment we are conceived, almost nothing seems to be there; we are just a little dot in our mother’s womb. Then after the seed is planted, it starts to grow until one day it traverses from our source into this material reality. Then we breathe, the voice sounds, but we can hardly see the light. As we grow, we start to walk. We start to learn. We play all day and with curiosity we try to figure out why or how is it that things are. We start making questions, Why this, or why that; until one day we launch ourselves into that mystery world that is out there. Experiences good and hard start to cross our lives, until one day we know almost everything, but through the hard way. The pains through our lives start to make sense. Oh!, then we say, “I’m glad I learned the hard way!” “I will never repeat the same mistake again”.

Full grown, we start to see the changes in our body. We look at ourselves in the mirror and see the scars of time. Then we know that we are fully grown, and then we rest for the next change. And what is that change? Rebirth! Then we live the rest of our life, in the moment of now. Not wanting to think about the past, and nor about tomorrow. The baggage seems too much to carry to the final act, because we know deep inside, that next time will be grand.

The Earth in her first time conceived, was like a new born child. Floating in space she started to spin. Every turn she would do, more and more she would do. Just like a child, she started to experiment, so she wanted more. She grew land, rivers and oceans. Then she wanted more. She aloud birds in her sky, and fishes in the sea; but it was not enough! So one day she wanted more, to make her beauty grander. She herself; conceived the human child. Then one day, her pains started to appear. Her children forgot who gave her life. As she looked herself in the mirror, her tears began to fall into her land. Her pains grew stronger and stronger, and with each turn she would give; a new change she would make. Then, she started to grow. Spinning and spinning shaking her land, the oceans grew bigger and land broke apart. The children knew nothing. They could not float like the Earth through the stars. But the Earth wanted them to see, so she gave them another chance.

Now the Earth is full grown, and her children still don’t know. Another spinning she will make, shaking her land; and her children still won’t understand why her Mother shocked them all at once. Her land once was one, but in pieces she broke apart, transforming the land for the ones who would understand. Her growing pains released the baggage for the final spin. No past, no tomorrow, for the final act. This time is the grand final; the beginning of Now, Forever, and Evermore.

From: Luz de Puerto Rico

From my loving warrior heart

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