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Friday, June 18, 2010

The Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico, Nibiru and A Dream

Dreams come and dreams go. We go to sleep at night without knowing if we are going to have nightmares or pleasant dreams. Sometimes we remember next morning our dreams. If it was a good dream, we keep on remembering it as if we had had a trip to an exotic island or a ride to the moon; but if we can’t understand why is it that we had a totally strange dream, then at first we are shocked by it, and we remember that dream as the worst nightmare because we can not understand the meaning (if indeed has a meaning), but as some say; “dreams always have a meaning.”
As the New Year began to roll; a strange dream crossed my night rest. I could see the whole Earth in a black background, floating in space. As I paid attention to that view, my eyes were directed at the south and east coast of the United States. I saw red; a huge red spot that covered the whole area which extended from the south point in Florida, all the way up to the state of New England.
As I remembered, I could see that those states marked with red, were the first 13 colonies. But why this none sense dream at that time? Maybe 13 means, the 13 countries that will be willing to help in an emergency situation that concerns the whole world? Or maybe just states that will be affected by something totally unknown to them? Or some other event in that area, like a positive one?

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