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Thursday, May 27, 2010

What if?

What if all the ufologists and whistle blowers are correct in what they are saying about extraterrestrials interacting with humanity since the Roswell accident? Or; what if, what History channel with those Ancient Alien Visitors TV series that have been shown these past weeks, are bringing a brief detail history about the real truth to us; even thou they still don’t have all the clues or questions answered?
I believe that they are doing this for us to understand our history better and to give us more clues about our relation with those ancient cultures and visitors from the stars. The way they present all of this to us is absolutely very clear to understand. But; do we really are paying attention to these facts or theories?
I really have to say here that almost all of humanity has a feeling and many of course, believe in extraterrestrial life. They question themselves about the mystery of “Where is it that we come from, our purpose to be here and, where is it that we are going after we die; that is if we really die forever.”
This mystery about the truth of who we are, has been haunting humanity for eons, but apparently our true history was almost destroyed, leaving only that which would made us have faith in a god and of course for many the promise of life after death.
Now, everything is pointing to that past, bringing what ever has been discovered and recovered, about ancient visitors from the sky, and also the release of those “ufo” files are adding more information for us to decide or accept that if in reality we have never been alone in this Universe and that those extraterrestrials are part of us and that we are part of them. Is this something hard to accept?
Maybe in order to accept “the relation that we have with those extraterrestrial beings and us, first we will have to accept that we all come from the same energy that abounds in the universe which was the main ingredient to create life, which we call God or what ever description is given to that energy, but of course we prefer to say God our creator.
Also, we have to think that the universe was not made exclusively separated from us, or vise versa. If we keep on thinking, our solar system is part of a bigger structure that is link by the same principles that were mixed for the creation of the rest that we know as the cosmos; and where many more solar systems and galaxies are found. Not to mention the voids or those empty spaces that are full of energy, but can not be seeing by the eye.
Now we are facing many upheavals in our lives, and everything looks like is destroying itself. People are losing their faith in governments and all the institutions that move our nations and as a rebound our lives, making our future look very obscure. But why is this happening?
As we get closer to what they call the end of the world or an era, it is obvious that the world is being restructured and the main problem has been the economy. This is precisely what is causing all of these unconftable situations for us. But if we are leaving the old behind to enter a new era of great inventions and technology, with a new monetary system ( as they say), that will give humanity a better way of life and new ways for us to share this precious Earth, then of course we have to go with the flow and accept those new changes. Probably at the beginning will be very hard to accept, and a hard ride, but probably no one will be able to say that it was not worth it.
Now if all of this restructuring of our world is being done, it takes a strong will and the union of super powers with the knowledge to deal with all of destruction that has been made to the earth and the human species for eons.
Now, if we think for a moment that probably if someone with the capacity to bring these changes into our world, with technology that it is being said that it exists from out of this world (as we usually say and they say) then; which do we think is capable of doing that which no man has been able to do until now, because in this planet our power have been busy making war instead of peace?
Could it be those ancient visitors from the sky or us that will be coming from the future as they say? But what if they are already here doing the recovery of the Earth and helping humanity in their awakening of conscience in order to assist those (them) or who ever is doing the recovery, because I believe that this is something that is of concern to all of humanity and maybe our neighbors from the stars?
Maybe more proof is coming alive for us to understand our relation with unseen powers until now.
But why I am talking about all of this that apparently has no sense or is it? Well, because definitely something is going on in our present that will be affecting our future, we all know that one. My best wish for us is to stay calm and continue with our lives the best we can, with the best we can have until everything settles down and we start to feel that there is hope and that not everything will vanish into a black hole.
I made a video that can help us see something than can give us another clue if in reality there are visitors with great technology interacting with the Earth. This can not escape humanities eyes, because all of us are witness of this every day of their presence.

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