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Monday, July 5, 2010

Poofness the Invisible Writer update July 4, 2010

Happy days are here again; or just simply chaos here and all over and over again?
It seems that our world is being confused with the pandemic chaos existing in almost every country in the world, but apparently the main reason for all of this is due to changes occurring in governments leaving the old systems to enter into a new era.
Everyday now we are facing, inexplicable happenings that leaves us with more questions as to why our world is turning upside down. The reality is, that huge changes will be setting in place to change the face of the Earth and humanity so we can enter into what has been called the Golden Age.

Here is the latest message from “Poofness the Invisible Writer” July 4, 2010

Greetings and Salutations;

Anyone who has been reading these newsletters for the last number of weeks, knows I've been trying to sign off. I am not running this show but I am fulfilling my part of staying with you until the last moment. So, I will give a progress report, as best I can without, divulging things I have no business.

The seven super banks, upon which the new global system sits, are complete and online. The precious metal to back it all up is in place. While we have waited, those whose power it is, have begun a hosing out of non compliant banks. Some that were going to be kicked to curb, have had their ownership change because they had good basic infrastructure, and it was more efficient use of energy to foreclose and hose them out, than build a bunch of new stuff. 'You don't throw the baby out with the bathwater', in otherwords. We aren't hearing some of the more 'in your face' stuff being seen on bloomberg in the wee hours or european press, so it must not be real, right?

Anybody who has been up to dirt is being brought to the carpet right now, the clean up has already begun. It really has come down to just how much of one's dirty laundry becomes public. We have gotten so used to the elite doing whatever they want, we don't expect any real changes other than the face being used to fill us with happy horse manure. The bad guys have projected such power, we couldn't possibly imagine they were just children, spending other folks money....and badly at that. Don't think for an instant, they will stop projecting power until the very last instant, when their demise will be public record. All readers WILL KNOW.

All that is being done now is for the reconstruction of this planet after years of abuse. You remember, I have said for years all of this was lot bigger than putting some money in our pockets. I have been encouraged to tell all readers, to think of the children who die at the rate of 30,000 a day, mostly from starvation. That must be addressed and it's not like there isn't plenty to go around. The first focus of the money is on the children, water, food, shelter, medical, etc. Then focus on the elderly, putting communities together for orphans and seniors, that will have medical facilities onsite. In this way, seniors who have nobody will come in contact with others who have nobody, like the destitute and others who've been kicked to the curb as worthless eaters by the corporation.

The money your will receive can handle one's debts, mortgages, family and friends, and then once those stresses are out of the way, find ways to help others. Nothing like this has ever happened before, in history. There's nothing to compare it to. We have been taught 'lack' since we were young. There's not 'enough' for all but what if there really was? The situation just needed to be restructured and a way found that will address the planetary woes.

Finally, I will say, so much more has been addressed, than had been formally thought. They have put money behind all that needs to be changed and fixed. We are also getting help from nigh unto unbelievable sources and as time goes on, you will find out, who else came to the rescue. Why, the 'bad guys' never had a chance of stopping all this. The stage is set, the schedule is a lock, when the announcements begin, that will be your clue, it has begun all they way down onto the concrete and rebar. Keep your head about yourself and start practicing Forgiveness, now, as all secrets will now be revealed. They never want to see this crap happen again. From that point on, you will have to be vigilant so the 'wheel' doesn't start rolling again. This is why they have made an early move to protect people against their own ignorance of 'big money' by having you access directly into a trust, they knew sharks would be in the water 'smelling' the money and be looking at you as a possible sucker. Time to stop with this my party vs your party stuff....for godssake will somebody tell me whether God is a republican or a democrat and do you really know what your talking about???? As I asked a minister and his son right in the front of his church many years ago, 'which church is Jesus coming to when he comes back?' He told me his, of course. 'I don't know dude, that minister across the street said, he was coming there'...since you both are christian churches with minor differences in what you teach, sounds like you have some issues that need to be worked out.

The finish of this is a process and the process is underway. It's not like everyday you flip the world on it's head. But I will guarantee, no one living, will soon forget this, not any of it. Like grandparents used to speak of the 'times of 29', the next set of grandparents will speak of the time when 'time went away'...we stopped counting...things just changed...everyone had plenty so we stopped worrying about lack or not having enough. The 'former things have passed away'....bobby, lindee, you just don't know what it used to be like, come here, let me tell ya...that's why the world is like this now.
For this I wish to thank those with cooler heads and dispositions and their ability to calm me down, as I held ground all these years.

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Love and Kisses,


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