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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Alien Bases Under Water Near the West Coast of Puerto Rico and More.

Project Camelot Interview

Aaron Mccollum - Project Seagate


Daring interview made to Aaron Mccollum by Project Camelot, exposes hidden truths about US. and the Extraterrestrial Activities in the Caribbean Sea Area and near Puerto Rico west coast.

Aaron Mccollum is a very well trained military MK- Ultra Spy member from the 3rd. generation of Project Talent, which utilizes special men and women to be trained and acquire psychic abilities and convert them into super soldiers by the mafia secret government etc.
Aaron reveals that in the west coast of Puerto Rico, a type of gateway (like the one in the famous tv. series Stargate SG-1) is found beneath the ocean floor. At the time of its discovery by the US government, they could not have any idea of who made this gateway. He says it is the only gateway in the world of this kind.

He also reveals the area of Puerto Rico, as one of the most with ufo sittings and extraterrestrial activities; and that about 95 % of this activity does not filters through the media, being ignore or deliberate hidden from the public.
Apparently the information given by Aaron is for real, by the quantity of info and also proof of emails, photographs and names of other whistle blowers who have been in contact with Aaron during his strange mission as part of Project Talent which has been given to Project Camelot. Some of this info has been hold for further presentation to the public.

Aaron exposes detail information which it should be carefully paid attention and also, he gives us a message for us to understand how we can bring all these truths forward to the world and end the dark agendas.
Listen carefully to this interview, and you will see that your life will change and nothing will be the same once you listen to his message. We know deep inside of us that something strange has been happening in our island of Puerto Rico and in the Caribbean area, and also how it has been used as an experimental area or huge laboratory with an unknown purpose. Aaron also exposes the pharmaceutical cartel and more.
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